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Recorded Webinar with Anita Finger-Smith

April 2, 2021 April 4, 2021 EDT

The North Carolina Genealogical Society is delighted to present:

Anita Finger-Smith

“Cherokee Genealogy: The Basics”

This recorded Webinar will be freely available to the public from from midnight Thursday night through midnight Sunday night (EDT), 2-4 Apr 2021. (The live webinar was originally presented on 19 May 2017.)

The handout for this presentation will only be available to the public during the viewing period, and may not be downloaded. It will open in a separate tab, however, so it can be referred to during the webinar. For logged in members, the handout is always accessible from the main Webinars page. (On the top menu, under Education & Events, select Webinars to go to the main webinars page. The box at the top right of that page has a link to “Member Webinar Handouts”, which is arranged in alphabetical order.) This webinar is always available to members in the Member Webinars area of the website. Each members’ webinar page also has a direct link to the handout.

About the Webinar:

Many people from North Carolina with traditions of Native American ancestry often assume the ancestry was Cherokee. Identifying the tribal communities residing in North Carolina, their geographic location, and their recognition status will help in channeling possible tribal affiliations.
If the indicators lean toward Cherokee ancestry, the webinar will demonstrate how Cherokee genealogical research can separate fact from fiction. Also, the webinar will introduce you to basic tribal enrollment criteria, blood quantum requirements, an the documentary evidence available to conduct Cherokee genealogical research.

About the Speaker

Anita Finger-Smith is the principal genealogist for Cherokee Genealogy Services, licensed by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Additionally, she is an independent researcher focusing on Cherokee resources, manuscripts, and record analysis. Anita has served on the faculty at the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR), and is a member of the national and local chapters of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the National Genealogical Society. For more that twenty years, she has served as a guided research facilitator to the Qualla Boundary Public Library Genealogy Program and treasurer for the Qualla Boundary Historical Society. When not attending to research, she serves as co-owner of Bearmeat’s Indian Den, an authentic Native American art gallery located on the Cherokee Indian Reservation.

This webinar is always accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit.

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