A “Hand-out” for Your Poor Ancestors: Local Parishes, and Counties Stepped Up

Sanitarium, Salisbury, N.C. postcard photo

— Presented by Diane L. Richard, MEng, MBA — Providing relief to those in need is not a modern concept. Throughout history, the records reflect the provision for assistance or relief to those in need. Whether one received food, a dispensation to not pay taxes, support money for a bastard child, was apprenticed, hospitalized in a sanitarium, or facing other struggles, they may have been the recipient of some form of relief for the poor.

Abstracts of Vital Records

This series totals 2,900 pages of newspaper abstracts with citations for the period of 1799-1839. Included in this mammoth work are thousands of marriage and death notices abstracted from three Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers: the Raleigh Register, the Raleigh Minerva, and the North Carolina Star (Raleigh Star).

Freedmen’s Bureau Records Preview

Freemens Bureau application

A little known and used Federal record collection that is full of invaluable records for many ancestors, regardless of skin color or circumstances.

Pre-1913 Vital Records Preview

Family Bible

So, what can you do when a certain official vital record cannot be found? Well, you can search for the next best thing – what we call a substitute record.