Searchable Journal Index updated

Our searchable index for the NCGS Journal has been updated to bring it current through Vol 47 No 3 (3rd quarter 2021). This update adds all of 2020 and the 1st three Issues of 2021, with 7147 names and 950 places. (The Names Index now has 358,907 entries, and the Places Index now has 47,896 entries.)

This index is available to everyone. Members will be able to open the pertinent Journal issue directly from the table.

For those who may not be familiar with this resource, look under the Publications menu item and click on NCGS Journal. That page will have a button for the main search page, leading to options to search either the Journal index or a list of Journal article titles. On the Journal search page, please take the time to read the sections “About this Resource” and “About this Project”. Many volunteers helped bring this project to reality, and in keeping it current. We thank them all.