Migrations 1: Many Arrive – Early Migration In, Across, and Out of North Carolina

Diane L. Richard, MEng, MBA

Many individuals and families migrated into North Carolina, especially in the colonial and pre-Civil War period. Depending on who was immigrating and when, different locales in North Carolina were hot spots for emigrants from abroad either directly or via Virginia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and beyond. As the state developed, resources were depleted, productive land was becoming scarcer; settlers considered it to be getting too crowded; and we see a pattern of westward migration.

This migration often did not stop at the state borders. Many families spent a few years, one or several generations in North Carolina, often hopscotching across the state, east to west, before migrating to adjoining states and beyond. Let’s explore these years of migrating North Carolinians – the history of the times and the documentary trail left behind. This presentation will cover the record types and what genealogy information can be found within them. Throughout the presentation actual documents and examples are included.

(Image source: “Migrations Part 1” cover image, Copyright 2020 Diane L. Richard aka Mosaic Research and Project Management.)

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