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Index Surname Scott-Sets

To browse the actual images, see: North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979 at Family Search.


               Surnames Scott - Setsor


Scott, A (1941) Forsyth
Scott, A C (1893) Cabarrus
Scott, A D (1933) Forsyth
Scott, A H (1928) Jones
Scott, A J (1847) Pasquotank
Scott, A M (1902) Cherokee
Scott, A Q (1908) Columbus
Scott, A V (1923) Forsyth
Scott, Abraham (1801) Lincoln
Scott, Abraham (1891) Wake
Scott, Abram (1863) Cabarrus
Scott, Abram (1876) Wake
Scott, Adam (1827) Craven
Scott, Alexander (1869) Davidson
Scott, Alexander (1941) Forsyth
Scott, Alfred Nelson (1935) Forsyth
Scott, Alfred Nelson, Jr. (1935) Forsyth
Scott, Alice Leanna Kreeger (1946) Forsyth
Scott, Allen, Reverend (1889) Craven
Scott, Allison (1862) Cabarrus
Scott, Amanda (1849) Forsyth
Scott, Amanda E (1863) Forsyth
Scott, Andrew Bertie
Scott, Andrew, Dr. (1766) Craven
Scott, Andrew, Dr. (1822) Cumberland
Scott, Ann (1825) Gates
Scott, Ann (1826) Chowan
Scott, Ann M (1861) Burke
Scott, Ann Rebecca (1885) Craven
Scott, Anna (1927) Caldwell
Scott, Arthur (1910) Forsyth
Scott, Arthur (1920) Forsyth
Scott, Austin (1851) Forsyth
Scott, Azariah (1858) Caswell
Scott, Benoni (1841) Pasquotank
Scott, Bertie (1935) Forsyth
Scott, Bettie (1900) Wake
Scott, Bolden (1932) Forsyth
Scott, C B (1897) Pasquotank
Scott, C L H S (1860) Burke
Scott, Caleb (1834) Pasquotank
Scott, Cason (1844) Craven
Scott, Charity (1830) Pasquotank
Scott, Charity (1858) Ashe
Scott, Charles & Phoebe (1897) Pasquotank
Scott, Charles (1863) Forsyth
Scott, Charles (1908) Ashe
Scott, Charles (1913) Gates
Scott, Charly (1866) Burke
Scott, Clayton (1900) Burke
Scott, D Porter & Joshua Craven
Scott, Daniel (1849) Craven
Scott, David R (1884) Currituck
Scott, E A E (1885) Burke
Scott, E W (1905) Jones
Scott, Edward (1759) Pasquotank
Scott, Elijah (1931) Jones
Scott, Eliza (1900) Burke
Scott, Elizabeth (1870) Pasquotank
Scott, Ellen (1895) Wake
Scott, Elliott (1786) Pasquotank
Scott, Ellis (1954) Pender
Scott, Emeline (1934) Forsyth
Scott, Emsley (1878) Chatham
Scott, Exum (1755) Chowan
Scott, F (1918) Wake
Scott, F W (1877) Ashe
Scott, Fannie B (1934) Alamance
Scott, Fanny (1852) Craven
Scott, Frank (1876) Ashe
Scott, Frank (1905) Ashe
Scott, Fred & Wesley (1934) Forsyth
Scott, Fred (1931) Forsyth
Scott, G A, Mrs. (1919) Pasquotank
Scott, George Davidson
Scott, Gerdine (1861) Burke
Scott, H C (1865) Burke
Scott, H E (1867) Camden
Scott, H T (1899) Buncombe
Scott, Hal (1940) Avery
Scott, Harriet E (1895) Wake
Scott, Harvey (1872) Burke
Scott, Hattie (1937) Forsyth
Scott, Henderson (1870) Chatham
Scott, Henderson (1871) Alamance
Scott, Henry (1839) Pasquotank
Scott, Henry Wiley (1936) Forsyth
Scott, I J (1906) Duplin
Scott, Ira (1853) Chatham
Scott, Ira (1933) Forsyth
Scott, Irwin (1907) Wake
Scott, Isaac (1832) Pasquotank
Scott, Israel (1822) Edgecombe
Scott, J A (1891) Chatham
Scott, J B (1916) Pamlico
Scott, J H (1931) Forsyth
Scott, J M (1955) Chatham
Scott, J T (1921) Granville
Scott, Jack (1901) Pasquotank
