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Editor’s Message

If we are fortunate, we have many records documenting not just the life and the death of an ancestor, including a tombstone, death notice or obituary, probate records, and more. Unfortunately, it is more likely that we may not find any of the mentioned records, which forces us to seek out an alternative document that might provide the information we seek.

This Journal issue is all about exploring some of those alternative resources.  Surprisingly, little documentation could be found, even for businesses linked to death, and which existed for decades, if not longer.  The absence of these records challenges us. Leverage the various types of documents mentioned for who you are researching wherever and whenever they lived.  Many documents are no longer extant, and if we don’t look, we won’t know for sure.  There is the possibility that private papers may still be in the hands of family members or housed in archives with limited to no web presence; don’t let that stop you from exploring.

As always, our book review editor reviews new books you will want to investigate.

Diane L. Richard, Editor

Table of Contents

Editor’s Message.

Where, Oh Where Might You Find a Person’s Death Documented
Diane L. Richard

Dying on the County Dollar Gaston County, 1880-1913
Anne E. Gometz

William F. Askew Papers (Wake County)
Hope Blackford

Did Your Family Purchase Burial Insurance via a Burial Society or Association?
Diane L. Richard

Jackson Marble Ledger (c. 1920s)
Hope Blackford

New Hanover Death Records
Casie P. Yandle

Wake County Burial Permits
Hope Blackford

Coffin Makers (Various)
Hope Blackford

Undertaker’s Record Book (New Bern), 1923-1925
Pamelia Toms

Extract from Norfolk County Virginia Death Records 1904-1910
Sharon Rea Gable CG

R L Parks Funeral Register (Iredell County)
Hope Blackford

Mitchell Funeral Home (Wake County)
Hope Blackford

F. H. Ziegler Papers and Funeral Home Records (Elizabeth City)
Robin Oldham-Nelson & Hope Blackford

Book and Media Reviews
W. Becket Soule


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