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2024 Virtual Conference Registration Open

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Abstracts of Vital Records

This series totals 2,900 pages of newspaper abstracts with citations for the period of 1799-1839. Included in this mammoth work are thousands of marriage and death notices abstracted from three Raleigh, North Carolina newspapers: the Raleigh Register, the Raleigh Minerva, and the North Carolina Star (Raleigh Star).

Basics of African-Native American Genealogy

— Presented by Angela Walton-Raji — Many African-American families have a family story of an ancestor who was said to be of Native American ancestry. In most cases, there is little knowledge of how this can be studied. This lecture looks at the types of records in which many “blended families” can be examined.

Cherokee Genealogy: The Basics

Sequoyah painting image

— Presented by Anita Finger-Smith — This webinar will demonstrate how Cherokee genealogical research can separate fact from fiction, and will introduce you to basic tribal enrollment criteria, blood quantum requirements, and the documentary evidence available to conduct Cherokee genealogical research.

Cherokee Genealogy: The Basics Webinar Replay

Anita Finger-Smith Many people from North Carolina with traditions of Native American ancestry often assume the ancestry was Cherokee. Identifying the tribal communities residing in North Carolina, their geographic location, and their recognition status will help in channeling possible tribal affiliations.If the indicators lean toward Cherokee ancestry, the webinar will demonstrate how Cherokee genealogical research … Read more . . .