Scott, James Currituck
Scott, James (1803) Pasquotank
Scott, James (1809) Lincoln
Scott, James (1810) Chowan
Scott, James (1819) Cabarrus
Scott, James (1837) Pasquotank
Scott, James (1854) Craven
Scott, James (1865) Pasquotank
Scott, James (1882) Alleghany
Scott, James (1914) Yancey
Scott, James C (1853) Pasquotank
Scott, James G, Dr. (1848) Cleveland
Scott, James Henry (1927) Forsyth
Scott, James K (1891) Jones
Scott, James L (1863) Wake
Scott, James M (1925) Burke
Scott, James N (1927) Wake
Scott, Jesse (1881) Beaufort
Scott, Jesse (1927) Forsyth
Scott, Jno Franklin (1920) Davidson
Scott, John (1738) Pasquotank
Scott, John (1784) Caswell
Scott, John (1793) Gates
Scott, John (1795) Pasquotank
Scott, John (1806) Craven
Scott, John (1813) Chowan
Scott, John (1819) Wake
Scott, John (1838) Cabarrus
Scott, John (1840) Craven
Scott, John (1856) Burke
Scott, John (1856) Wake
Scott, John (1877) Cabarrus
Scott, John (1882) Wake
Scott, John (1883) Forsyth
Scott, John (1895) Wake
Scott, John (1903) Ashe
Scott, John D (1861) Chatham
Scott, John H (1929) Forsyth
Scott, John W (1909) Chatham
Scott, Joseph Bertie
Scott, Joseph Currituck
Scott, Joseph (1788) Pasquotank
Scott, Joseph (1801) Pasquotank
Scott, Joseph (1802) Chowan
Scott, Joseph (1805) Chowan
Scott, Joseph (1839) Pasquotank
Scott, Joseph (1862) Burke
Scott, Joseph (1879) Wake
Scott, Joseph (1882) McDowell
Scott, Joseph (1885) Currituck
Scott, Joseph (1886) Yancey
Scott, Joseph (1888) Buncombe
Scott, Joseph C (1892) Gates
Scott, Joseph W (1857) Cabarrus
Scott, Joseph W (1864) Wake
Scott, Joshua (1762) Pasquotank
Scott, Joshua (1811) Craven
Scott, Joshua (1861) Craven
Scott, Joshua (1874) Craven
Scott, Josiah (1875) Wake
Scott, Julius Transou (1938) Forsyth
Scott, Junius Scertain (1907) Wake
Scott, Kitty (1875) Chatham
Scott, Lemuel (1931) Forsyth
Scott, Lucinda (1880) Wake
Scott, Luther Alexander (1939) Forsyth
Scott, M J, Mrs. (1905) Cabarrus
Scott, Maggie (1916) Forsyth
Scott, Margaret (1880) Davidson
Scott, Margaret J (1846) Craven
Scott, Maria Sarah (1817) Craven
Scott, Marmaduke (1813) Pasquotank
Scott, Martha (1842) Pasquotank
Scott, Martha (1856) Chatham
Scott, Martha J (1919) Forsyth
Scott, Mary (1820) Pasquotank
Scott, Mary (1887) Pasquotank
Scott, Mary E (1883) Davidson
Scott, Mary F (1905) Pasquotank
Scott, Mary L (1925) Davidson
Scott, Michael (1895) Cabarrus
Scott, Michael L (1903) Cabarrus
Scott, Miles (1793) Gates
Scott, Mollie Hayes (1946) Forsyth
Scott, Murton (1855) Chatham
Scott, Nancy (1824) Pasquotank
Scott, Nancy (1872) Davidson
Scott, Nancy Relfe (1797) Pasquotank
Scott, Noah (1793) Gates
Scott, Norma Estelle (1935) Forsyth
Scott, O W & S C (1911) Duplin
Scott, Owen D (1918) Duplin
Scott, Peninah (1793) Pasquotank
Scott, Phoebe & Charles (1897) Pasquotank
Scott, Prudence (1830) Pasquotank
Scott, R Smith (1899) Cabarrus
Scott, R W (1929) Alamance
Scott, Rachel (1843) Cabarrus
Scott, Rebecca (1871) Burke
Scott, Redding (1861) Jones
Scott, Reuben (1831) Pasquotank
Scott, Robert (1806) Cumberland
Scott, Robert (1821) Pasquotank
Scott, Robert (1854) Cabarrus
