North Carolina Estate Files, Bertie County Index

Bertie County (link to FamilySearch page)
Established in 1722 from Chowan Precinct as a precinct of Albermarle County.
Many of these folders do not have dates on them, but very often dates will be seen on individual pages.

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Unnamed – 1 folder, “Widow’s provision” (1806)
Abington, Elizabeth
Abington, Henry
Abington, James
Abington, Littleberry
Abington, Mary
Acree, Edward
Acree, Elizabeth
Acree, John
Acree, Leonard
Acree, Penelope
Acree, Ricks
Adams, Elijah
Agar, William
Alden, Edward N
Alexander, John
Alexander, Thomas
Allday, Thomas
Allen, Abram
Allen, Arthur
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, James
Allen, John
Allen, Margaret
Allen, Reuben
Allen, Thomas
Allen, William
Alsobrook, Jacob S
Alston, James A
Alston, Joseph J
Ambrose, Brittan
Andrews, Abner
Andrews, John
Andrews, Joseph
Andrews, Stephen
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, William
Anthony, Elizabeth
Anthony, James
Armistead, Anthony
Armistead, Jno
Armistead, John
Armistead, Jordan
Armistead, Robert
Armistead, Sarah
Armistead, Stark
Armistead, William
Armour, John
Arnold, Salley
Asbill, Frances
Ashburn, A W
Ashburn, B
Ashburn, Baldy
Ashburn, Elisha
Ashburn, Elizabeth
Ashburn, John
Ashburn, Peter
Ashburn, Thomas
Ashburn, Washington
Ashburn, William
Ashby, Jeremiah
Ashley, Jeremiah
Ashley, John
Ashley, Thomas
Ashley, William
Ashly, William
Askew, A J
Askew, Aaron (1771)
Askew, Aaron (1843)
Askew, Aaron O (1869)
Askew, Brown
Askew, Cullen
Askew, David
Askew, Edwin
Askew, George T
Askew, Jesse
Askew, John (1751)
Askew, John (1818)
Askew, John (1829)
Askew, Justin
Askew, Margaret
Askew, Mary
Askew, Miles
Askew, Milicent
Askew, Mollie W
Askew, Shadrock
Askew, T R
Askew, W L
Askew, Wiley
Askew, William
Askew, William D
Atkins, David
Atkinson, Michael
Averet, Charles
Averet, Henry
Averet, Mary
Averet, Simon
Averet, William
Averitt, Elizabeth
Averitt, Jesse
Averitt, Mary
Avis, Abraham
Avis, Joseph
Avis, Mary
Avis, Sawyer
Avis, Thomas
Avis, William
Bachus, Doctom
Bachus, Josiah
Bacon, James
Badham, William
Baggett, Jonathan
Baggett, Joseph A
Baggett, Nicholas
Baggett, Thomas
Bagley, Miles
Bagley, William
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, William
Bake, John
Baker, Asa
Baker, Benjamin
Baker, Blake
Baker, Christian
Baker, David
Baker, Edward B
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, George W
Baker, Henry
Baker, James
Baker, Joel
Baker, John
Baker, Jonathan
Baker, Larry
Baker, Levi
Baker, Martha
Baker, Molley
Baker, Sarah
Baker, Simons
Baker, Susan
Baker, Thomas
Baker, W W
Baker, Whitmel
Baker, William
Baker, Winaford
Bales, Eden
Bales, John
Ballance, John W
Ballard, Thomas
Ballentine, Alexander
Bam, Michael
Banks, Miles
Baramdid, John
Barber, Ann
Barber, John
Barber, Mary
Barber, Nancy
Barber, William
Barber, William D
Barbree, Abram
Barden, John
Barfield, Samuel
Barfield, Thomas
Barker, Thomas
Barnacasel, Beverly
Barnacasel, James C
Barnacasel, Kenneth
Barnacasel, Lewis I
Barnacasel, Samuel
Barnacasel, Washington
Barnecasel, Frances
Barnes, Allin
Barnes, Asa
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, James
Barnes, Jemima
Barnes, John
Barnes, Richard H
Barnes, Rubin
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Winefred
Baron, James
Baron, Samuel
Barradaill, Abraham
Barrett, J W
Barridall, Joseph
Barron, John A
Barry, Thomas
Bartlet, Solomon
Bass, Cader
Bass, Jacob
Bass, John
Bass, Thomas
Bate, Augustine
Bate, Mary
Bates, Henry
Bates, Humphrey
Bates, James
Battle, John
Bayley, Ann
Bayley, Tom
Bayly, Elizabeth
Bayly, L D
Bayly, Miles
Bazemore, Abisha
Bazemore, Amilly
Bazemore, Cullen
Bazemore, Cullen (1872)
Bazemore, Elisha
Bazemore, Hardy
Bazemore, James (1804)
Bazemore, James (1806)
Bazemore, James (1808)
Bazemore, James (1818)
Bazemore, James (1844)
Bazemore, James N (1897)
Bazemore, Jesse
Bazemore, Jesse (1826)
Bazemore, Jesse, Jr.
