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Index Surname McComm-McGov

To browse the actual images, see: North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979 at Family Search.
             Surnames McCommon - McGoun
McCommon, James R (1872) Cabarrus
McComon, Robert (1839) Cabarrus
McConeyhead, Lee (1925) Forsyth
McConnaley, Mary (1779) Chowan
McConneaghey, John (1912) Cabarrus
McConnell, Carolina (1908) Macon
McConnell, D A (1876) Macon
McConnell, Henry (1894) Ashe
McConnell, James (1771) Cumberland
McConnell, John E (1900) Ashe
McConnell, L H (1898) Clay
McConnell, T J (1891) Cabarrus
McConnell, W J R (1902) Clay
McConnell, William (1836) Macon
McConnell, William (1878) Clay
McConney, Cornelia H (1939) Forsyth
McCook, Robert L (1935) Carteret
McCord, J H (1924) Davidson
McCorkle, F M (1862) Lincoln
McCorkle, Francis (1803) Lincoln
McCorkle, Hugh (1842) Lincoln
McCorkle, J M (1895) Catawba
McCorkle, J Martha A, Mrs. (1909) Catawba
McCorkle, Jessie Cockram (1945) Forsyth
McCorkle, Joe (1928) Forsyth
McCorkle, M J A (1910) Catawba
McCorkle, M L (1899) Catawba
McCorkle, Richard (1831) Lincoln
McCorkle, Robbie G (1947) Forsyth
McCorkle, William Owen (1943) Forsyth
McCormack, John D (1868) McDowell
McCormick, Andrew (1805) Lincoln
McCormick, Ann (1896) Cumberland
Mccormick, Catharene (1888) Cumberland
McCormick, Duncan (1873) Cumberland
McCormick, Frances (1826) Chatham
McCormick, Hugh (1871) Cumberland
McCormick, Hugh (1891) Cumberland
McCormick, John (1770) Lincoln
McCormick, K R (1909) Buncombe
McCormick, Laura A (1891) Buncombe
McCormick, Margaret (1889) Cumberland
McCormick, Mary (1890) Cumberland
McCormick, Mary (1901) Cumberland
McCormick, Michael (1857) Chatham
McCormick, Paul Barksdale (1939) Forsyth
McCormick, Rachel (1901) Cumberland
McCormick, Susan (1908) Cumberland
McCormick, William (1780) Pasquotank
McCorquodale, Daniel (1815) Cumberland
McCorquodale, Mary (1828) Cumberland
McCotter, A F (1905) Gates
McCotter, Archibald (1837) Craven
McCotter, Burney (1866) Craven
McCotter, Coris A (1909) Gates
McCotter, Frances Gates
McCotter, H M (1896) Craven
McCotter, Hezekiah (1792) Craven
McCotter, Hezekiah (1835) Craven
McCotter, Jesse (1830) Craven
McCotter, Jesse (1845) Craven
McCotter, John (1837) Craven
McCotter, John R (1848) Craven
McCotter, Joseph (1880) Pamlico
McCotter, Joseph (1891) Craven
McCotter, Julia A (1842) Craven
McCotter, Lydia (1824) Craven
McCotter, Martin (1829) Craven
McCotter, Mary (1834) Craven
McCotter, Phillip (1834) Craven
McCotter, R D (1892) Pamlico
McCotter, Richard H (1841) Craven
McCotter, Sidney (1852) Craven
McCotter, Tim (1840) Chowan
McCoul, James H (1879) Catawba
McCoury, G H (1909) Yancey
McCoury, Jackson (1883) Yancey
McCoury, Mc (1909) Yancey
McCoury, Nellas J (1936) Avery
McCown, James (1877) Lincoln
McCoy, Alexander (1807) Lincoln
McCoy, Allmand A (1885) Pasquotank
McCoy, Ann (1807) Craven
McCoy, Anne (1859) Camden
McCoy, Bob (1908) Buncombe
McCoy, C A (1929) McDowell
McCoy, C W (1900) Craven
McCoy, Cordellia Craven
McCoy, Courtney (1847) Pasquotank
McCoy, D A (1920) Macon
McCoy, David N (1886) Camden
McCoy, Duncan (1854) Craven
McCoy, Elizabeth (1820) Craven
McCoy, Elizabeth (1820) Camden
McCoy, F M (1890) Carteret
McCoy, Frederick (1828) Craven
McCoy, G G (1891) McDowell
McCoy, Gideon (1815) Craven
