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Recorded Webinar with Helen Leary

August 2, 2019 August 4, 2019 EDT

The North Carolina Genealogical Society is delighted to present:
Helen F. M. Leary, CG (Emeritus), FASG, FNGS

“Tarheels in Your Family Tree? Part 2”

This recorded Webinar will be freely available to the public from from midnight Thursday night through midnight Sunday night (EDT), 2-4 August 2019. (This webinar was originally recorded in March 2013.)

The handout for this presentation is only available to logged-in members, and is accessible on the main Webinars page. (On the top menu, under Education & Events, select Webinars to go to the main webinars page. The box at the top right of that page has a link to “Member Webinar Handouts”, which is arranged in alphabetical order.) This webinar is always available to members in the Member Webinars area of the website. Each members’ webinar page also has a direct link to the handout.

About the Webinar:

“Tarheels in Your Family Tree, Part 1” and “Tarheels in Your Family Tree, Part 2” served as the lead off webinars for the North Carolina Series. These webinars provide a solid background on the history of the state and the available records.
They make a perfect jumping off point to gain basic knowledge about the state of North Carolina that will prove beneficial when viewing other webinars in the North Carolina series.

About the Speaker:

Helen F. M. Leary is known to many for editing North Carolina Research and writing many of its chapters. Her knowledge of North Carolina records, laws, land, and repositories, plus her many years as an active, respected researcher, have made this book a source for Southern genealogy research techniques.

Helen came to national fame through her research resulting in the probable determination that Thomas Jefferson fathered children by his slave, Sally Hemings. The National Genealogical Society (NGS) has created videos in which Helen provides insight into her research techniques.

Additionally, throughout her career, Helen has served in many capacities in the BCG, NGS, Samford University Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR), and has contributed largely to the success of the North Carolina Genealogical Society.

Helen has received many awards throughout her years of genealogical work. She is one of a small group honored with the title of CG Emeritus. Helen has lectured extensively, always entertaining her audience with humor while driving her points home. Humor aside, Helen lectures for the serious genealogist by presenting methods of approach to solve the most difficult problem.

This webinar is always accessible on the website to NCGS members as a member benefit.

Downloadable/printable pdf Flyer for this webinar, below.

Tarheels in Your Family Tree? Part 2 Flyer

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