Bazemore, Jesse, Sr.
Bazemore, John
Bazemore, Malachi
Bazemore, Mary
Bazemore, Rachel
Bazemore, Redding
Bazemore, Rubin
Bazemore, Sampson
Bazemore, Stark
Bazemore, William
Bazemore, Winslow
Beasley, J W
Beasley, John
Beasley, T E
Belch, Jesse
Belch, Jethro
Belch, Lewis
Belch, Mary
Belch, Ryan
Belch, William
Bell, Brumit
Bell, Demosthenes
Bell, Jane
Bell, Mary
Bell, Robert
Bell, Thomas
Belote, Amelia
Belote, Betsy
Belote, Henry
Belote, John
Belote, Peleg
Belote, Silas
Belote, Thomas
Belote, William
Belotes, Catherine
Bennett, William
Benson, Mary
Benson, William
Bentley, James
Bentley, Janet
Bentley, Jeremiah
Bentley, John
Bentley, Martha
Bentley, Sarah
Bentley, William
Bently, Clarissa
Bently, James
Benton, Henry K
Benton, Robert
Bernard, Winnifred E
Berry, William
Beverly, John (1739)
Biggs, Kader
Biggs, Mary I C
Billote, John
Billups, Moore
Billups, Richard
Billups, Thomas
Billups, Winifred
Billups, Zerobabell
Binam, John
Biram, John
Bird, Cader
Bird, Frances
Bird, John W
Bird, Robert W
Bishop, Arthur
Bishop, Marcus P
Bishop, Mary L, Mrs.
Bishop, W J
Bishop, William
Black, James
Blackburn, Hamilton
Blackmon, John
Blackstock, William
Blackston, W R
Blake, James
Blanchard, Miles
Blanchard, William
Blitchen, William
Blount, Edmund
Blount, Joseph
Blunt, Benjamin
Blunt, Colonel
Blunt, James
Blunt, Jesse
Blunt, Joseph
Blyth, William
Boghart, Daniel
Boghart, David
Bolton, Rebecca
Bond, Ann
Bond, Balis H
Bond, Catherine
Bond, Elizabeth
Bond, Humphrey
Bond, Humphrey H
Bond, James
Bond, James H
Bond, John
Bond, Kessiah
Bond, Lewis
Bond, Margaret
Bond, Martha
Bond, Thomas
Bond, Thomas, Sr.
Bond, William
Bonner, Elizabeth
Bonner, Mary
Bonner, Miles
Bonner, William
Boon, William A
Booth, Thomas
Borous, David
Bosman, Mary
Boston, Ruben
Boswell, Amarett
Boswell, Celia
Boswell, Edward
Boswell, Henry
Boswell, James H
Boswell, Joseph A
Boswell, Marriah
Boswell, Patrick
Boswell, Thomas
Boswell, William
Bottom, William
Boulton, Aaron
Bowen, Benjamin
Bowen, Frances
Bowen, Jesse
Boyce, Dempsey
Boyce, Hardy
Boyce, Levy
Boyce, Nancy
Boyce, William
Boyer, William
Boykin, Lloyd M
Boykin, Nancy L
Bozeman, Stephen (1867)
Bozman, John
Bozman, William
Bracey, Susan
Bracey, William James
Bradford, Harry
Bradley, John
Brantley, Edward
Brantley, Luke
Braswell, A J
Brayboy, Joshua
Brewer, Celia
Brickell, James D
Brickell, Jane
Brickell, Jesse
Brickell, Thomas
Brickell, Thomas N
Bridger, Elizabeth
Bridger, Robert
Bridger, William
Bridger, Willie
Bridgers, Patience, Mrs.
