Help is Available for Local North Carolina Genealogy Societies

Holding regular, in-person meetings is impossible for most societies at this time. For that reason, NCGS is making virtual meeting resources available to North Carolina genealogical societies holding active NCGS Institutional memberships. We hope by supporting local societies in this way, we can help to lessen the impact of the pandemic on our genealogical community.

We will host your regularly scheduled meeting online, at no cost to your society.

We will set-up the meeting, provide you with the information you need to join the meeting, and monitor the meeting while it is taking place, in case there are questions or technical issues. You will be responsible for communicating the information about the meeting to your members and/or to the public.

We have nine, pre-recorded webinars available for you to use, in case you don’t have a speaker available.

You can use any of these pre-recorded webinars for a regularly scheduled meeting of your society, using either our virtual hosting platform or your own. We will also provide the syllabus for those attending the virtual meeting.

  1. Born in NC and Living Elsewhere: Making the Connection Back, Diane Richard
  2. Colonial to Civil War Records in the NC Archives, Craig R. Scott
  3. Learning More About the Families and Records of the Moravian Church of North Carolina, J. Mark Lowe
  4. NC Land Grants, Dr. A. Bruce Pruitt
  5. NC Taxes, J. Mark Lowe
  6. Orphans and Scholars: Genealogical Records Concerning Children, Victor T. Jones
  7. Pre-1913 Vital Records, Diane Richard
  8. Secretary of State Papers: Genealogy Gems Abound, Diane Richard
  9. How Old Does He Have to Be?, Judy Russell

There is no cost to your society for hosting your meeting or for showing these webinars, however, due to our licensing and contractual obligations, the society must be an Institutional Member of NCGS. Annual dues for an Institutional Membership are $40 for one year, or $75 for two years. If your society is not already a member, you can learn more about membership and how to join NCGS here.

We need to receive a request from you at least fourteen days before your regularly scheduled meeting in order to have time to make the arrangements to host it, or to make a webinar available.

We will continue to offer these special Institutional member benefits until you are able to resume in-person meetings, or until 30 September 2020, whichever comes first.

Contact us at info@ncgenealogy.org for more information, to schedule a virtual meeting, or to show a pre-recorded webinar.