Fall Conference Bonus Lectures

We are delighted to announce that all Fall Conference Attendees will have access to the following bonus lectures.

Strengthening Roots and Revealing History: Empowering African Americans Through Genealogical Lineage Societies with Andre Kearns

Lineage societies provide a unique opportunity to explore, safeguard, and highlight the impactful roles our ancestors played in history, and offer us a platform to give back to society through service and charity. Andre Kearns will share his personal journey to membership in the Sons of the American Revolution and other lineage societies, and share why African Americans should consider joining these societies.

Andre Kearns is a genealogist, speaker, and writer. He serves on the National Genealogical Society board and is chair of the NGS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. He is a founding member of the Society of the First African Families of English America, and a member of the Sons and Daughters of the US Middle Passage, as well as The District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Ultimate DNA Brick Walls: Genetic Genealogy for Adoptees, Foundlings, and Unknown Parentage Cases with Shannon Combs-Bennett, QG

DNA testing is often undertaken to help a person solve a genealogy issue where there is little to no documentation. It is often because there is a gap or break in the lineage. It could be due to an adoption, abandonment, estrangement, misattributed parentage, or because no one wrote down the information. These situations can all be tackled with the same research plan and DNA analysis. In this presentation, you will learn how to break down genealogical issues like these into ways that you can (hopefully) solve your questions.