Loose Estate Records Index – Update Oct 2013

A few weeks ago, 5 more counties were added to the Index – Bertie, Brunswick, Bute, Camden, and Catawba.

All 6796 decedent names from these records have now been incorporated into the Decedent Surname Index.

The Decedent Surname Index has also been reconfigured from 50 or so surname groups to show 174 surname groups, by more finely subdividing the master index. In turn, the lists the surname groups are linked to are about 1/4 the size they were. It is hoped this will make those lists more manageable for our users, as well as help narrow down the search.

The grand total of records indexed here currently stands at 70,272.

To view this index, you can click on the Resources tab on the menu bar, or select "Loose Estate Records Index" from the menu drop-down to go directly to the Index.