Scott, Robert (1923) Davidson
Scott, Rosannah (1840) Lincoln
Scott, Rufus (1907) Pasquotank
Scott, Ruth (1795) Pasquotank
Scott, S (1836) Pasquotank
Scott, S B (1926) Burke
Scott, S D (1891) Pasquotank
Scott, S G (1866) Cabarrus
Scott, S J (1920) Davidson
Scott, S M D (1892) Pasquotank
Scott, S W (1924) Forsyth
Scott, Sally (1910) Currituck
Scott, Samuel (1769) Pasquotank
Scott, Samuel (1801) Pasquotank
Scott, Samuel (1808) Pasquotank
Scott, Samuel (1830) Pasquotank
Scott, Samuel (1852) Craven
Scott, Samuel K (1897) Alamance
Scott, Sandford (1897) Pasquotank
Scott, Sarah (1785) Gates
Scott, Sarah (1794) Gates
Scott, Sarah (1830) Davidson
Scott, Sarah (1908) Forsyth
Scott, Sarah C (1929) Davidson
Scott, Sarah Lee Anna Crouse (1943) Forsyth
Scott, Sarah M (1856) Pasquotank
Scott, Sarah P (1908) Forsyth
Scott, Sidney (1902) Wake
Scott, Simson (1798) Pasquotank
Scott, Solomon (1785) Pasquotank
Scott, Solomon (1852) Ashe
Scott, Stephen (1754) Pasquotank
Scott, Stephen (1789) Pasquotank
Scott, Stephen (1816) Pasquotank
Scott, Stephen (1853) Chatham
Scott, Stephen (1877) Beaufort
Scott, Susan (1848) Pasquotank
Scott, Susan (1849) Craven
Scott, Susan (1860) Craven
Scott, Susan A (1877) Wake
Scott, T G (1866) Burke
Scott, T J (1906) Davidson
Scott, Talitha J (1881) Wake
Scott, Thomas (1817) Pasquotank
Scott, Thomas (1853) Burke
Scott, Thomas (1871) Burke
Scott, Thomas B (1883) Currituck
Scott, Thomas W (1866) Burke
Scott, Thomas W (1935) Forsyth
Scott, Turner (1935) Wake
Scott, W C (1900) Burke
Scott, W O (1928) Wake
Scott, W R (1854) Wake
Scott, W T (1895) Gates
Scott, W W, Dr. (1896) Caldwell
Scott, Walter Benton (1944) Forsyth
Scott, Wesley (1931) Forsyth
Scott, Wesley (1934) Forsyth
Scott, Wilbourn (1866) Burke
Scott, William Bertie
Scott, William (1774) Pasquotank
Scott, William (1792) Gates
Scott, William (1832) Pasquotank
Scott, William (1839) Lincoln
Scott, William (1842) Buncombe
Scott, William (1857) Pasquotank
Scott, William (1863) Alleghany
Scott, William (1866) Davidson
Scott, William (1885) Pamlico
Scott, William (1886) Caswell
Scott, William (1887) Currituck
Scott, William (1891) Davidson
Scott, William (1894) Gates
Scott, William C, Jr. (1844) Pasquotank
Scott, William Clayton (1882) Burke
Scott, William deRosset (1944) Alamance
Scott, William Henry (1889) Wake
Scott, William Powell (1944) Forsyth
Scott, William Powell (1945) Forsyth
Scott, William Powell (1946) Forsyth
Scott, William Pugh Bertie
Scott, William, Sr. (1899) Yancey
Scott, Winfield (1885) Beaufort
Scott, Winfield B, Sergeant (1888) Currituck
Scott, Z C (1917) Wake
Scott, Zilpha (1767) Chowan
Scovell, E Frank (1886) Beaufort
Scovell, W E (1902) Beaufort
Scrance, H F (1908) Catawba
Screnci, Domenico (1911) Brunswick
Scrivener, John (1794) Chowan
Scroggins, Green (1838) Macon
Scroggs, A A, Dr. (1888) Caldwell
Scroggs, Enos (1869) Clay
Scroggs, F M (1928) Burke
Scroggs, John (1864) Clay
Scronce, AS (1922) Lincoln
Scronce, Conrad (1891) Lincoln
Scronce, Simon (1901) Lincoln
Scruggs, J D (1903) Forsyth
Scruggs, James & Lyle (1906) Forsyth
Scruggs, L H (1902) Cleveland