Bridges, Celia
Brimage, Elizabeth
Brimage, Thomas
Brimage, William
Britain, Daniel
Britain, Judith
Britt, Ann
Britt, Jesse
Britt, Peter
Brittain, D W
Brittain, Francis
Brittain, J L
Brittain, John
Brittain, Samuel
Brittain, William
Broadwell, David
Brodgdon, Tamous
Brogdon, Aaron
Brogdon, David
Brogdon, John
Brogdon, Mary
Brogdon, Stephen
Brogdon, Thomas
Brogdon, William
Brown, A J
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Dempsey
Brown, Dennis
Brown, Elisha
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Francis
Brown, George W
Brown, Henry C
Brown, J E
Brown, Jackson
Brown, Jeremiah
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joshua
Brown, Julie C
Brown, Lizzie L
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Mary O
Brown, Peterson
Brown, Robert
Brown, Stephen
Brown, T W
Brown, Thomas
Brown, William
Brownrigg, Thomas
Bryan, Ann
Bryan, Charity
Bryan, David
Bryan, Edward
Bryan, Elizabeth
Bryan, Jesse
Bryan, John S
Bryan, Joseph
Bryan, Joseph H
Bryan, Lewis
Bryan, Martha
Bryan, Mary
Bryan, Michael
Bryan, Needham
Bryan, Simon
Bryan, W J
Bryan, William
Bryan, William S
Bryant, David
Bryant, John
Bryant, Lewis
Bryant, Reddick
Bryant, Samuel
Bryant, Thomas
Bryant, William
Bryer, Benjamin
Bullock, William
Bunch, Edith
Bunch, Elijah
Bunch, Elisha
Bunch, Emby
Bunch, Frederick
Bunch, Henry
Bunch, J H
Bunch, J R
Bunch, Jeremiah (1797)
Bunch, Jeremiah (1809)
Bunch, Jeremiah (1863)
Bunch, Jeremiah (1889)
Bunch, John
Bunch, Joshua
Bunch, Levy
Bunch, Millicent
Bunch, N I (1866)
Bunch, Narcissa
Bunch, Nehemiah
Bunch, Paul
Bunch, Riddick W
Bunch, Sally
Bunch, Sarah
Bunch, Temperance
Bunch, William
Bunch, Zadock
Buncomb, Thomas
Buncombe, Edward
Bunton, Thomas
Burden, Abe
Burden, Abraham
Burden, Abram
Burden, James M
Burden, John L
Burden, William
Burden, Z J
Burkit, Prudence
Burkitt, Margaret
Burn, Andrew
Burn, Elizabeth Collins
Burn, James
Burn, John
Burn, Levy
Burn, Michael
Burn, Sidney
Burnam, Benjamin
Burnet, Peter
Burnett, George
Burress, David
Burress, Ester
Burt, George
Burt, John
Burtenshall, James
Burton, Sarah W
Burton, Thomas
Burtonshill, Jacob
Busby, Thomas
Butler, Benjamin
Butler, Cader
Butler, Christopher
Butler, Curry
Butler, Elizabeth J, Mrs.
Butler, Hilliard
Butler, J T
Butler, Jacob
Butler, Jethro
Butler, John
Butler, Levin (1866)
Butler, Louisa
Butler, Martha Ann
Butler, Mary
Butler, Robert
Butler, Silas
Butler, Thomas Ryan
Butler, William
Butler, Williamston
Butterton, Celia M
Butterton, James
Butterton, Joseph
Butterton, Robert
Butterton, Silas
Byrd, John
Byrd, Thomas
Byrum, D E
Byrum, David N
Byrum, Elizabeth
Byrum, H H
Byrum, James
Byrum, John
Byrum, Louisa
Byrum, Nancy
Byrum, Starky
Cail, Freeman
Cail, Job
Cake, John
Cake, William
Cale, Charney (1860)
Cale, D L
Cale, Job
Cale, John
Cale, Sarah
Cale, William R
Calloway, Thomas
Callum, A
Callum, Edward A
Callum, Ezekiah W
Callum, Hezekiah
Callum, Willis
Camberlain, Sally
Campbell, Cornelius
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Cannady, James
Cannady, Samuel
Capehart, Cadmus
Capehart, Celia
Capehart, Charles
Capehart, Cullen
Capehart, Esto
Capehart, George
Capehart, John
Capehart, Johnathan
Capehart, Joshua
Capehart, Margaret (1811)
Capehart, Michael
Capehart, Penelope B
Capehart, Tristam
Capehart, W J
Capehart, William
Capps, Marmaduke
Caps, Marmaduke
Care, Pat
Carkut, Benjamin
Carly, James
Carney, Stephen W
Carraway, David
Carter, Cullen
Carter, Edward
Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, George
Carter, Isaac
Carter, John
Carter, Lazarus
Carter, Margaret
Carter, Moore
Carter, Olive
Carter, Robert
Carter, Robert E
Carter, Temperance, Mrs.
