Rencher: From Ulster to the Carolinas: Syllabus


56 pp. 8 1/2 x 11 paper handout. David Rencher, AG, CGSM, FIGRS, FUGA

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This is a complete handout of From Ulster to the Carolinas: Finding Your Scots-Irish Ancestors, a lecture series by David Rencher, AG, CGSM, FIGRS, FUGA, presented in Charlotte, North Carolina, on 26 July 2008. 56 pp. (Sold here separately, but also included with the 4 CD set of David Rencher’s lectures.

The handouts cover the same subjects as the CDs of the talks:

  • Irish Jurisdictions and Reference Works. Introduction to the basic reference tools needed to conduct successful Irish research.
  • Irish Immigration – The Sources in Ireland. This lecture discusses Irish records that sometimes give links to North America.
  • The Scots-Irish in North Carolina. This presentation focuses on the migration of the Scots-Irish into North Carolina, their origins in Ireland, what factors pushed or pulled them into the area, and the records created during that era.
  • Irish Church Records: Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, and Catholic. Information about the time period, content, and availability of records for the three major religions in Ireland.

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