NCGS Speakers Bureau

The North Carolina Genealogical Society Speakers Bureau supports organizations in their search for presentations on topics relevant to genealogy and family history in general and to North Carolina in particular. The Speakers Bureau Directory includes contact information, topics, credentials, individual speaking requirements, travel needs, and recent engagements provided by speakers who are members of NCGS.

Speaker profiles may include links to websites associated with them. These links are the responsibility of the Speaker, not NCGS. Please report any broken links or other issues directly to the Speaker using the contact information they provide.

North Carolina Genealogical Society does not endorse any individual.

When hiring a speaker, NCGS recommends detailed and written communication on the agreed topic, which may include not only compensation and travel arrangements, but also the details of audio-visual needs and calendar deadlines for handouts and promotional materials.

North Carolina has one hundred counties and a variety of genealogical and historic societies holding meetings and events throughout the year. If you would like to be included in the Speakers Bureau Directory and you are an active member of NCGS, send your request to be added to webmaster@ncgenealogy.org.