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The latest journal issue, “Let’s Explore a Valuable Asset: Land (Part1)” is now available online for all NCGS Members.

Editor’s Message

Land was often the single most valuable asset that many North Carolinians had. In this issue and again in Volume 47 #4, we will explore land records in some detail. We often find many surviving documents, whether the land was acquired via a land grant, deed, or inheritance. These and other land-related records (e.g., tax records, court minutes, newspaper items, etc.) can also help
us solve genealogical problems. Land records are often a critical element of implementing the FAN (Friends, Associates, and Neighbors) Club research strategy.

In this issue, Stewart Dunaway, David McCorkle, and George Thomas educate us about some of the extant land records of genealogical value. Sharon Rea Gable and Morgan Jackson then illustrate the strategic importance of using land records to solve our research problems. Aaron O. Jarvis and Tom Reel then share details on how land research benefited their ancestral research.
Interesting books continue to be published regarding North Carolinian ancestors and records; check out the book reviews and learn more.

When we continue this topic in Volume 47 #4, David McCorkle will share more insight into researching NC land grants. Jeffrey Kiser-Paradi will present how Long Creek got its name, Carolyn Gibbons shares some Cumberland County deed abstracts, and Vanessa Crews explores deed research in Duplin County. Additional yet-to-be finalized land-related articles will also be included.

As always, best wishes wherever your genealogical journey takes you.
Diane L. Richard, Editor

Table of Contents

Editor’s Message

North Carolina Land Grant Records
David M. McCorkle

Researching Lord Granville Grants
David M. McCorkle

Jurisdictional Conflicts Impacting Land
George Thomas

Procession Records of North Carolina
Stewart E. Dunaway

Importance of Land Grants in a “Burned” County
Morgan Jackson

Land Research Across State Lines
haron Rea Gable

James Jarvis of Hunting Creek: An Early Wilkes County Landowner
Aaron O. Jarvis

George and Catherine Reel: In Metes and Bounds
Tom Reel

Book and Media Reviews
W. Becket Soule

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