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Turner
Carter, W B
Carter, William C
Cartey, Elizabeth
Casper, Cullen
Casper, George M
Casper, Henry
Casper, Jarrot
Casper, Mary
Casper, Thomas
Casper, Thomas D
Casper, William J
Castellow, Cary
Castellow, David
Castellow, James (1749)
Castellow, James (1862)
Castellow, James C (1888)
Castellow, John
Castellow, Theophiles
Castellow, William
Caswell, Samuel
Cater, Stephen
Cates, Michael
Chamberlain, Levi
Chamberlain, Malichi
Chamberlain, Nancy
Chamberlain, Sally
Champion, Sarah
Chapels, Moses
Charlton, Jasper
Cherry, Aaron
Cherry, Amy
Cherry, Angie
Cherry, Docton
Cherry, Doctrine
Cherry, Elizabeth
Cherry, Exum
Cherry, James
Cherry, James (1816)
Cherry, James H
Cherry, Jane
Cherry, John
Cherry, Joseph B
Cherry, Joseph O
Cherry, Joseph W
Cherry, Madison
Cherry, Mary
Cherry, Sally
Cherry, Sarah
Cherry, Soloman
Cherry, Susannah
Cherry, Theophilus
Cherry, Thomas
Cherry, William
Cherry, William W
Church, Thomas
Church, William
Churchwell, Allen
Churchwell, Edward
Churchwell, Elizabeth
Churchwell, James
Churchwell, Sarah
Churchwell, William
Clapton, Thomas
Clark, Benjamin
Clark, Christopher
Clark, Hesher M
Clark, John
Clark, Joseph D
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Martha B
Clark, Patrick
Clark, Richard
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William M
Clarkson, Samuel R
Clary, E B
Clary, M G
Clary, William G
Clements, George
Clerke, Richard
Clifford, Sarah
Clifton, Ann
Clifton, Peter
Clifton, Sarah
Coates, Samuel
Cobb, A V
Cobb, Catherine
Cobb, David
Cobb, Edward
Cobb, Elizabeth
Cobb, Emilly
Cobb, Henry
Cobb, Henry K
Cobb, Henry, Jr.
Cobb, James
Cobb, Janie
Cobb, John
Cobb, Joseph
Cobb, Levinia
Cobb, Nathan
Cobb, R L
Cobb, Rose
Cobb, Samuel
Cobb, Sarah E
Cobb, Shaderick
Cobb, Thomas
Cobb, Thomas R
Cobb, William
Cochran, Edward
Cochran, John
Cochran, Robert
Cochran, Thomas
Cody, James
Coffee, Edith
Coffee, Sarah
Coffield, Alfred
Coffield, Augustus
Coffield, Benjamin
Coffield, Caroline
Coffield, Celia A
Coffield, David
Coffield, Elizabeth
Coffield, Isaac
Coffield, Jethro
Coffield, John
Coffield, Joseph L
Coffield, Luke A
Coffield, Mary
Coffield, Noah
Coffield, Olive
Coffield, R W
Coffield, William
Coggin, William P
Cohoon, Samuel
Cole, Ann
Cole, David
Cole, Jeremiah
Cole, John W
Coleson, John
Collins, Annis
Collins, Bennet
Collins, Burnett
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, James
Collins, John
Collins, Joseph
Collins, Luke
Collins, Martha
Collins, Thomas
Colthred, William
Combs, Jesse
Cone, Thomas
Conley, Jersey
Conner, Jesse
Conner, John L
Conner, William
Connor, Fruzie
Cook, Alfred
Cook, B N
Cook, Benjamin
Cook, Bob
Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Jesse
Cook, John
Cook, Robert
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Timothy
Cook, William
Cooper, Ann
Cooper, Cader
Cooper, Dempsey
Cooper, Jesse
Cooper, John
Cooper, Jonathan
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Nathaniel
Cooper, William
Copeland, A
Copeland, Anthony
Copeland, James
Copeland, Lewis
Copeland, William E
Corbit, Thomas
Corbitt, William
Cortanch, John
Cory, Benjamin
Cory, Mary
