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Our Mission is:
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Category for all articles with information related to research.

Tools of the Trade

"Tools of the Trade" is an article series by Terry Moore, CG. These articles have appeared in the NCGS News and are presented here as a handy resource for North Carolina researchers.

All articles are copyrighted by Terry Moore. They are for personal use only. Redistribution or commercial use requires the express written permission from Terry Moore. Her contact information is located in the footer of each article’s PDF file.


Article Titles

A Birdseye View of Montgomery County Records before 1840

Cemetery Research in North Carolina

Duplin County, North Carolina, Research

Finding Your North Carolina Revolutionary War Soldier or Patriot (Parts 1-4)

Getting the Most from the Archived NCGS Journal Articles

Introducing Hertford County

Researching in Dobbs County, North Carolina

Starting at a Post Oak: Genealogical Gems among the Rocks and Streams

This Land was Their Land

Timelines, Summaries, and Research Logs: Tools for More Effective Research

Understanding the Lingo (Parts 1 and 2)

Vital Records: The Screws in Genealogical Research (Parts 1 and 2)

Who Owns the Land? A Brief History of North Carolina Land Grants

Revolutionary Military Papers Index

Secretary of State's Office
Box 760-804.1. Revolutionary Military Papers, 1767-1855
(Alphabetical index located in card catalogue)

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The Secretary of State Revolutionary Military Papers, 1767-1855, are indexed in a card catalog at the State Archives of North Carolina. These index cards were microfilmed at one time, and those images have been converted to JPG images. The State Archives has provided the North Carolina Genealogical Society with a copy of these images.

NCGS is currently undertaking a project to convert these images to searchable PDF files, to provide as a member benefit. More comprehensive information about these index cards, and the papers they represent, will be forthcoming.

The original index cards, and associated images, are in the Public Domain, free for anyone to see. The pdf files found on this website are a derivitive work, and as such are the property of the North Carolina Genealogical Society.


Revolutionary Military Papers Index Images

A Little Known Source for Proving Revolutionary War Service: The Delamar Transcriptions

Marybelle Delamar identified petitions from 1778 to about 1833 concerning the Revolutionary War, which were found in the legislative files of the North Carolina General Assembly. These petitions may contain information about a soldier’s service, widow, orphans, or other heirs. She transcribed each document and created an index to her transcripts. The index and transcripts have not been microfilmed and are not available through the Family History Library. They are only available at the North Carolina State Archives. However, Jo White Linn and Ransom McBride abstracted the transcripts and published the abstracts in the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, volumes 1–6. The abstracts and Marybelle’s index are now available in the “Member’s Only” section of our website. 
The original petitions can also be found at the North Carolina State Archives. To find an original petition at the NC State Archives, go to the General Assembly card catalog index, then the year and session that corresponds to the date on the petition. Request the file box that has Revolutionary War Petitions for the appropriate session. For more information about the transcripts refer to North Carolina Research, Genealogy, and Local History, Second Edition, pages 393 and 395.
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Delamar Transcripts Index

NCGS Internship Program Update

NCGS Internship Program Update
1 July 2012 – 30 June 2014 Biennial Report

This article provides an update on the NCGS internship program that was made possible thanks to the generosity of former NCGS board member and well known North Carolina genealogist, the late Frances Holloway Wynne. NCGS partnered with the North Carolina State Archives to offer an internship for the purpose of cataloging and preparing materials previously unavailable for use by researchers. The program is supervised by Fran Tracy-Walls, Private Manuscripts Archivist, Special Collections Branch, State Archives of North Carolina.

   Lea Walker arranged and described ten account book collections during the 2012–2014 biennium. For each project, she created an online finding aid in the Archivists’ Toolkit, an archival data management system. Each finding aid includes one to three indexes of customer’s names to facilitate genealogical research.
   All of the selected collections came from burned counties or those counties that have experienced some records loss. Two collections from the colonial/revolutionary period were given priority treatment due to their age and fragile condition. Both of these collections were identified as needing extensive conservation and were transferred to the conservator upon completion of the finding aids. One collection, the Matthew and Margaret Byrne Account Book (AB.76), was also identified as a good candidate for digitization by the Digital Access Branch.
   The North Carolina Genealogical Society expressed a particular interest in antebellum collections. Thus, eight of the selected collections represent the antebellum period. Particular care has been given to list antebellum women in customer indexes, since women were not enumerated by name until the 1850 census. Other minorities noted in indexes include one Native American living in Cherokee County after the Cherokee removal and ninety-five slaves born on a plantation in Bladen County. These ninety-five slaves, listed in the Matthew and Margaret Byrne Account Book (AB.76), were the subject of three blog posts in the State Archives of North Carolina blog, History For All The People. Extensive analysis of wills and slave schedules revealed that many of the slaves were kept by descendants of the original owner and often lived on neighboring plantations from 1762 to 1862. Slave relationships were also researched. It was determined that thirty-three of the slaves might have descended from one matrilineal line.
   The Ballance Account Books (AB.70) were the subject of another blog post. The store owner had seven children, five of whom were identified as blind in the federal census. The eldest three sons, who were all blind, helped their father in the business. The oldest was given a significant amount of responsibility in running one of the family’s two stores.
   Basic conservation measures were also undertaken. These included the removal of inserts from account books and the re-housing of account books in boxes and custom folders.

Finding Aids Completed during 2012-2014

Thomas Ballance Family Account Books, 1846-1851 (AB.70), 6 Volumes, Hyde County

Barnes and Bardin Account Books, 1839-1843 (AB.129), 4 Volumes, Wayne and/or Wilson County

Matthew and Margaret Byrne Account Book, 1761-1864 (AB.76), 1 volume, Bladen County

John Cockton Account Books, 1769-1794 (AB.78), 2 Volumes, Currituck County

F. F. Fagan and Company Account Books, 1832-1839 (AB.66), 4 Volumes, Tyrrell County

Mitchell and Bouchelle Account Books, 1820-1845 (AB.83), 4 Volumes, Rowan County

John M. Patrick Account Book, 1852-1863 (AB.65), 1 volume, Greene County

Valley Town Account Book, 1850-1871 (AB.59), 1 Volume, Cherokee County

Waugh and Finley Account Books, 1815-1838 (AB.80), 4 Volumes, Wilkes County

Hardy Whitford Account Book, 1832-1841 (AB.85), 1 Volume, Craven County

Blog Posts Written for the North Carolina State Archives blog, History for All the People

Account Book Yields Slave Records, 1 November 2012

Slave Records on a River Plantation: A Day Book with Bunches of Birthdays, 8 November 2012

Slave Records on a River Plantation: The Curious Case of Metillah, 9 November 2012

Accounts and Ballances, 4 October 2013

Research Tools

The North Carolina Genealogical Society website includes several research tools for the genealogical community:

  • Societies / Libraries / Archives — This is a list of addresses, contact information, websites, and membership information for a variety of local historical and genealogical societies, libraries, and archives of interest to North Carolina genealogists.
  • Links — A categorized list of links of interest to North Carolina genealogists.
  • News Feeds — This is a list of blogs and other RSS news feeds of interest to North Carolina genealogists. (No content at present.)
  • North Carolina Loose Estates Records Index  This is a project underway to index all the decedent surnames in this record collection. Images are available at FamilySearch.com
  • NCGS Internship Program Update: 1 July 2012 – 30 June 2014 Biennial Report  This article provides an update on the NCGS internship program that was made possible thanks to the generosity of former NCGS board member and well known North Carolina genealogist, the late Frances Holloway Wynne. (PDF file)


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