Scruggs, Marion (1870) Cleveland
Scruggs, Robert Cabarrus
Scruggs, Robert (1872) Cabarrus
Scrum, Jacob (1815) Lincoln
Scull, Alexander (1818) Cumberland
Scull, Edward Currituck
Scull, Edward (1800) Currituck
Scull, M A, Mrs. (1923) Forsyth
Scurlock, Apphia (1853) Chatham
Scurlock, Benjamin J (1924) Chatham
Scurlock, David P (1893) Cumberland
Scurlock, Henry (1938) Chatham
Scurlock, James (1826) Chatham
Scurlock, James (1928) Chatham
Scurlock, Mial (1808) Chatham
Scurlock, Sarah, Jr. (1815) Chatham
Scurlock, Thomas (1782) Chatham
Scutchen, Thomas (1802) Edgecombe
Sea, Henry Bertie
Sea, James Bertie
Seabaugh, Jacob (1811) Lincoln
Seabaugh, Jacob (1848) Lincoln
Seaboch, Jacob A (1903) Catawba
Seaboch, John (1879) Catawba
Seabolt, Henry (1822) Lincoln
Seabolt, John Lincoln
Seabolt, L W (1901) Forsyth
Seabolt, Lena (1904) Forsyth
Seabolt, Lena W (1905) Forsyth
Seaborn, Frederick (1817) Cumberland
Seabury, Raleigh (1813) Duplin
Seachrist, Christian (1843) Davidson
Seachrist, Enoch (1843) Davidson
Seachrist, George (1895) Davidson
Seachrist, Solomon (1866) Davidson
Seachrist, Thomas (1845) Davidson
Seaford, George (1863) Davie
Seaford, Soloman (1863) Davie
Seagars, Jonathan (1810) Cumberland
Seagle, A J (1923) Lincoln
Seagle, Abel (1922) Lincoln
Seagle, Absalom (1828) Lincoln
Seagle, Adam (1834) Lincoln
Seagle, Andrew (1903) Lincoln
Seagle, B E (1905) McDowell
Seagle, Barbara (1832) Lincoln
Seagle, D (1922) Lincoln
Seagle, E H (1884) Lincoln
Seagle, George (1866) Lincoln
Seagle, J F (1892) Lincoln
Seagle, Jacob (1869) Burke
Seagle, John (1830) Lincoln
Seagle, John A (1905) McDowell
Seagle, John S (1870) Lincoln
Seagle, Martha (1882) Lincoln
Seagle, Matilda (1884) McDowell
Seagle, Mattie Jane (1933) Forsyth
Seagle, Monroe (1908) Lincoln
Seagle, N J (1866) Lincoln
Seagle, N W (1863) Lincoln
Seagle, Narcissus (1898) Alexander
Seagle, Sarah (1882) Lincoln
Seagle, Thomas (1912) Lincoln
Seagle, Thomas J (1898) Catawba
Seagle, W D (1931) McDowell
Seagraves, Cary (1927) Wake
Seagraves, John F (1861) Davie
Seagraves, Nettie (1915) Davidson
Seagrist, Joshua (1816) Chatham
Seagroves, A J (1938) Chatham
Seagroves, Mary F (1918) Chatham
Seagroves, T B (1929) Wake
Sealey, J W (1927) Wake
Seals, Frances (1793) Cabarrus
Seals, J A (1907) Burke
Seals, Thomas (1774) Pasquotank
Seals, William Bertie
Sealy, George (1813) Burke
Sealy, John Day (1942) Forsyth
Sealy, Lowry (1839) Pasquotank
Sealy, Philip (1845) Pasquotank
Sealy, Samuel (1836) Pasquotank
Sealy, Sandford D (1860) Pasquotank
Sealy, Susannah (1816) Pasquotank
Seaman, Joseph (1900) McDowell
Seamon, Samuel (1828) Lincoln
Seamone, A J (1862) Cabarrus
Seamone, Abraham (1882) Cabarrus
Seamone, Eve (1851) Cabarrus
Seamone, Jacob (1846) Cabarrus
Seamone, O C (1919) Cabarrus
Seamone, Susanna (1874) Cabarrus
Seampulos, George (1925) Forsyth
Seampulos, George D (1925) Forsyth
Seapoch, Perceda (1911) Catawba
Searcy (1922) McDowell
Searcy, Charles (1927) Forsyth
Searcy, James Herbert (1936) Forsyth
Searcy, Reuben (1854) McDowell
Searcy, W R (1863) Buncombe
Searles, Francis (1765) Craven
Searles, Isben (1846) Craven