McCoy, H H (1902) Macon
McCoy, Hardy (1859) Craven
McCoy, Harriet W (1859) Craven
McCoy, J E Cherokee
McCoy, J E (1911) Cherokee
McCoy, J W (1879) McDowell
McCoy, James Camden
McCoy, James (1835) Camden
McCoy, James (1888) Anson
McCoy, James (1892) Chowan
McCoy, James (1904) Anson
McCoy, James E (1868) Camden
McCoy, James M (1888) Camden
McCoy, James S (1884) Camden
McCoy, James W (1893) Brunswick
McCoy, Jesse (1866) Craven
McCoy, Jessie (1813) Camden
McCoy, Jessie (1863) Camden
McCoy, John (1903) Lincoln
McCoy, Joseph (1893) Gates
McCoy, L C (1907) Brunswick
McCoy, Lucy (1852) Craven
McCoy, Luke (1837) Camden
McCoy, Lydia (1857) Camden
McCoy, Mary (1858) Craven
McCoy, Ned (1918) Anson
McCoy, Peter (1881) Camden
McCoy, R A Mrs. (1890) McDowell
McCoy, Rachel (1871) Alleghany
McCoy, Redden (1845) Craven
McCoy, Robert (1935) Anson
McCoy, Sarah Currituck
McCoy, William (1772) Craven
McCoy, William (1802) Craven
McCoy, William (1879) Chowan
McCoy, William C (1853) Craven
McCoy, William G (1848) Craven
McCoy, William S (1860) Craven
McCoy, William S (1888) Craven
McCoy, Willis (1801) Craven
McCoy, Wilson (1823) Davidson
McCracken, E R (1948) Forsyth
McCracken, Edith (1883) Davidson
McCracken, Isaac (1865) Davidson
McCracken, Isaac (1867) Davidson
McCracken, J L (1870) Davidson
McCracken, Lindsay (1866) Davidson
McCracken, Lindsay (1884) Davidson
McCrackin, Jane M (1847) Caswell
McCrackin, Margaret M (1847) Caswell
McCrackin, William A (1867) Davie
McCrain, Hugh (1799) Cumberland
McCraine, Archibald (1816) Cumberland
McCraine, Neal (1818) Cumberland
McCrakan, Sophia A (1888) Brunswick
McCranie, Hugh (1788) Cumberland
McCranie, John (1847) Cumberland
McCrary, Alexander (1894) Davidson
McCrary, Alfred (1848) Davidson
McCrary, C F Davidson
McCrary, Charles E (1934) Davidson
McCrary, Elizabeth (1844) Davidson
McCrary, Elizabeth (1887) Davidson
McCrary, Etta (1904) Davidson
McCrary, F M (1913) Caldwell
McCrary, G D (1927) Forsyth
McCrary, Henry (1858) Davidson
McCrary, Hugh (1830) Davidson
McCrary, Hugh (1846) Davidson
McCrary, Hugh (1852) Davidson
McCrary, J L (1938) Davidson
McCrary, J R (1927) Davidson
McCrary, J W (1924) Davidson
McCrary, John (1844) Davidson
McCrary, John (1868) Caldwell
McCrary, John S (1904) Davidson
McCrary, Laura (1904) Davidson
McCrary, Levi (1897) Davidson
McCrary, Lucille (1931) Davidson
McCrary, Margaret (1939) Davidson
McCrary, Michael Davidson
McCrary, Nancy (1843) Davidson
McCrary, Oscar Herbert (1936) Davidson
McCrary, Paul (1932) Davidson
McCrary, Polly (1846) Davidson
McCrary, R L (1932) Davidson
McCrary, R Paul (1928) Davidson
McCrary, Robert Bertie
McCrary, Robert (1906) Davidson
McCrary, Robert A (1906) Davidson
McCrary, Sarah (1848) Davidson
McCrary, W F (1873) Forsyth
McCrary, William (1892) Davidson
McCrary, Wilson (1855) Davidson
McCravey, Robert (1742) Currituck
McCraw, A B (1895) Cleveland
McCraw, J T (1898) Cleveland
McCraw, Josiah (1886) Cleveland
McCraw, William (1860) Cleveland
McCray, Maria (1909) Craven
McCrea, John (1811) Edgecombe
McCready, Benjamin F (1937) Carteret
McCree, William (1784) Lincoln
McCrider, Roy R (1935) Forsyth
McCrimmon, Angus (1820) Cumberland
McCrimmon, Angus (1864) Cumberland
McCrimmon, John H (1940) Forsyth
McCrimmon, Margaret (1847) Cumberland
McCrimmon, Roderick (1863) Cumberland
McCrimmon, Roderick (1866) Cumberland
