Latest NCGS Journal & Supplement are Available Online

We are excited to release our latest journal: Volume 45 Number 4 . This journal’s theme is “Toll Roads, Bridges, and Ferries.”

“This issue of the journal is as much about what records do not survive as about what records still survive. These records help us advance our genealogical research into family and community members. We know that toll roads, bridges, and ferries existed to give individuals alter-native transportation options either as a necessity or convenience; no different than today. Though we cannot document who paid tolls, we can appreciate the existence of roads, bridges, and ferries, and wonder which of our ancestors used them. Consider, “did my ancestors use this toll bridge?”

We are fortunate that though extant records listing individuals are sparse, we can discover and explore the history of toll roads, bridges, and ferries in numerous places. Please join us as we investigate these travel options important to our ancestors. Stewart Dunaway is, probably the most versed in these records, based on his extensive list of published volumes and projects with the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources to identify these transportation options. He shares a few of his thoughts from our correspondence on this topic.

As always, check out the rich collection of books reviewed. Even as more materials are being digitized, print books continue to expand our access to invaluable records.”

Diane L. Richard, Editor

Take a peak inside with the Table of Contents:

Editor’s Message 301
Toll Roads, Bridges & Ferries 303
Thoughts Shared by Stewart Dunaway 314
Toll Petitions General Assembly (1784-1795) 318
Toll Petition (1796) 332
Washington Toll Bridge (1815-1846) (#1) 336
Washington Toll Bridge (1870-1) (#2) 343
Washington Toll Bridge (1873-4) (#3) 346
Toll Ledger for the Yadkin Toll Bridge (1821-1824) 353
Jonathan’s Creek and Tennessee Mountain Turnpike Company (1855-1875) 362
Rose Bay and Swan Quarter Turnpike (1837-47) 368
Neuse River Ferry Company (1870s) 372
Toll Gates in the News (1845-1853) 379
Book and Media Reviews 382

There were so many great resources to highlight that we’ve compiled a Journal Supplement which includes the following extra resources that did not fit in the journal.

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