NCGS Virtual Conference Highlights

The first NCGS Virtual Conference was presented live online on Friday and Saturday, 22 and 23 March 2019. Approximately 150 people registered for the event, with attendees coming from twenty-six states coast-to-coast across the United States, as well as from Canada. The conference replay continues through June, since all registered attendees can view the recorded lectures for a 90-day period after the live presentations.

Debbie Parker Wayne started each day with a keynote on some of the latest tools and techniques for using DNA to solve genealogical problems. Jeffrey Haines followed her with a presentation on research strategies for working in counties with lost records. Pamela Stone Eagleson then provided a lecture on writing your family narrative and putting your ancestors in their historical context. Craig Scott concluded with detailed information on how to research a War of 1812 ancestor.

“Debbie [Parker Wayne] . . . ‘Man, oh man, does she know her stuff!’”
“The content and speakers were so helpful … I learned lots!”
“. . . lectures were excellent.”

On Saturday, following Debbie Parker Wayne’s second DNA keynote, David McCorkle lectured on North Carolina land records. Then Ari Wilkins presented information on the Great Migration of African Americans to northern industrial cities and the historical background for that event. Diane Richard ended the day with a lecture on idiosyncrasies critical to know when researching in North Carolina.  

“The speakers gave us a lot of resource ideas.”
“. . . inspiring!”

Those who attended the live event received a discount in the NCGS bookstore during those days. Door prizes were also given during the live presentations and included two copies each of the books Genetic Genealogy in Practice, by Debbie Parker Wayne and Blaine Bettinger, and North Carolina Research: Genealogy and Local History, edited by Helen F. M. Leary.

Thank you to everyone who registered for joining us on our maiden voyage into the Virtual Conference world.