McCrohon, Catharine (1806) Craven
McCrohon, John (1784) Craven
McCrohon, John (1791) Carteret
McCuag, Malcom (1786) Cumberland
McCubbins, F N (1937) Davidson
McCuian, John (1792) Cumberland
McCuister, James Moses (1945) Forsyth
McCuiston, Charles Terry (1925) Forsyth
McCuiston, John F (1930) Forsyth
McCuiston, Robert A, Jr. (1941) Forsyth
McCullen, Adeline (1906) Cumberland
McCullen, William (1863) Chatham
McCuller, Elizabeth (1841) Lincoln
McCuller, John H (1942) Forsyth
McCulloch, Alfred (1867) Davie
McCulloch, C C (1899) Davie
McCulloch, Elizabeth (1841) Davie
McCulloch, Goshen (1928) Davidson
McCulloch, James (1892) Davie
McCullock, Benjamin (1802) Currituck
McCullock, Elizabeth (1841) Lincoln
McCullock, Henry (1755) Chowan
McCullock, James (1811) Lincoln
McCullock, Lindsey (1830) Lincoln
McCullock, Mary (1812) Lincoln
McCullock, Robert (1819) Lincoln
McCullock, William (1843) Lincoln
McCulloh, Alfred (1868) Davie
McCulloh, George (1833) Lincoln
McCulloh, James (1789) Duplin
McCulloh, James W (1900) Davie
McCulloh, John (1801) Duplin
McCullough, A (1919) Forsyth
McCullough, Amos (1889) Duplin
McCullough, John Henry (1942) Forsyth
McCullough, Katie (1928) Forsyth
McCullough, Katie (1933) Forsyth
McCullough, Montgomery H (1872) Beaufort
McCullough, Nancy Pauly (1932) Forsyth
McCunn, John, Captain (1765) Chowan
McCurday, Nancy (1814) Duplin
McCurday, William (1838) Duplin
McCurdy, Caleb S (1864) Cabarrus
McCurdy, Etta (1905) Cabarrus
McCurdy, Isaac (1877) Alexander
McCurdy, James (1866) Alexander
McCurdy, James (1871) Alexander
McCurdy, Jane (1814) Duplin
McCurdy, R E (1938) Davidson
McCurdy, Thomas (1807) Duplin
McCurdy, William (1806) Duplin
McCurdy, William (1841) Duplin
McCurdy, William (1892) Alexander
McCurrey, S E (1899) Forsyth
McCurry, Abram (1818) Lincoln
McCurry, Elizabeth Cleveland
McCurry, Elizabeth (1878) Cleveland
McCurry, G W (1939) McDowell
McCurry, J C (1897) Burke
McCurry, J W (1898) McDowell
McCurry, K J (1865) McDowell
McCurry, S F (1911) McDowell
McCurry, Sarah E (1900) Forsyth
McCurry, Sarah E (1911) Forsyth
McCurry, W E (1908) Burke
McCurry, W Virgil & Monte (1930) McDowell
McCurry, William (1898) McDowell
McCurry, Woodfin (1890) McDowell
McCury, James (1899) Yancey
McCutchen, William (1904) Lincoln
McDade, Corinna (1940) Alamance
McDade, Euphrasia (1883) Caldwell
McDaniel (1827) Chatham
McDaniel, Absalom (1798) Cumberland
McDaniel, Adonijah (1875) Jones
McDaniel, Alex H (1922) Jones
McDaniel, Alexander W (1870) Chatham
McDaniel, Alice E (1880) Cumberland
McDaniel, Allen (1858) Davie
McDaniel, Andrew (1812) Beaufort
McDaniel, Andrew (1920) Jones
McDaniel, Archibald (1848) Cumberland
McDaniel, Arthur (1836) Chatham
McDaniel, Benjamin (1858) Jones
McDaniel, Camel (1813) Edgecombe
McDaniel, Charley Franklin (1945) Forsyth
McDaniel, D G (1853) Lincoln
McDaniel, Daniel (1793) Edgecombe
McDaniel, David (1858) Jones
McDaniel, Duff G (1871) Jones
McDaniel, Duff G (1889) Brunswick
McDaniel, Durant (1828) Jones
McDaniel, E G (1896) Jones
McDaniel, E P (1898) Jones
McDaniel, Eliza (1903) Alamance
McDaniel, Elizabeth (1917) Lincoln
McDaniel, Elvin (1878) Jones
McDaniel, Elvin (1891) Jones
McDaniel, F (1891) Jones
McDaniel, F D (1902) Jones
McDaniel, Furnifold (1885) Jones
McDaniel, G A (1895) Cumberland
McDaniel, George H (1898) Jones
