Latest Addition to the NCGS Webinar Library

The recording of Judy Russell’s “Legal Lingo in the Tarheel State: Using Black‚Äôs Law Dictionary”, presented live on 6 Sep 2023, is now in the Webinar Library. Be sure to log in as a member, then on the menu bar go to Education & Events > Webinars, then scroll down and click on “Explore the … Read more . . .

Missing Mothers and How to Find Them Handout

This handout page is only for use during a scheduled free-play weekend and will only be visible on those dates. All webinar handouts are always available to members on our Webinar Handouts page.

Webinar Previews

These short clips, available for public viewing, give insight into the content of some of our recorded webinars. The full webinar recordings are always available to NCGS members.