NCGS Webinars

NCGS Webinars

NCGS sponsors a number of video webinars throughout the year. All are made available to the public for three days of free viewing. After the free viewing period, all videos are available only to NCGS members who are signed in to the NCGS website, or by purchase of the CD from the NCGS Bookstore.

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The North Carolina Series

Helen F. M. Leary displays NC Research
Helen F. M. Leary displays NC Research

The North Carolina Series of webinars is produced by the North Carolina Genealogical Society for all interested in the history and genealogy of this state and its people.  North Carolina’s renowned genealogist, Helen F. M. Leary, CG (Emeritus), FASG, begins the series with the question: “Tarheels in Your Family Tree?”.

Genealogists will find that many families came through North Carolina – some stayed, others moved on, and a few returned.  The information that Ms. Leary and other speakers provide will be useful to all researchers of southern states and their peoples.  The text for this series is North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History, Helen F. M. Leary, CG, FASG, Editor.  It is available in the NCGS Store for purchase.
Enjoy the following clip of Helen’s talk as an introduction to the North Carolina Series.  Full presentations of all webinars are available to NCGS members in the member section of this website.  Full-length recordings, including notes, are available for purchase in the NCGS online store.

Featured Webinar

Live Webinar: “Orphans & Scholars: Genealogical Records Concerning Children”, with Victor Jones, Jr.

The North Carolina Genealogical Society is delighted to present: Victor T. Jones, Jr, with discussion on the four major categories of North Carolina records that focus on children.


Upcoming Webinars

Public Webinars

Accurate Transcriptions for Historical Records Webinar

Accurate Transcriptions for Historical Records Diane L. Richard, ME, MBA In this webinar, Diane L. Richard, editor of the NCGS Journal, will provide a virtual training for transcribing historical materials that are used in genealogical research and to produce publishable materials. The key element for transcribing documents is ACCURACY. This means writing what you see … Read more . . .


Use the State Archives of NC Webinar

How a Genealogist Uses the State Archives of NC and the State Library of NC Diane L. Richard, ME, MBA About the Webinar: Preparation is key to making a successful visit to a research facility. Learn tips and tricks for what to do in advance of arriving in Raleigh. We’ll also walk through the nitty-gritty … Read more . . .


Recent Webinars

Born NC Webinar

Born NC and Living Elsewhere: Making the Connection Back Diane L. Richard, ME, MBA What if you only know born NC from a census, military record, or a child’s death record? Is it possible to figure out where in NC? With the 1850 census as the first census that provided the names of all individuals … Read more . . .


Maiden Name Not Known Webinar

Finding Women: Maiden Name Not Known Craig R. Scott, CG, FUGA Learning the maiden name of a wife can be one of the more difficult tasks in genealogical research. It is clear that women can be hard to find. At least more difficult than finding the husbands. When a maiden name is hard to find … Read more . . .


German Settlement of North Carolina

The German Settlement of North Carolina Victor T. Jones, Jr. This webinar will discuss the Swiss and German colony of 1710 around New Bern and the Moravian and Pennsylvania Dutch settlements through the Piedmont (including Salem), while briefly touching on the resources to help discover your North Carolina-German ancestor. (Image source: “New Bern”, licensed under … Read more . . .


Public Webinar Previews

These short clips, available for public viewing, give insight into the content of some of our recorded webinars. The full webinar recordings are always available to NCGS members.