America250-NC In-Person Ticket


For In-person attendance. You also have the option to purchase a boxed lunch and/or a syllabus. This ticket must be added to your cart before purchasing either of these options.

Important! Only one ticket may be purchased at a time. Please fill out the form and submit it before adding to your cart, then complete your purchase. If you are purchasing more than one ticket, go back to the product page, complete the form for the second person and submit it, add the ticket to your cart, and complete the second purchase.

(After adding a ticket, look in the Description box below for links to the Boxed Lunch and Printed Syllabus. You may add these items to your cart before final checkout.)

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Ticket for the “America250: The People of North Carolina in the American Revolution” event, attending in person.

After adding a ticket to your cart, you may wish to add a Boxed Lunch or a Printed Syllabus.