3 Ways to Preserve Your Family History Over the Holidays

The North Carolina Genealogical Society wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! We have much to be grateful for here at NCGS. From your continued support to the great success of our Fall Conference and webinars, we couldn’t ask for a better year.  

Before we sign off for the week, we want to share three ways you can preserve or celebrate your family history during the upcoming holidays. 

  1. Ask for stories and listen when they are shared. Family gatherings are a perfect time to learn more about your family. Now is the best time to record or write down family stories, especially those shared by the oldest members of your family. If you’re a FamilySearch user, consider downloading their memories app and using it to record audio of stories shared. Otherwise, there are lots of great free voice recording apps available that will preserve the family member’s voice and all the details of their stories. 
  2. Prepare a family recipe. Food is an important piece of family history! So many memories are made around the table as we share food and conversation. As you eat your family’s favorite dishes, share why it became a family favorite or your first memories of the dish. 
  3. Confirm information about dates, names, and places on your family tree. Take advantage of your time together and ask family members to confirm the question marks on your family tree. Family members may share the exact information you need or give details that open doors for additional research routes. 

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