We need your help!

The Faces of Margraten project is seeking photographs of every soldier buried in the Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten. Volunteers have been collecting photos since 2014 in order to give a face to the names on each marble cross and Star of David and on the Walls of the Missing, a total of 10023 Americans.  

So far, volunteers have located over 6900 photos, but that means that there are more than 3000 Americans still without a photo.  During the Faces of Margraten event, held every two years, the photos are placed directly next to the headstone or wall. Visitors are able to walk through the cemetery and see the faces of the men and women who gave their lives in the fight to liberate Europe.  In May 2020, the date for the next Faces event, Europe will celebrate 75 years since the end of World War II.  It will be a very special event, and every brave soldier deserves to be honored with his photograph.    

There are still 48 soldiers from North Carolina without a face, and they are listed here, along with their rank, home county, and date of death.  In some cases, what is listed as the home county may have been the county where they enlisted.  Also, sometimes, the soldiers may have lived in one or more adjacent counties while growing up.       

ASHWORTH, Ralph W Private Wake County26/03/1945
BAKER, Leslie H Tech. Sergeant Robeson County28/09/1944
BECK, Efird D PFC Davidson County26/03/1945
CAMERON, Kenneth W Staff Sergeant Durham County03/11/1943
CATES, Anthony W Tech. Fifth Class Durham County20/03/1945
CHEATHAM, John W Private Granville County04/11/1945
CHERRY, Lloyd D Private Bertie County14/02/1946
COLEY, Lester G Private First Class Granville County17/11/1944
COOPER, Sam A Jr Staff Sergeant Wake County13/04/1945
CURRIE, Willie Jr PFC Cumberland County09/06/1945
DAVIS, James H Private Lincoln County27/10/1944
FLYNT, Charles A PFC Forsyth County21/04/1945
GOIN, Dallas J PFC Stokes County09/01/1945
GOOLSBY, Jack PFC Guilford County11/04/1945
GREEN, Dennis J PFC Montgomery County13/05/1945
GRIFFIN, Henry A Captain Buncombe County23/12/1944
HEATHERLEY, Robert V PFC Henderson County07/10/1944
HOLLOWAY, Joe F PFC Yancey County10/12/1944
JOHNSON, Robert L Private Alamance County27/02/1945
JONES, Walter R Jr PFC Wake County18/11/1944
JOSEY, James F Second Lt. Lee County23/03/1945
KETCHUM, Archie T Private Jones County13/10/1944
KILBY, Lehmon PFC Buncombe County19/04/1945
LEWIS, James J Staff Sergeant Craven County28/05/1944
LOWMAN, Lealin R PFC Burke County20/04/1945
MANESS, Ernest M PFC Moore County30/03/1945
MATTHEWS, Rudolph S Private Cumberland County23/02/1945
MERCER, Garry D PFC Wilson County23/02/1945
MOORE, Robert P Private Burke County04/12/1944
NORDAN, William PFC Hartnett County11/04/1945
OWENS, David N PFC Gaston County23/11/1945
PEACOCK, Tryphon D PFC Greene County15/04/1945
PERRY, Rodney S Tech. Fifth Class Bertie County26/04/1945
RODENHIZER, Duke H PFC Rockingham County25/11/1944
ROGERS, Hilliard C PFC Pitt County23/04/1945
ROUSE, John H PFC Green County26/02/1945
SMITH, Harris E PFC Lincoln County09/04/1945
STOLTZ, Jackie W Staff Sergeant Forsyth County04/11/1944
STRICKLAND, Robert F PFC Wake County13/04/1945
STROUD, James E Private Caldwell County19/11/1944
TAYLOR, James B PFC Rutherford County15/04/1945
TROXLER, Joseph Private Rockingham County19/05/1945
WARLICK, Clyde F PFC Lincoln County24/11/1944
WARREN, Fulton PFC Sampson County02/04/1945
WILLIAMS, James O Private Northampton County13/10/1945
WOMACK, John R PFC Rutherford County20/11/1944
WOOLARD, Joseph E Tech. Sergeant Beaufort County14/04/1945
WRENN, Lloyd M Tech. Fourth Class Durham County13/04/1945

For those who prefer to search online, visit this map that shows the home counties of all the Americans for whom there is no photo.  You can click on the map and then zoom in to any part of the United States. 

If you want additional information about a particular soldier, you can also go to the Fields of Honor website and click on the soldier’s name, and you will see information about the soldier’s family members.  

If you have a photo or additional information about one of these soldiers, please submit the information at www.thefacesofmargraten.com.