Cory, Micharl
Cory, Polly
Cory, Prudence
Cottle, John
Cotton, Cullen
Cotton, Godwin
Cotton, James
Cotton, Jesse
Cotton, Lewis
Cotton, Martha
Cotton, Sion
Cowan, Aulsey
Cowan, Henry
Cowand, Alsey
Cowand, Benjamin
Cowand, C E
Cowand, C J
Cowand, Ephraim
Cowand, George
Cowand, Henry
Cowand, John
Cowand, Lewis
Cowand, Nathan
Cowand, Starky
Cowand, William
Cowdey, James
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Charlotte
Cox, Drusilla
Cox, E S
Cox, Ezekiel G
Cox, George W
Cox, J E
Cox, James
Cox, R E S
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Thomas
Craig, Mary A
Cratch, George
Cratch, John
Creecy, Thomas H
Crichlow, John
Crickett, John
Crickett, Lucretia
Crickett, Thomas & Sarah
Crofts, John
Crutch, John
Cullen, Nathan
Cullipher, James
Cullipher, Marcus
Cullipher, Miles G
Cullipher, Nathaniel
Cullipher, Polly
Cullipher, Thomas
Culllum, Mary
Cummings, Thomas
Cunniff, John
Curl, Charney
Curl, China
Curl, Mary
Curl, Thomas
Curry, James
Curry, Malachi
Curtis, Thomas
Curton, John
Cusher, Edward
Daffin, Irom
Damon, Nashe L
Damon, Nathaniel L
Daniel, Eli
Daniel, Joseph P
Daniels, Peter
Dargan, Jeremiah
Dartlet, Anthony
Daughtry, Joseph
Daves, Nazaith
Davidson, Amos
Davidson, James
Davidson, John
Davidson, John L
Davidson, Mary
Davis, Calef
Davis, Edward
Davis, Etheldred
Davis, George
Davis, Isiah
Davis, James
Davis, Joseph O
Davis, Nancy
Davis, Nathaniel
Davis, Thomas
Davis, William
Davison, James
Davison, John
Davison, William
Dawkins, George
Daws, James
Dawson, George
Dawson, James
Dawson, John
Dawson, Penelope
Dawson, Richard
Dawson, William Johnston
Dempsey, J D
Dempsey, J W
Dempsey, Joseph
Dempsey, Justina
Dempsey, Mary
Dempsey, Thomas
Dempsey, William
Devan, Jeremiah
Devan, Margaret
Devan, Sarah
Devreaux, George P
Devreaux, Sarah
Dickinson, Mathias
Dillard, George
Divan, William
Dixon, John
Dodrill, James
Doers, James
Dollison, William
Donnerson, William
Dorsey, Frederick, Captain
Doughtry, Daniel
Doughtry, Joseph
Douglas, Gurdon
Douglas, James
Downing, Elizabeth
Downing, George
Downing, John
Downing, William
Downs, Milton
Downs, Theophelus
Downs, Willie
Draughan, Walter
Drew, Dolphin
Drew, John
Drew, Joseph W
Drew, Mary E
Drewry, Samuel
Drizzle, John
Drizzle, Mary
Duckenfield, Nathaniel
Duckett, Christopher
Dudley, Robert
Duers, Ann
Duers, James
Duers, John
Duggan, William
Duke, Benjamin
Dunbar, Benjamin
Dunelow, Hugh
Dunlow, Elmore
Dunning, Charles
Dunning, John
Dunning, Lazarus
Dunning, Mary L
Dunning, Rebecca
Dunning, Redden
Dunning, Samuel
Dunning, Wiley
Dunning, William
Dunston, Edward
Dunston, Martha
Durgan, Ann
Durgan, Jeremiah
Dwyer, Dennis
Dwyer, Elizabeth
Dwyer, Morgan
Dwyer, Sally
Eager, Charity
Eager, William
Early, A R
Early, Andrew
Early, Aquilla
Early, Asa F
Early, Benjamin
Early, Christian
Early, Elizabeth
Early, George
Early, James
Early, James N
Early, John
Early, Josiah
Early, Justin
Early, Mandrix
Early, Merillia
Early, Millicent
Early, Nancy
Early, Seth
Early, Shadrack
Early, Tobias
Eason, Abner
Eason, Alfred
Eason, Asa F
Eason, Clarissa
Eason, Cora
Eason, Jacob
Eason, Joseph
Eason, Soloman
Edge, William
Edward (n. d.) (indexed under “Unnamed” as “Unnamed, Edward”)