McDaniel, George M (1849) Jones
McDaniel, Hannah (1867) Yancey
McDaniel, Hardy (1878) Buncombe
McDaniel, Henrietta E (1853) Jones
McDaniel, Henry, Sr. (1873) Davie
McDaniel, James Craven
McDaniel, James Bertie
McDaniel, James (1777) Pasquotank
McDaniel, James (1782) Chatham
McDaniel, James (1793) Craven
McDaniel, James (1793) Cumberland
McDaniel, James (1815) Jones
McDaniel, James (1825) Chatham
McDaniel, James (1834) Macon
McDaniel, James (1854) Jones
McDaniel, James (1870) Cumberland
McDaniel, James (1873) Davie
McDaniel, James (1891) Jones
McDaniel, James R (1902) Craven
McDaniel, Jane (1844) Caswell
McDaniel, Jesse G (1862) Chatham
McDaniel, Joel (1808) Caswell
McDaniel, Joel A (1859) Caswell
McDaniel, John Duplin
McDaniel, John Bertie
McDaniel, John (1757) Craven
McDaniel, John (1786) Pasquotank
McDaniel, John (1807) Chatham
McDaniel, John (1852) Caswell
McDaniel, John (1856) Davie
McDaniel, John (1858) Jones
McDaniel, John (1880) Cumberland
McDaniel, John (1882) Jones
McDaniel, John W (1864) Chatham
McDaniel, Johnston (1800) Caswell
McDaniel, Jonas (1895) Craven
McDaniel, Joseph B (1901) Craven
McDaniel, Joshua (1857) Cumberland
McDaniel, Lewis (1884) Forsyth
McDaniel, Lewis (1892) Jones
McDaniel, Lewis H (1867) Jones
McDaniel, Love (1891) Cumberland
McDaniel, Love, Sr. (1882) Cumberland
McDaniel, Lucy (1896) Cumberland
McDaniel, Lucy C (1901) Jones
McDaniel, M T (1930) Chatham
McDaniel, Malcolm (1805) Cumberland
McDaniel, Mary A (1834) Jones
McDaniel, Mary A (1840) Davie
McDaniel, Mary M (1859) Caswell
McDaniel, Matilda (1869) Jones
McDaniel, Nancy (1845) Caswell
McDaniel, Nathan (1878) Jones
McDaniel, Nathan (1891) Jones
McDaniel, Nellie (1891) Jones
McDaniel, Neome (1868) Davie
McDaniel, Owen Bertie
McDaniel, Polly (1898) Davie
McDaniel, R L (1928) Jones
McDaniel, Rachel (1857) Craven
McDaniel, Randal (1805) Chatham
McDaniel, Risdon (1858) Jones
McDaniel, Samuel (1887) Columbus
McDaniel, Sarah (1869) Pasquotank
McDaniel, Smith (1901) Burke
McDaniel, Thomas (1856) Jones
McDaniel, Thomas (1857) Chatham
McDaniel, Thomas (1863) Buncombe
McDaniel, Thomas (1891) Jones
McDaniel, Thos (1890) Cumberland
McDaniel, W C (1869) Cumberland
McDaniel, W F (1881) Jones
McDaniel, William Currituck
McDaniel, William (1805) Beaufort
McDaniel, William (1832) Caswell
McDaniel, William (1840) Buncombe
McDaniel, William (1858) Jones
McDaniel, William (1870) Jones
McDaniel, William (1872) Craven
McDaniel, William (1889) Buncombe
McDaniel, William A (1867) Jones
McDaniel, William G (1799) Cumberland
McDaniel, William H (1860) Gates
McDaniel, William P (1899) Alamance
McDaniels, C H (1936) Forsyth
McDaniels, Sarah Ann (1944) Forsyth
McDarnid, Mary (1884) Anson
McDavis, Oliver (1879) Buncombe
McDermid, Dermid (1812) Craven
McDermit, Daniel (1815) Chowan
McDiarmid, Angus (1856) Cumberland
McDiarmid, Archibald (1846) Cumberland
McDiarmid, Daniel (1874) Cumberland
McDiarmid, David A (1891) Cumberland
McDiarmid, Eloise (1946) Forsyth
McDiarmid, Mary R (1882) Cumberland
McDiarmid, Mattie K (1899) Cumberland
McDiarmid, William L (1877) Cumberland
McDiarmid, William L (1891) Cumberland
McDivitt, Anna E (1908) Buncombe
McDivitt, Emily M (1899) Buncombe
McDivitt, Samuel P (1905) Buncombe
McDonald, Alexander (1830) Cumberland
McDonald, Alexander (1929) Davidson
McDonald, Andrew & James (1823) Chowan
