Join us for Member Appreciation Day

Registration is officially open for our first Member Appreciation Day. We appreciate our members. Your support is vital to continuing our mission of supporting North Carolina family history research. In that spirit, we are pleased to offer our current members a virtual Member Appreciation Day with Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL “The Legal Genealogist”.

Judy will be presenting 4 lectures:

Property Rights and Wrongs – African-Americans at the Courthouse
From being treated as property to having their property stolen by those who used the law against the freedmen, African Americans’ experience at the courthouse had only one bright spot: it created records for the genealogist-descendants of slaves and slave owners alike.

No, no, Nanette! What negative evidence is … and isn’t.
Negative evidence is the hardest type of evidence to understand or use in genealogical research. By definition, a “type of evidence arising from an absence of a situation or information in extant records where that information might be expected,” it is, as the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes told us in the short story “Silver Blaze,” the “curious incident . . . in the night-time”—the thing we would expect to see or hear but that just isn’t there. Learn more about what negative evidence is—and what it isn’t—and how to use it.

NARA Mythbusters: Your Family IS in the Archives
“All the military records were burned in the fire.” “There isn’t any birth, marriage or death information in federal records.” “There aren’t any details about ordinary families at the National Archives.” These kinds of myth-statements stop genealogists from breaking down all kinds of brick walls using the wealth of information in NARA records. Join the mythbusters with the treasures the National Archives holds for your family.

No Vitals? No Problem! – Building a Family through Circumstantial Evidence
When there’s no birth, marriage or death record, what’s a genealogist to do? Learn how to use
circumstantial evidence to build a family. It features “A Family for Isabella” (tracing a woman married before the 1850 census).

These lectures will be available free and live to our current NCGS members.

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