New Bible Record Book

No, we don’t have a new Bible record book yet. We need your help to create one, and we’d like to get started right away. If you have an unpublished Bible record to share, we’d love to have it for the second volume of the North Carolina Genealogical Society Bible Records. The record doesn’t have to be all North Carolina, as we know many of our North Carolina forebears just started in North Carolina or one of the eastern states and from there spread north, south, and west. We would like them to have originated in North Carolina, so if your Bible record is all Texas (or another state), be sure to include a note that we can put in the book tying them back to a person and place in North Carolina to help our readers understand the migration of our forebears.

If you have a Bible record to share, please send it to Publications@ncgenealogy.org.  We will acknowledge receipt and possibly ask questions for more data on the record.  The book will be published when we get sufficient data to make an indexed book.  We’re not looking for records that have been published in book form. However, if you previously published your record in a small local journal, then we will still take those but we need to give credit to that journal, so please let us know.

Details we want to include in the book, and therefore will need you to provide, include the provenance of the record: is this a copy of the original handwritten pages? If so send us a copy of those and, if you already have it typed, include that as well especially if some of the handwriting is faded or hard to read. Along with the provenance of using a copy of the original pages, please send a copy of the title page of the Bible and, if not on the title page, a copy of the page containing the date the Bible was printed. Although you can get accurate data from a Bible printed in 1824 about a person born in 1780, the reader needs to make that determination, not us. If there is additional data you have on the record, for example all events happened in Gates County, please include that as well. We can put that information in the lead-in to the record so people will know what county they were from. If the people in the Bible record were born (or died) in a variety of places and you know that to be true based on family knowledge or research, then include that information as well. We can put that information in the lead-in to the record as a note from the donor or in italicized brackets after the event to show that it wasn’t in the Bible record itself, but the family knows the location. If you are sending a typed transcript, be sure to indicate what you have added that was not in the original so we can add a note in the book.

The privacy of living people should not be violated, so we’re asking that the Bible record submitted not knowingly include living people, which is usually assumed to be 100 years. Search your files and send us some Bible records to include in the book. The sooner we get them, the sooner the book can be published. And don’t worry about sending too many, we can always do a third volume.