Searles, J H (1916) Forsyth
Searles, J H (1926) Wake
Searles, Jack (1925) Forsyth
Searles, William (1826) Craven
Sears, A L (1915) Wake
Sears, A S (1921) Wake
Sears, B G (1872) Wake
Sears, Barbee (1844) Chatham
Sears, Barshaba (1835) Gates
Sears, Bartlett (1905) Wake
Sears, Bennett (1815) Gates
Sears, Beverly (1880) Caldwell
Sears, Boan B (1815) Gates
Sears, C E (1890) Wake
Sears, C T (1907) Currituck
Sears, David (1901) Currituck
Sears, Eben (1814) Gates
Sears, Ebrom Bertie
Sears, Elizabeth (1832) Craven
Sears, Emma (1925) Chatham
Sears, Ethl (1830) Gates
Sears, George (1806) Craven
Sears, Harmon (1912) Chatham
Sears, Henry E Bertie
Sears, Henry E (1806) Gates
Sears, J H (1885) Chatham
Sears, James (1794) Craven
Sears, James (1870) Gates
Sears, James (1884) Gates
Sears, Jane (1896) Currituck
Sears, Jerry (1886) Gates
Sears, John (1825) Craven
Sears, John (1872) Wake
Sears, John (1915) Wake
Sears, John D (1882) Wake
Sears, John, Sr. (1881) Currituck
Sears, Joseph B (1852) Chatham
Sears, M T (1908) Wake
Sears, Margaret (1852) Chatham
Sears, Mozella F (1878) Wake
Sears, Nancy Ann & Pleasant B (1903)    Wake
Sears, Nancy Anne (1938) Wake
Sears, Orin (1839) Pasquotank
Sears, Patsey & Polley (1810) Gates
Sears, Patsey (1830) Gates
Sears, R T D (1888) Chatham
Sears, T C (1894) Wake
Sears, T C (1895) Chatham
Sears, Thomas (1807) Wake
Sears, Thomas (1817) Gates
Sears, Thomas (1908) Currituck
Sears, Thomas L (1877) Edgecombe
Sears, W G (1922) Wake
Sears, William (1784) Craven
Sears, William (1800) Craven
Sears, William (1809) Gates
Sears, William (1837) Gates
Searson, Richard (1876) Buncombe
Seatman, Robert (1917) Forsyth
Seats, Bessie (1918) Forsyth
Seats, Ida (1943) Forsyth
Seats, J Q (1895) Catawba
Seats, J R (1894) Catawba
Seavers, Frederick (1839) Ashe
Seaward, Benjamin (1811) Wake
Seawell, A H (1933) Wake
Seawell, Ambrose (1827) Pasquotank
Seawell, Benjamin (1778) Bute
Seawell, Henry (1835) Wake
Seawell, Henry (1858) Wake
Seawell, Henry (1877) Wake
Seawell, Martha (1838) Wake
Seawell, Mary Jane (1906) Cumberland
Seawell, V N (1875) Duplin
Seawell, William (1935) Wake
Seay, Caroline Bertie
Seay, Isaac Bertie
Seay, James Bertie
Seay, Mary Bertie
Seay, Peggy Bertie
Seay, Robert Bertie
Seay, William Bertie
Sechrest, John (1919) Forsyth
Sechriest, Etta (1929) Davidson
Sechriest, Mary V (1887) Forsyth
Sechrist, Barbara (1843) Davidson
Sechrist, Charles (1907) Davidson
Sechrist, Charles (1908) Davidson
Sechrist, Conrad (1844) Davidson
Sechrist, E K (1893) Davidson
Sechrist, Elizabeth (1913) Davidson
Sechrist, Hannah (1896) Davidson
Sechrist, John (1873) Davidson
Sechrist, M E (1928) Davidson
Sechrist, Myrtle Block (1930) Davidson
Sechrist, Soloman (1878) Davidson
Sechrist, W F (1927) Davidson
Secrest, J O (1931) Forsyth
Sedberry, B E (1901) Cumberland
Seddon, J M (1886) Forsyth
Seddon, Joseph M (1885) Forsyth
Sedlay, Elizabeth (1769) Currituck
Seduce, Edward (1817) Carteret
Seecraft, William (1860) Craven
Seemore, John (1757) Pasquotank
Segaud, Jean Baptiste (1796) Chowan
Segers, Lonnie D (1942) Forsyth
Segers, Lonnie David (1942) Forsyth
Segers, Yancee (1931) Forsyth
