Maiden Name Not Known Preview

Nancy Hanks Lincoln portrait

Enjoy this preview to Finding Women: Maiden Name Not Known, with Craig Roberts Scott, MA, CG, FUGA.

Learning the maiden name of a wife can be one of the more difficult tasks in genealogical research. It is clear that women can be hard to find. At least more difficult than finding the husbands. When a maiden name is hard to find you may have to learn it through the records of the men in her life. The males in a woman’s life may be her father, her grandfather, her husband, her brother, her son, and her son-in-law. They could be her ex-husband, her father-in-law, her brother-in-law, and so many others.

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(Image source: “Depiction of Nancy Hanks Lincoln”, by Lloyd Ostendorf, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.)

Finding Women: Maiden Name Not Known Preview
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