NC Freedman’s Savings & Trust Records

The NCGS publication North Carolina Freedman’s Savings and Trust Records, published in 1992, is now available as a members-only resource. Although chartered by Congress in 1865 to assist newly freed slaves and African American soldiers at the end of the Civil War, the Freedman’s Savings and Trust was not restricted to free persons of color. You will find records of people, regardless of skin color or circumstances, who created accounts in the North Carolina chapters of the bank as well as churches, social organizations, and companies. Although all of the North Carolina records do not survive, in the ones that do you will find people born in England, Germany, Maine, Connecticut, and Boston, etc. You will find a number of people whose “complexion” is listed as “white,” which could be Caucasian or a mixed-race person. The records often list residences, occupations, relatives (including those who are now deceased), age, and whether or not the depositor could sign his name. A number of the records list siblings and parents and some list multiple spouses and indicate which children were born from which spouse. This is a great resource for all who are researching the time frame immediately after the war.

To keep file size down, the book has been divided into multiple pdf files. The book is organized by Branch, and within each Branch sequentially by account number. The best way to narrow the search for a specific name is by using the index to identify an associated account number. The pdf files below are identified by the account number range covered in that file. It is highly recommended that researchers should first open and read through the “Table of Contents and Introduction/How to Use” section, a small file extracted from the original book.

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