Segle, Novella (1927) Forsyth
Sego, Henderson (1857) Anson
Sego, Malachi (1857) Anson
Segraves, Jennie Cox (1943) Forsyth
Segraves, Jennie Cox (1944) Forsyth
Segraves, Lizzie Hedgecock (1940) Forsyth
Segraves, W W (1941) Forsyth
Segraves, William (1835) Wake
Segroves, Amanda (1910) Chatham
Segroves, Annie B (1928) Chatham
Segroves, Charles (1861) Chatham
Segroves, E G (1928) Chatham
Segroves, J C (1931) Wake
Segroves, J Frank (1900) Chatham
Segroves, R R (1934) Chatham
Segroves, Thomas W (1911) Chatham
Segroves, William H (1895) Chatham
Seinback, Emanuel (1864) Davie
Seitz, Abel (1905) Catawba
Seitz, Clanisy (1905) Catawba
Seitz, D D (1895) Catawba
Seitz, Eliza (1818) Lincoln
Seitz, G P (1908) Catawba
Seitz, Jacob (1808) Lincoln
Seitz, Jeremiah (1840) Lincoln
Seitz, John (1808) Lincoln
Seitz, Joseph (1821) Lincoln
Seivers, George (1908) Forsyth
Seivers, John (1937) Forsyth
Seivers, N S (1874) Davidson
Seivers, Nathaniel (1861) Forsyth
Seivers, V M Forsyth
Seivers, V M (1917) Forsyth
Seiwers, N S (1901) Forsyth
Selby, Henry (1813) Edgecombe
Selby, James (1862) Beaufort
Selby, James (1877) Wake
Selby, Nancy (1872) Anson
Selby, Sarah R (1880) Wake
Selby, Talbot H (1880) Wake
Selby, William S (1896) Pamlico
Selden, Penelope (1875) Chowan
Seldon, Penelope B (1876) Gates
Seley, Phillip (1810) Pasquotank
Seley, Rebecca (1809) Pasquotank
Self, Alexander (1866) Cleveland
Self, Alfred M (1914) Chatham
Self, B D (1886) Cleveland
Self, B H (1863) Lincoln
Self, Benjamin Franklin (1945) Forsyth
Self, E G (1932) Forsyth
Self, E G, Jr. (1932) Forsyth
Self, Elisha (1814) Burke
Self, H A (1922) Lincoln
Self, J R (1898) Catawba
Self, Jasper N (1863) Wake
Self, John S (1847) Cleveland
Self, Joseph (1877) Cleveland
Self, Joseph Franklin (1945) Forsyth
Self, L S (1878) Cleveland
Self, Parish (1806) Chatham
Self, Rufus (1938) Forsyth
Self, T W (1933) Forsyth
Self, W F (1905) Chatham
Self, William (1812) Chatham
Self, William (1930) Chatham
Self, William Lee (1932) Forsyth
Self, Wm (1878) Cleveland
Self, Wm J (1863) Cleveland
Seligson, Isaac (1914) Wake
Sell, Daniel (1912) Davidson
Sell, Elisha M (1933) Forsyth
Sell, J C (1930) Forsyth
Sell, J P (1930) Forsyth
Sell, John (1923) Forsyth
Sell, John (1934) Forsyth
Sell, Joshua P (1930) Forsyth
Sell, Peter (1795) Cabarrus
Sellars, Constantine (1906) Alamance
Sellars, E L (1929) Alamance
Sellars, F E, Mrs. (1923) Alamance
Sellars, G L (1892) Alamance
Sellars, Mary E (1888) Alamance
Sellars, P L (1919) Alamance
Sellars, P S (1876) Brunswick
Sellars, Peter L (1895) Alamance
Sellars, Sarah (1886) Anson
Sellars, Thomas (1867) Alamance
Sellars, William (1867) Brunswick
Sellers, Abraham (1832) Brunswick
Sellers, Abraham (1871) Cleveland
Sellers, Annie Morrow (1944) Alamance
Sellers, Charles Victor (1941) Alamance
Sellers, Daniel (1866) Cleveland
Sellers, David Ernest (1944) Alamance
Sellers, Eldread (1834) Brunswick
Sellers, George N (1899) Macon
Sellers, J A (1871) Macon
Sellers, James W (1848) Edgecombe
Sellers, Jno (1892) Cleveland
Sellers, John (1814) Lincoln
Sellers, John (1860) Macon
Sellers, John A (1841) Brunswick
