Could you help transcribe 19th century tax assessments?

Diane, the NCGS Journal Editor, needs help transcribing records from the Federal 1862-1874 Internal Revenue Tax Assessments collection (available for free on FamilySearch).

The focus is any locale with burnt/destroyed records in the 1862 & later time period for which these would be helpful. 

The plan is to only have volunteers work on a handful of counties to create awareness of these records. Though, anything created will end up in the journal or the Supplementary Materials area of the NCGS website.

The deadline would be 1 May and any amount done helps! Even just 1 page.

Only the following columns would need to be transcribed and the money elements can all be skipped.

Please reach out to Diane at journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org if you are interested and if you have a specific county in mind.  Don’t want y’all to duplicate who works on what!