Delamar Transcripts of Revolutionary War Petitions

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Marybelle Delamar identified and indexed petitions from 1778 to about 1833 concerning the Revolutionary War, which were found in the legislative files of the North Carolina General Assembly. These petitions may contain information about a soldier’s service, widow, orphans, or other heirs. The index and transcripts are available at the North Carolina State Archives. The transcripts were abstracted and published in the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, volumes 1–6. The index at the archives is a partial index of the names found in those petitions but doesn’t contain a place index. A book of these papers, Delamar Transcripts, has been created and is available in the NCGS Store. This book has a complete name index as well as a place index.

To view an original petition at the NC State Archives, consult the finding aid for the Delamar transcriptions in the NC State Archives Search Room. They are located behind the search desk in three large black binders and are arranged numerically by page number as referenced in the Delamar Index, or consult the Delamar Transcripts book produced by the North Carolina Genealogical Society. Next, consult the card catalog index of the General Assembly Records, which are arranged chronologically. Complete a call slip by providing the year, session, and box number for “Petitions” that correspond to the entry of interest. For more information about the transcripts refer to North Carolina Research, Genealogy, and Local History, Second Edition, pages 393 and 395 or the preface of the Delamar Transcripts book.

Please be aware the “Consolidated Index” as listed here is a large file and is not a complete index*, and may take up to 3 times as long to load as one of the segment files. The segment files together have all of the information contained in this online index – they are just broken down to allow the pdf files to load faster in your browser.

*This index is not as complete an index as what appears in the Delamar Transcripts book found in the NCGS Store. The index provided here is the manual index created a number of years ago by staff going through the petitions and manually indexing the names.

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