A “Hand-out” for Your Poor Ancestors: Local Parishes, and Counties Stepped Up

Sanitarium, Salisbury, N.C. postcard photo

— Presented by Diane L. Richard, MEng, MBA — Providing relief to those in need is not a modern concept. Throughout history, the records reflect the provision for assistance or relief to those in need. Whether one received food, a dispensation to not pay taxes, support money for a bastard child, was apprenticed, hospitalized in a sanitarium, or facing other struggles, they may have been the recipient of some form of relief for the poor.

Orphans and Scholars: Genealogical Records Concerning Children Webinar Replay

Victor T. Jones, Jr. This webinar discusses the four major categories of North Carolina records that focus on children: apprenticeships, guardianships, school records, and bastardy records. (Image source: “Apprentice”, reproduction of painting by Emile Adan, Library of Congress, Public Domain) Available in the NCGS online store is North Carolina Research – Genealogy and Local History, … Read more . . .