Edwards, David
Edwards, Rachel
Edwards, Titus
Edwards, William
Edwards, Winniford
Ellis, Aaron
Ellis, Abner
Ellis, Catherine
Ellis, Moses
Ellis, William J
Enggren, Gustave L
Etheridge, James H
Etheridge, Joseph H
Ethridge, William D
Eure, Dempsey
Evans, Aaron
Evans, D D
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, George
Evans, Hymerick
Evans, James S
Evans, John
Evans, Josephine R
Evans, Mary M
Evans, Meedy
Evans, Michael C
Evans, Robert
Evans, Starky
Evans, Thomas P
Evans, William
Evarts, Martha Elizabeth
Evarts, Samuel B
Everett, Elizabeth
Everett, Simon
Fairless, Nicholas
Fareless, Caroline
Fareless, Henry
Fareless, John F
Fareless, Thomas V
Farmer, Joseph
Farrow, Finch
Faulk, William
Fayer, H G
Ferguson, Alexander
Ferguson, Elizabeth
Ferguson, James B
Fesperson, Elizabeth
Fesperson, Knight
Fesperson, Williama B
Fields, John
Fife, Ann
Filgo, Anthony (1776)
Finch, Thomas
Finless, Henry
Finley, Abram
Fisher, John B
Fitt, Mary
Fitt, Thomas
Flat, James
Fleetwood, Aquilla
Fleetwood, Cadmun
Fleetwood, David
Fleetwood, Edmund
Fleetwood, Hardy
Fleetwood, Henry
Fleetwood, Jeremiah
Fleetwood, John
Fleetwood, Lydia
Fleetwood, Susan
Fleetwood, William
Fleetwood, Winaford
Flood, John
Floyd, John
Floyd, Keel
Floyd, Lewis
Floyd, Mary
Floyd, Rachel
Floyd, Randall
Floyd, Turner C
Floyd, Winburn
Folk, Benjamin
Folk, David
Folk, James E
Folk, John
Folk, Sally
Folk, Sarah
Folk, W K
Forbes, Robert
Ford, Alexander
Foss, Thomas
Foster, Anthony
Foster, Arthur
Foster, George
Foster, Robert
Fraim, Will S
Frances, Elizabeth
Francis, Delilah
Francis, Henry
Francis, Sterling
Fraser, James
Fraser, John H
Fraser, William
Freeman, Aquilla
Freeman, Celia
Freeman, Celia (1840)
Freeman, Christian
Freeman, Eliza
Freeman, Hardy
Freeman, Isaac
Freeman, J P
Freeman, Jacob
Freeman, Jacob N
Freeman, James
Freeman, James R
Freeman, Jeremiah
Freeman, John
Freeman, John Blount
Freeman, John, Captain
Freeman, Joseph
Freeman, Joshua
Freeman, Josiah
Freeman, King
Freeman, Lewis
Freeman, Martha
Freeman, Mary
Freeman, Mary E
Freeman, Moses
Freeman, R N
Freeman, R P
Freeman, Riddick
Freeman, S L J
Freeman, Sallie M
Freeman, Sally
Freeman, Sarah
Freeman, Smith
Freeman, Soloman
Freeman, Timothy
Freeman, William
Freeman, William J
Friar, Beadrix
Frost, James
Fry, Catherine
Fryer, Bazemore
Fryer, Sion
Fryer, Willis
Gaff, John
Gains, Elizabeth
Gales, Christopher H
Ganoy, William
Gardner, James
Gardner, John
Gardner, Martin
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Sarah
Gardner, William
Garland, Samuel
Garrett, Ameticus
Garrett, David
Garrett, Edmund
Garrett, Edward
Garrett, Harriett
Garrett, Henry
Garrett, J F
Garrett, Jacob
Garrett, Jesse
Garrett, John
Garrett, Joseph
Garrett, Mary
Garrett, Richard
Garrett, Thomas
Garrett, William I
Gaskins, Augustus
Gaskins, Benjamin
Gaskins, David
Gaskins, John
Gaskins, Lorenzo D
Gaskins, Medicus
Gaskins, Ritty Penelope
Gaskins, Starky
Gaskins, Thomas
Gaskins, William A
Gibbs, Henry
Gilberd, Henry Smith
Gilder, Kuglad
Gill, Edward
Gill, James
Gill, John
Gill, Richard
Gill, Thomas
Gill, William
Gillam, Allen
Gillam, B B
Gillam, Benjamin
Gillam, E R, Mrs.