McDonald, Angus (1812) Cumberland
McDonald, Angus D (1853) Cumberland
McDonald, Archibald (1818) Cumberland
McDonald, Archibald (1848) Cumberland
McDonald, B F (1903) Pasquotank
McDonald, Calista (1908) Brunswick
McDonald, Caroline (1900) Cabarrus
McDonald, D (1869) Chowan
McDonald, D (1891) Chowan
McDonald, D M (1854) Cumberland
McDonald, Daniel (1896) Cumberland
McDonald, Daniel M (1891) Cumberland
McDonald, Donald (1772) Cumberland
McDonald, Donald (1783) Cumberland
McDonald, Duncan & Elizabeth, Mrs. Chowan
McDonald, Edwin (1847) Pasquotank
McDonald, Elizabeth (1854) Cumberland
McDonald, Elizabeth (1869) Chowan
McDonald, Emeline (1901) Buncombe
McDonald, Ernest (1943) Forsyth
McDonald, Ernest (1946) Forsyth
McDonald, Finley (1785) Chowan
McDonald, G L (1905) Buncombe
McDonald, George A (1895) Cumberland
McDonald, Harry (1900) Cumberland
McDonald, Henry (1880) Cumberland
McDonald, J E (1927) Chatham
McDonald, James (1779) Cumberland
McDonald, James (1827) Chowan
McDonald, John (1820) Pasquotank
McDonald, John (1840) Craven
McDonald, John (1850) Pasquotank
McDonald, John (1850) Cumberland
McDonald, John (1864) Davidson
McDonald, John (1881) Cumberland
McDonald, John (1890) Beaufort
McDonald, John (1890) Brunswick
McDonald, John G (1858) Cumberland
McDonald, Leve (1904) Brunswick
McDonald, Malcom (1891) Cumberland
McDonald, Mariah Louisa (1846) Davidson
McDonald, Martha (1897) Franklin
McDonald, Mary (1931) Pasquotank
McDonald, Mary P (1912) Buncombe
McDonald, Neill (1854) Cumberland
McDonald, Pegg (1860) Cumberland
McDonald, Sarah (1851) Cumberland
McDonald, Sarah (1891) Cumberland
McDonald, Tamor (1867) Cumberland
McDonald, Thomas (1883) Cumberland
McDonald, Timothy (1900) Pasquotank
McDonald, W (1793) Chowan
McDonald, W J & Tamar Cumberland
McDonald, W J (1890) Cumberland
McDonald, William (1792) Chowan
McDonald, William (1794) Pasquotank
McDonald, William (1794) Currituck
McDonald, William (1812) Cumberland
McDonald, William (1841) Buncombe
McDonald, William G (1854) Cumberland
McDonald, William H (1859) Pasquotank
McDonald, William O (1903) Cumberland
McDonald, Wm G (1864) Cumberland
McDonnell, Manson (1906) Macon
McDonnell, Thomas H (1866) Macon
McDonnell, William H (1860) Pasquotank
McDougal Cumberland
McDougal, M J Mrs. (1909) McDowell
McDougald, Alexander (1900) Cumberland
McDougald, Alexander, Sr. (1891) Cumberland
McDougald, Allen (1844) Cumberland
McDougald, Angus (1806) Cumberland
McDougald, Barbara (1848) Cumberland
McDougald, Daniel (1774) Cumberland
McDougald, Daniel (1811) Cumberland
McDougald, Daniel (1825) Cumberland
McDougald, Dougald (1853) Cumberland
McDougald, Duncan (1799) Cumberland
McDougald, Eliza (1913) Anson
McDougald, Hugh (1770) Cumberland
McDougald, John (1801) Cumberland
McDougald, John Q McDowell
McDougald, Mary (1845) Cumberland
McDougald, Nancy (1848) Cumberland
McDougald, S E (1889) Cumberland
McDougald, William (1855) Cumberland
McDowell (1870) Burke
McDowell, A A (1879) Caldwell
McDowell, Aathan A (1839) Burke
McDowell, Anna (1860) Burke
McDowell, C (1815) Burke
McDowell, Charles (1815) Burke
McDowell, Charles (1859) Buncombe
McDowell, Charles (1859) Burke
McDowell, Charles (1860) McDowell
McDowell, Charles (1867) Burke
McDowell, Charles (1874) Catawba
McDowell, Charles (1879) Catawba
McDowell, Charles (1880) Caldwell
