NGS 2017 in Raleigh

The NGS Conference is coming to Raleigh in 2017!

The NGS conference, which will be held in Raleigh in May 2017, is right around the corner.  Although it’s over a year away, from a planning perspective it is right around the corner.

We are soliciting volunteers for the event.  We have a rough idea of the tasks that are needed and would like to get your name on the list of volunteers. Contact Sharon Gable at volunteer@ncgenealogy.org to add your name to the list.

Volunteers will be needed to pack bags before the conference starts, help with registration of the thousands of people who will be attending the conference, man the society booth in the exhibit hall, monitor lecture rooms, and serve as “Ask Me” people in the hospitality booth to help visitors locate restaurants, etc., in Raleigh as well as help those who have gotten turned around moving from one lecture to another in the convention center.

Some positions, such as room monitor (who ensures that all people who go into a lecture room are registered patrons and are wearing a name badge), should be those who plan to register for the conference. The idea here is that if you’ve planned to attend that particular lecture anyway, you can help NCGS by volunteering to be a room monitor for that lecture. Many other tasks can be done whether you plan to attend the conference or not.  As with all volunteer positions, there is no compensation for these tasks except a hearty thank you from me, the NCGS board, and all the people you help.

More details and volunteer assignments will be available after the program for the NGS 2017 Family History Conference comes out.