Gillam, Frances
Gillam, Henry
Gillam, John R
Gillam, Miles
Gillam, Moses
Gillam, Thomas
Gillam, William
Gillam, Willie J
Gillman, James
Gilman, James
Girand, Hanen
Giulder, Hukill
Gliston, Ann
Gliston, Arthur
Gliston, Daniel
Gliston, James
Godfrey, William
Godwin, Calvin
Godwin, Jesse
Godwin, Silvia
Godwin, Thellie
Godwin, William
Goff, John
Gold, Eliza
Goodman, William
Gordon, Edward
Gould, Elizabeth
Gould, George
Granberry, David
Granberry, John
Granberry, Josiah
Granberry, Samuel
Granberry, Stephen
Granberry, Thomas
Granberry, William
Gray, Ann
Gray, George
Gray, Helen C
Gray, Jannet
Gray, John
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Stephens
Gray, William
Gray, William Lee
Gray, William S
Green, Abram
Green, George
Green, John
Green, Noah E
Green, Thomas
Gregory, A J
Gregory, Asa
Gregory, Ashel
Gregory, Barbara
Gregory, David L
Gregory, Elizabeth
Gregory, Isaac
Gregory, James
Gregory, John
Gregory, Samuel
Gregory, Thomas
Griffin, Ann
Griffin, Christian
Griffin, Edward
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, John B
Griffin, John S
Griffin, Micajah
Griffin, Michael
Griffin, Sallie E
Griffin, T B
Griffin, William
Griffin, William C
Grimes, James
Grimes, Luten
Grizzard, Joel
Grover, Absylla
Grover, James S
Grymes, Samuel
Guilder, Hercule (1756)
Guilder, Hughkill
Gurley, Annie
Gurley, Charles
Gurley, John R
Gurley, Robert J
Gurley, W P, Jr.
Guyther, John
Guyther, Sarah
Guyther, William
Hadman, Robert
Hagan, John
Haggard, Elisha
Haland, Caroline
Hale, John
Hale, W H
Hall, J W
Hall, James W
Hall, John
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Mary W
Hall, Robert P, Dr.
Hallam, John
Hallom, Jeremiah
Hallum, John
Hallum, K M
Ham, William W
Hamage, George
Hammet, Robert
Hancock, Corinna C
Hancock, Everitt
Hancock, Henry
Hancock, Lizzie
Hansford, Jenkins
Hansford, Thomas
Harden, C T
Harden, Thomas
Hardin, Lemuel
Hardison, Asa
Hardison, Hardy
Hardy, Andrew J
Hardy, Aquilla
Hardy, Asa
Hardy, Benjamin
Hardy, C
Hardy, Charles
Hardy, Edward
Hardy, H H
Hardy, Hugh
Hardy, Humphrey
Hardy, J H
Hardy, John
Hardy, Joseph
Hardy, Lamb
Hardy, Marsha T
Hardy, Martha
Hardy, Miles
Hardy, Sarah
Hardy, Thomas B
Hardy, William
Hardy, William P
Hare, George
Hare, Mary Ann
Hare, Penelope
Hare, Richard
Hare, Thomas
Hare, Thomas E
Harle, Adam
Harlowe, John
Harmon, Bettie
Harmon, C W
Harmon, Charles W
Harmon, Cheston
Harmon, Christian
Harmon, Eli
Harmon, Elizabeth
Harmon, Enoch
Harmon, J R
Harmon, Jennet
Harmon, Joshua
Harmon, Katherine
Harmon, M R
Harmon, Moses K
Harmon, Nicholas
Harmon, Parker
Harmon, Richard T
Harmon, Robert M
Harnage, George
Harramond, Harry
Harramond, Henry
Harramond, Henry, Captain
Harramond, Moses R
Harramond, Thomas Lee
Harrell, Abraham
Harrell, Adam
Harrell, Agnes
Harrell, Amos
Harrell, Amos (1851)
Harrell, Benjamin
Harrell, Cader
Harrell, Catherine
Harrell, Charity
Harrell, Christopher
Harrell, David
Harrell, David Josiah
Harrell, Demsey
Harrell, Dorsey
Harrell, Edward
Harrell, Elias
Harrell, Elijah
Harrell, Elisha
Harrell, Ezekial
Harrell, Ezekiel
Harrell, Francis
Harrell, Gabriel
Harrell, George
Harrell, George B
Harrell, George B (1881)
Harrell, Gideon
Harrell, Henry
Harrell, Hodges
Harrell, Isham
Harrell, Israel Hardy
Harrell, James
Harrell, Jecomiah
Harrell, Jemima
Harrell, Jesse
Harrell, Jobs
Harrell, John
Harrell, John (1756)
Harrell, John (1759)
Harrell, John (1777)
Harrell, John (1781)
Harrell, John (1784)
Harrell, John (1814)
Harrell, John (1816)
Harrell, John (1817)
Harrell, John H
Harrell, John I
Harrell, John Lewis
Harrell, John P (1885)
Harrell, John, Sr.