McDowell, D S (1860) Macon
McDowell, E C (1895) Edgecombe
McDowell, Elizabeth Bertie
McDowell, Emma B (1895) Buncombe
McDowell, Freddy (1916) Forsyth
McDowell, George (1804) Burke
McDowell, George (1904) Buncombe
McDowell, George B (1882) Chowan
McDowell, J C S (1871) Burke
McDowell, Jack (1907) Edgecombe
McDowell, James Bertie
McDowell, James Chowan
McDowell, James (1795) Craven
McDowell, James (1818) Burke
McDowell, James (1854) Yancey
McDowell, James C S (1863) Burke
McDowell, James E (1889) Macon
McDowell, James F (1893) Macon
McDowell, James R (1826) Burke
McDowell, Jesse Hamilton (1893) Buncombe
McDowell, Joe A, Dr. (1876) Catawba
McDowell, John (1796) Burke
McDowell, John (1823) Burke
McDowell, John (1846) Cleveland
McDowell, John (1885) Macon
McDowell, John C (1876) Burke
McDowell, John C (1876) Caldwell
McDowell, Joseph (1800) Pasquotank
McDowell, Joseph (1837) Caswell
McDowell, Joseph, General (1801) Burke
McDowell, Joseph, Lieutenant Colonel (1795)    Burke
McDowell, Manly (1923) Burke
McDowell, Mary H (1888) Buncombe
McDowell, Nancy S (1882) Edgecombe
McDowell, P M (1857) Edgecombe
McDowell, Patrick (1786) Edgecombe
McDowell, Patrick (1857) Edgecombe
McDowell, Peninah (1891) Edgecombe
McDowell, Polly (1800) Burke
McDowell, S A (1904) Burke
McDowell, Sarah (1905) Burke
McDowell, Sarah L Buncombe
McDowell, Sarah L (1906) Yancey
McDowell, Sarah L (1909) Buncombe
McDowell, Silas (1885) Macon
McDowell, Stephen Bertie
McDowell, Thomas T (1936) Forsyth
McDowell, W H (1901) Cherokee
McDowell, W W (1893) Yancey
McDowell, William (1873) Edgecombe
McDowell, William (1891) Edgecombe
McDowell, William E (1916) Macon
McDowell, Willie Richard (1938) Forsyth
McDuff, George D (1908) Granville
McDuff, John (1915) Granville
McDuffee Cumberland
McDuffee, Archibald (1771) Cumberland
McDuffee, Donald (1809) Cumberland
McDuffey, Sarah (1823) Cumberland
McDuffie, Alex (1901) Cumberland
McDuffie, David G (1892) Cumberland
McDuffie, Dougald (1892) Cumberland
McDuffie, Dugald (1861) Cumberland
McDuffie, Essie Mae (1947) Forsyth
McDuffie, James (1810) Cumberland
McDuffie, John (1892) Cumberland
McDuffie, Joseph T (1928) Forsyth
McDuffie, Margaret (1839) Cumberland
McDuffie, Murdoch (1867) Cumberland
McDuffie, Nancy (1884) Cumberland
McDuffie, Patrick (1879) Pender
McDuffie, William (1805) Cumberland
McDuffy, Daniel (1809) Cumberland
McDuffy, Duncan (1784) Cumberland
McDuffy, Duncan (1806) Cumberland
McDuffy, John Cumberland
McDuffy, John (1774) Cumberland
McDugal, Malcom (1782) Cumberland
McDugald, Alexander (1795) Cumberland
McDugald, Hugh (1794) Cumberland
McDugold, John (1854) Cumberland
McEachan, Archibald (1805) Cumberland
McEacharn, Peter (1852) Cabarrus
McEachern, Hector (1836) Cabarrus
McEachern, J C Cabarrus
McEachern, James C (1862) Cabarrus
McEachern, John (1837) Cabarrus
McEachern, John (1859) Cabarrus
McEachern, John C (1882) Cabarrus
McEachern, M E (1885) Cabarrus
McEachern, Mary E (1901) Cabarrus
McEachern, S M W (1857) Cabarrus
McEashin, Peter A (1871) Brunswick
McElrath, David (1805) Burke
McElrath, Hogan (1910) Burke
McElrath, Hugh (1873) Burke
McElrath, J J (1865) Burke
McElrath, J M (1943) Forsyth
McElrath, John (1876) Burke
McElrath, John (1899) Burke
McElrath, Margaret & John (1896) Burke
McElrath, Robert (1856) Burke
McElrath, Robert James (1876) Burke
