Get Lost in Ledgers – The Unique Looking Glass into Our Ancestors’ Lives

Business/organization ledgers document everyday business transactions that involved North Carolinian families. This webinar focuses on the many kinds of ledgers used by North Carolina businesses and highlights where we can locate these ledgers and what we can learn from them. In addition to placing individuals and families in space and time, relationship information is sometimes noted. Life events are sometimes noted, including family members of an employer/employee, entries for free people of color (FPOC), and so much more!

Plus, don’t forget our female ancestors. Every kind of ledger examined mentions women transacting business. We will explore ledgers from the following ledger authors and more: physician, general store, distillery, lawyer, livery, blacksmith, cotton/tobacco pickers, midwife, mill operator (textile, lumber, saw, grist, etc.), pharmacy, port-related, rural Post Office, farm renters, sanatorium, tolls/bridge/ferry, undertaker, etc., from the 18th to 20th-centuries. Do not assume that your ancestors will not be listed!

(Image source: “Ledger of the Boarding School for Female Education at Salem, N.C. (1805-1809)”, Salem College, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Available in the NCGS online store is North Carolina Research – Genealogy and Local History, the text for the NCGS Webinar Series. For more information about the speaker, please see our flyer (pdf file).

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