Explore NCGS Journal Supplements

Did you know that some issues of the NCGS Journal include supplementary material?

For select themed issues, content above and beyond what could be included in the North Carolina Genealogical Society
(NCGS) Journal
 was created. NCGS Members can access this material when they are logged into the website.

If an article in an edition of the Journal specifically mentions that there is supplementary content, that is the material found at https://www.ncgenealogy.org/ncgs-journal-supplements/. Each document reflects unique supplementary material. The material is saved as a PDF file. Each document will also refer back to the specific article in the identified journal issue.

Additionally, some stand-alone supplementary material not associated with any particular NCGS Journal issue may be found on the NCGS Journal Extra Supplements page.

This month we are excited to announce the addition of two new stand-alone supplements!

Finding a Father for Eliza Barclay Moffat by JP Marthia
A note from NCGS Journal Editor, Diane Richard: “JP Marthia is sharing how he used research to figure out a father when “family lore” just didn’t get him there. I think something all readers can identify with. I know that I can. My gran gave me lore on her grandfather’s family – it was “close but no cigar,” though research like what JPM did eventually gave me the correct answers, and the family lore was a good starting point.”

Providing Medical Care to Former Slaves: Records of Freedmen’s Hospitals Operating in North Carolina
NARA Archivist, John P. Deeben, shares about a set of records often overlooked by researchers, the Freedmen’s Hospital records. Besides housing, food, and employment, there was a great need for medical care for the formerly enslaved after the Civil War. John delves into these records for us. Many individuals in these records may be found nowhere else in the Freedmen’s Bureau records.

Do you have an article about North Carolinian ancestors, a transcription of original materials, or something else of interest to researchers that you’d like to post to the Supplementary Materials Extra area?  Please reach out to the NCGS Journal editor, Diane L. Richard, at journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org