McElrath, Wails (1899) Burke
McElroy, William (1875) Beaufort
McEntire, Aaron (1842) Cleveland
McEntire, Burges (1847) Cleveland
McEntire, Elizabeth (1849) Buncombe
McEntire, Elizabeth (1892) Cleveland
McEntire, M (1866) Buncombe
McEntire, Marilda (1863) Buncombe
McEntire, R M (1927) McDowell
McEntire, Rebecca (1844) Cleveland
McEntire, Richard (1867) Cleveland
McEntire, W B McDowell
McEntire, William (1881) Cleveland
McEntyre, John (1857) McDowell
McEntyre, Pink (1881) Burke
McEwen, James (1870) Columbus
McEwen, James Henry (1946) Alamance
McEwen, Kate (1911) Columbus
McEwen, Nannie (1901) Ashe
McEwen, R E (1891) Buncombe
McFadden, Liddie (1944) Forsyth
McFaddon, Thomas (1799) Cabarrus
McFadgen, Archibald (1827) Cumberland
McFadgen, Daniel (1841) Cumberland
McFadgen, Daniel (1844) Cumberland
McFadgen, John (1793) Cumberland
McFadgen, John (1824) Cumberland
McFadgen, Neill B (1901) Cumberland
McFadgen, Robert L (1904) Cumberland
McFadgen, Stephen (1795) Cumberland
McFadyen, A H (1896) McDowell
McFadyen, Duncan (1907) Brunswick
McFadyen, Henrietta (1875) Cumberland
McFall, J A (1896) Cleveland
McFall, J R (1902) Buncombe
McFalls, William & Frank (1925) McDowell
McFarlan, John (1775) Cumberland
McFarland, Duncan (1785) Cumberland
McFarland, James (1862) Duplin
McFarland, Janet (1797) Cumberland
McFarland, Robert Caswell
McFarland, Samuel (1859) Cleveland
McFarland, Tryon (1836) Cumberland
McFarland, Zachariah (1867) Caswell
McFarlane, Farlane (1797) Cumberland
McFarlane, James Hill (1940) Forsyth
McFarlane, John, Dr. (1814) Chowan
McFarlane, William (1849) Pasquotank
McFarlon, Dun & Danl (1785) Cumberland
McFarson, Moses (1771) Pasquotank
McFaydgen, Neill (1891) Cumberland
McFee, J E (1864) Buncombe
McFee, Jason (1857) Buncombe
McFee, Madison (1864) Buncombe
McFee, Mary (1872) Buncombe
McFee, William (1879) McDowell
McFelmont, Hugh (1833) Lincoln
McField, Sylvia Pressly (1939) Forsyth
McFrater, Benjamin (1908) Craven
McGachy, Nancy (1811) Cumberland
McGaffy, Archd (1805) Cumberland
McGaha, Alfred (1906) Macon
McGaha, George (1879) Macon
McGaha, James M (1869) Macon
McGaha, James W (1874) Macon
McGaha, Lenoir (1878) Macon
McGaha, Mary (1910) Macon
McGaha, R L (1876) Clay
McGaha, Samuel (1866) Macon
McGaha, T J (1896) Clay
McGalliard, Alexander (1848) Burke
McGalliard, Alexander (1851) Burke
McGalliard, C A (1923) Forsyth
McGalliard, Emma A (1943) Forsyth
McGalliard, Lark (1925) Burke
McGalliard, P B (1906) Caldwell
McGalliard, William (1883) Burke
McGarey, Herbert (1935) Davidson
McGaughey, John (1800) Burke
McGee, A A (1923) Forsyth
McGee, A B (1928) Forsyth
McGee, Abe (1916) McDowell
McGee, Abram (1867) McDowell
McGee, Abram (1886) McDowell
McGee, Agnes Lenore (1918) Forsyth
McGee, Agness Lenora (1918) Forsyth
McGee, Ann (1863) Duplin
McGee, Ben M (1941) Forsyth
McGee, Benjamin (1889) Cumberland
McGee, Charles Ross (1945) Forsyth
McGee, D G (1941) Forsyth
McGee, Daisy (1947) Forsyth
McGee, Daniel (1805) Lincoln
McGee, Daniel Green (1941) Forsyth
McGee, Duncan (1820) Cumberland
McGee, E C (1882) Forsyth
McGee, Edgar (1918) Forsyth
McGee, Edgar (1931) Forsyth
McGee, Edgar Allen (1918) Forsyth
McGee, Edgar Allen (1933) Forsyth
McGee, Eli (1883) Cherokee
McGee, Elizabeth (1889) Cumberland
McGee, Emma Jane McCoin (1944) Forsyth
McGee, Emma Jones McCoin (1944) Forsyth
McGee, Francis (1883) Forsyth