Sellers, John E (1941) Alamance
Sellers, John S (1858) Brunswick
Sellers, L P (1902) Columbus
Sellers, L R (1893) Macon
Sellers, Mariah (1923) Alamance
Sellers, Mary B (1909) Macon
Sellers, Mary Eliza (1888) Brunswick
Sellers, Mathews Bertie
Sellers, Millard F (1934) Wake
Sellers, N B (1926) Davidson
Sellers, P A (1902) Anson
Sellers, Phil (1909) Macon
Sellers, Phillip (1896) Anson
Sellers, Sarah (1900) Alamance
Sellers, T B (1919) Duplin
Sellers, W (1831) Brunswick
Sellers, W R (1871) Brunswick
Sellman, John (1844) Burke
Sells, Carlton Lorenzo (1944) Forsyth
Sells, Franklin (1921) Forsyth
Sells, John (1923) Forsyth
Sells, Lorenzo (1938) Forsyth
Sells, William (1860) Forsyth
Sellzer, Wharry (1835) Chowan
Selph, John (1838) Cumberland
Semple, George (1917) Forsyth
Semple, George H (1916) Forsyth
Sena, J T (1941) Forsyth
Sennett, Clara M (1907) Craven
Senseman, John H (1854) Forsyth
Sent, Christopher S (1805) Chowan
Senter, J H (1855) Ashe
Senter, James (1783) Lincoln
Senter, James (1856) Ashe
Senter, Joseph C (1863) Ashe
Senter, N M (1905) Ashe
Senter, W H (1927) Wake
Senter, William (1836) Lincoln
Senter, William (1852) Ashe
Separk, Joseph H & Mary W Wake
Sepaugh, Henry (1881) Cleveland
Sepaugh, Jacob (1839) Lincoln
Sermons, Henry (1932) Wake
Sermons, J J (1904) Beaufort
Sertain, Elisha (1877) Caswell
Sertain, Junius (1909) Wake
Sertan, Job (1764) Bute
Servie, Charlie (1923) Forsyth
Sessions, Alice (1906) Columbus
Sessoms (1823) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Alvania (1886) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Amgrid W Bertie
Sessoms, Amos (1859) Cumberland
Sessoms, Amos (1862) Cumberland
Sessoms, Asad Bertie
Sessoms, Daniel V Bertie
Sessoms, Harrell B Bertie
Sessoms, Henry F (1888) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Isaac (1823) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Isaac (1913) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Jacob (1793) Edgecombe
Sessoms, James, Jr. (1863) Cumberland
Sessoms, Joseph L Bertie
Sessoms, Kelly (1897) Cumberland
Sessoms, Lewis O Bertie
Sessoms, Martha (1905) Cumberland
Sessoms, Mary Bertie
Sessoms, Nathan (1833) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Rhoderick (1806) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Richard (1866) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Robert (1869) Edgecombe
Sessoms, Samuel H Bertie
Sessoms, W J (1902) Cumberland
Sessoms, William (1865) Cumberland
Sessoms, Wilson (1850) Edgecombe
Sessons, Isaac (1795) Cumberland
Sessums, Daniel (1895) Edgecombe
Sessums, John (1801) Edgecombe
Sessums, Mary A (1891) Edgecombe
Sessums, Richard (1867) Edgecombe
Sessums, Solomon (1817) Edgecombe   
Setliff, Emma F (1914) Forsyth
Setliff, J J (1917) Forsyth
Setliff, Mary E (1917) Forsyth
Setliff, Percy John (1926) Forsyth
Setser, C (1880) Clay
Setser, E G (1880) Clay
Setser, M B (1878) Macon
Setser, Manuel (1880) Clay
Setser, Robert H (1863) Caldwell
Setser, Susan (1880) Clay
Setser, T R (1890) Clay
Setsor, Jacob (1899) Ashe

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