NCGS Journal Vol. 49 No.1 is Available Online

The latest journal issue, “Let’s Get Lost In Ledgers: So Much Genealogically Relevant Information Waiting To Be Discovered (Part 2)” is now available online for all NCGS Members.

Editor’s Message

The Volume 48 #4 issue of the NCGS Journal introduced readers to the idea of “small business” ledgers as a genealogical research resource. The introductory material discussed some basics about these ledgers while sharing abstracted and transcribed material from actual ledgers. The shared ledgers were for general or mercantile stores commonly found across North Carolina from the colonial era until the present. Examples from different time periods and North Carolina locales were included. As the most commonly surviving ledgers, they were a logical starting place.

As mentioned in Volume 48 #4, this issue continues with additional introductory material.
(1) an in-depth case study of a ledger for the types of information included,
(2) an in-depth case study of a ledger showing the checks and balances and some features (bartering) of a two-column ledger, and
(3) an overview of some ways to identify/find extant ledgers and some online resources.

It also continues with more information taken from the extant general store ledgers. In all cases, a customer list is provided (either a transcription of an included one or one created by the volunteer) and sometimes a sampling of transcribed entries. After all, as genealogists, we crave information about our ancestors. Some colloquial terms for this type of establishment are “country store” or “mercantile store.” Be creative when thinking about what they might be called.

And, as always, the NCGS mailbag continues to be filled with newly authored books, so check out the Book and Media Reviews section.

Diane L. Richard, Editor

Table of Contents

Editor’s Message

Introduction to Using Small Business Ledgers in Genealogy (Cont’d)
Diane L. Richard

General Store – Palmer, Edgecombe Co, 1761-4
Kathy Toavs

General Store – Hardy Whitford, Craven Co, 1832-41
Judy Pate

General Store – [No Name], Craven Co, 1767-1785
Kathy Toavs

General Store – W. Shaw, Beaufort Co, 1808-1810
Hope Blackford

General Store – Seth Squires, Camden Co, 1850-8
Juliana Siler

General Store – Forbes and Garrenton, Camden Co, 1860-2, 1866
Hope Blackford

General Store – Womack and Goodwin, Chatham Co, 1832-4
Anna Holland

Book and Media Reviews
W. Becket Soule


*This issue also has three supplementary pieces with content that couldn’t fit in the Journal. Be sure to check them out at www.ncgenealogy.org/read-the-ncgs-journal/.

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