McGee, Green (1861) Forsyth
McGee, H J (1939) Davidson
McGee, Hattie (1928) Forsyth
McGee, Henry Stokes (1943) Forsyth
McGee, I N (1882) Forsyth
McGee, J B (1901) Forsyth
McGee, J B (1902) Forsyth
McGee, J C (1914) Forsyth
McGee, J H (1918) Forsyth
McGee, J W (1876) Macon
McGee, James (1874) Macon
McGee, Jerre (1912) Duplin
McGee, John (1880) Macon
McGee, John H (1918) Forsyth
McGee, John Henry (1945) Forsyth
McGee, Lillie Jones (1905) Forsyth
McGee, Louise (1933) Forsyth
McGee, Louise (1934) Forsyth
McGee, Louise (1935) Forsyth
McGee, Mary (1905) Forsyth
McGee, Morgitie (1936) Forsyth
McGee, Nancy (1899) Forsyth
McGee, null (1918) Forsyth
McGee, S N (1882) Forsyth
McGee, S N (1883) Forsyth
McGee, T G (1927) Forsyth
McGee, Thomas (1827) Lincoln
McGee, Thomas (1842) Duplin
McGee, Thos H (1891) Duplin
McGee, Virginia E (1945) Forsyth
McGee, W S (1911) Lincoln
McGee, Wadlow W (1947) Forsyth
McGee, Walter Lee (1918) Forsyth
McGee, Wardlow W (1944) Forsyth
McGee, William (1771) Duplin
McGee, William (1827) Duplin
McGee, William (1914) Forsyth
McGee, William Edward (1939) Forsyth
McGee, William S & Lydia E (1937) Forsyth
McGeehee, John A (1851) Ashe
McGehee, Elsie (1932) Forsyth
McGehee, Joseph (1832) Caswell
McGehee, Mag E (1921) Forsyth
McGhee, Baity (1881) Cherokee
McGhee, George W (1893) Franklin
McGhee, J Y (1903) Franklin
McGhee, Mary J (1943) Forsyth
McGhee, O J (1904) Franklin
McGhee, R W (1920) Franklin
McGhee, Rebecca (1853) Davie
McGhee, Z T (1912) Franklin
McGhinnis, Alonzo (1929) Caldwell
McGhinnis, Harriet (1881) Caldwell
McGill, Angus (1862) Cumberland
McGill, Archibald (1864) Cumberland
McGill, D K (1880) Cumberland
McGill, Duncan (1866) Cumberland
McGill, Edward (1918) Forsyth
McGill, Edwin (1919) Forsyth
McGill, Eliza (1919) Forsyth
McGill, Henry (1763) Craven
McGill, John (1819) Lincoln
McGill, John (1820) Cumberland
McGill, John (1823) Cumberland
McGill, John (1838) Cumberland
McGill, John (1860) Cumberland
McGill, John (1891) Cumberland
McGill, John (1907) Cleveland
McGill, Lee (1916) Forsyth
McGill, Lee (1918) Forsyth
McGill, Mary (1863) Davie
McGill, Mary (1891) Cumberland
McGill, Thos P (1878) Cleveland
McGill, W O (1868) Cleveland
McGilvany, Daniel (1855) Cumberland
McGimpsey, A J (1869) Burke
McGimpsey, Christian (1928) Burke
McGimpsey, J T (1922) Burke
McGimpsey, Joseph L (1852) Burke
McGimpsey, Lou (1887) Burke
McGimpsey, Susan A (1933) Burke
McGimpsey, W W (1924) Burke
McGimsey, A A (1926) Burke
McGimsey, A H (1923) Burke
McGimsey, Alpheus (1881) Burke
McGinnis, Albert G (1889) Buncombe
McGinnis, Bright, Mrs. (1911) Lincoln
McGinnis, John (1810) Lincoln
McGinnis, Kate (1922) Lincoln
McGinnis, Lucinda (1887) Davidson
McGinnis, William (1791) Lincoln
McGirnsey, Joseph L (1905) Burke
McGlamery, George (1845) Cleveland
McGlaughan, James Bertie
McGlauhon, George Bertie
McGlauhon, James Bertie
McGlauhon, James S Bertie
McGlauhon, Jeremiah Bertie
McGlauhon, John Bertie
McGlauhon, John R Bertie
McGlauhon, Judith Bertie
McGlauhon, William Bertie
McGlauhon, William F Bertie
McGlawlin, John (1763) Craven
McGlohon, Mary A (1898) Craven
McGomery, Bridget (1798) Burke
McGomery, John Bertie
McGonigle, R G (1903) Davidson
McGougan, Archibald (1822) Cumberland  
McGoun, William (1807) Craven

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