Latest NCGS Journal & Supplement are Available Online

We are excited to release our latest journal: Volume 45 Number 3 . This journal’s theme is “Sailors, Seafarers, Mariners, and More.”

“Sailors, seafarers, mariners – or however you refer to someone who plied a business via a waterborne vessel – have been a constant and vital part of history. Depending on your time-period of interest and where ancestors were based, you may have found extensive documentation or almost none. The genesis for this Journal issue is a research project trying to track down someone who “might” have been a ship’s captain in the early 19th century. Could we find any documenation? The answer is YES? Though our focus was the early 1800s, documents covering other time periods are included illustrative reasons.”

Diane L. Richards, “Editor’s Message”

Take a peak inside with the Table of Contents:

Editor’s Message
Edenton Port Book
Ports of Camden & Edenton (1820s)
Diary of John Mckenzie (1765-67)
Pasquotank Civil Action (1731)
An Act for the Government and Regulation of Seamen in the Merchants Service (1803)
Seaman’s Contracts (1799-1818)
Craven Apprentice Bonds (1804 & 1816)
Clark & Carnal Letterbook (1814-15)
John Salisbury Journal
Mariner Apprenticeships (Beaufort) (1811-12)
David Clark Ledger
William Hollister Account Book (1810-30)
Thomas Cox Papers (1825-1828)
Crew Lists: Salem, New London (1803-1878)
Book and Media Reviews Index

There were so many great resources to highlight that we’ve compiled a Journal Supplement which includes the following extra resources that did not fit in the journal.

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