NCGS Journal Vol. 46 No. 4 is Live

The latest journal issue, “Migration – In, Across, and Out of North Carolina” is now available online for all NCGS Members.

Editor’s Message

You may notice something different.  We changed the main font used.  We surveyed other journal editors to see what fonts they use to create legible regular and italicized text.  We selected Georgia for the main textual content; different fonts are used elsewhere. Let us know what you think.

Continuing with themed content, this journal edition focuses on Migration. We are fortunate to have Frederick H. Cron (Ballard Family), Morgan Jackson (several Moore County families), Bette Pena (Christopher Family), Russell A. Rahn (Caldwell Family), and George Thomas (Walden, Archer, Roberts, Thomas) share information about personally explored migrations. 

Access to correspondence provides insight into migration via the “words” of those involved – Pringle Family Correspondence, Neill L. Brown Papers, Papers of Barzillai Graves, and Nathan R. Frazier Papers. Another helpful resource for exploring migrations are powers of attorney; a few interesting ones are abstracted.

We also share some immigration stories as we explore the Waldensians who moved from Italy to Burke Co., NC, and some late 19th-century Swiss immigrants. Additionally, Josh Hager, State Archives of North Carolina (SANC), tells us about immigration resources inspired by the Outlander book series (converted to a tv series) and the parallel SANC blog series. Matching North Carolina’s history with the fictional series compels me. What a great way to learn our state’s history!

In a planned overlap, your editor will present webinars in December 2020 (Migrations 1: Many Arrive – Early Migration In, Across, and Out of North Carolina) and January 2021 (Migrations 2: North Carolinians on the Move – Reconstruction and Early 20th Century Migration), focusing on NC migration.[1]

Almost last and never least, check out the book reviews. Otherwise, best wishes wherever your genealogical journey takes you.

Diane L. Richard, Editor

Table of Contents

Editor’s Message

Waldensians (Burke County)
Diane L. Richard

Ancestors Removed (Moore County)
Morgan Jackson

Pringle Family Correspondence: Stokes Co., NC to Alabama
Ron Haislip-Hansberry

On Migration – Ballard Family
Frederick H. Cron

The Professional Family – Perhaps
Russell A. Rahn

Neill L. Brown Papers
Pamelia Toms

Wm F Atkinson Papers – Swiss Emigrants (1868-1869)
Pamelia Toms

Chatham County: A Stopping Point on the Migratory Trail of Free People of Color
George Thomas

Papers of Barzillai Graves
Meghan Reynolds

Nathan R. Frazier Papers
Ron Haislip-Hansberry

Migrations Based on Powers of Attorney
Pamelia Toms

North Carolina INmigration and OUTmigration Patterns During the 1800s for the Early American Christopher Lines
Bette Pena

Outlander and Scottish Emigration Records at the State Archives of North Carolina
Josh Hager

Book and Media Reviews
W. Becket Soule


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