North Carolina Taxes Handout

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Pre-Revolutionary Wars and Records Webinar Replay

The North Carolina Genealogical Society is delighted to present Craig Roberts Scott, CG®, FUGA “Pre-Revolutionary Wars and Records”. This recorded Webinar will be freely available to the public from midnight Thursday night through midnight Sunday night (ET), 5-7 Jul 2024.

Tarheels in Your Family Tree?, Parts 1 and 2 Webinar Replay

We hope you enjoy the webinar replay below. Helen F. M. Leary, CG(Emeritus), FASG, FNGS “Tarheels in Your Family Tree?, Part 1and Part 2” served as the lead off webinars for the North Carolina Series. As NCGS celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, these webinars provide a solid background on the history of the state … Read more . . .

Migrations 1: Many Arrive – Early Migration In, Across, and Out of North Carolina Webinar Replay

Diane L Richard, MEng, MBA Many individuals and families migrated into North Carolina, especially in the colonial and pre-Civil War period. Depending on who was immigrating and when, different locales in North Carolina were hot spots for emigrants from abroad either directly or via Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and beyond. As the state developed, resources … Read more . . .

Mysterious Relatives Webinar Replay

Ari Wilkins Every genealogist has that mysterious relative – the ubiquitous ‘cousin’ who was always around with no obvious family connection. As researchers, we cannot figure out who this person is and how they are related to our family. Finding mysterious relatives on a census record; an entry in a family bible; or old letters … Read more . . .