Harrell, Jonathan
Harrell, Joseph
Harrell, Joseph J
Harrell, Joshua
Harrell, Josiah
Harrell, Lemuel
Harrell, Lewis
Harrell, Mary
Harrell, Mary (1768)
Harrell, Mary P
Harrell, Nathan
Harrell, Noah
Harrell, P H
Harrell, Parthenia
Harrell, Penelope
Harrell, Perry T
Harrell, Powell
Harrell, Rebecca
Harrell, Reddick
Harrell, Richard
Harrell, Riddick
Harrell, Samuel
Harrell, Sarah
Harrell, Scott
Harrell, Silah
Harrell, Simeon D
Harrell, Sollom
Harrell, Soloman
Harrell, Thomas
Harrell, William
Harrell, Wilson
Harrell, Winifred
Harrill, Elizabeth
Harris, Amos
Harris, Norfleet
Harris, Richard
Harris, W W
Harris, William
Harrison, Cader
Harrison, Christopher
Harrison, Harmon
Harrison, Henry
Harrison, J K
Harrison, James
Harrison, John
Harrison, Penelope
Harrison, Ruben
Harrison, Stephen
Harrock, W T
Harrold, Joseph
Harrold, Josiah
Harrold, Soloman
Harson, Ruben
Hart, Jesse
Hassell, A H
Hassell, Freeman
Haughton, Jonathan
Hawkins, Alexander
Hawkins, Augustus
Hawkins, Eleanor
Hawkins, Frederick
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, Joseph
Hawkins, Loreton
Hawkins, Thomas
Hawkins, William
Hayes, Hardy (1845)
Haynes, Fincher
Hays, Hardy
Hays, Henry
Hays, James
Hays, John
Hays, Joshua
Hays, Renny
Hays, Richard
Hays, Sally
Hays, Samuel
Hays, Sarah
Hays, Soloman
Hays, Whitmell
Hays, Wiley D
Haywood, Dr John
Haywood, John
Heckstall, Elizabeth
Heckstall, J W
Heckstall, James H
Heckstall, Joe
Heckstall, John
Heckstall, Theodore
Heckstall, Thomas J (1893)
Heckstall, William H
Hedgepeth, Moses (1792)
Heigh, Samuel
Hemmit, Robert
Hendricks, Daniel
Hendrix, Elizabeth
Hendrix, Isaac
Hendrix, Judith
Hendrixen, Elizabeth
Hendrixen, Williamson
Hendrixen, Winiford
Hendrixson, Isaac
Henneberry, Peter
Henry, James
Henry, John
Henry, John W
Henry, Martha
Henry, Nancy
Henry, R R
Henry, Robert
Henry, Sarah
Henry, Thomas
Henry, William
Herrenden, Hezekiah
Herring, James H
Higgs, Abraham
Higgs, John
Higgs, Johnston
Higgs, Judith
Higgs, Mary
Higgs, Mary M
Higgs, Moore
Higgs, Rubin
Higgs, William
Hil, Bosom
Hill, Benjamin
Hill, Hardy
Hill, Henry
Hill, John
Hill, Joseph B
Hill, Joseph John
Hill, Michael
Hill, Moses
Hill, Nathaniel
Hill, Thomas B
Hines, Benjamin
Hines, Henry
Hinton, Elizabeth
Hinton, James
Hinton, John
Hinton, Jonas
Hinton, Martha
Hinton, Micajah
Hinton, Noah
Hinton, William
Hinton, William E
Hobbs, Charlton
Hobbs, Joseph
Hobbs, Samuel
Hobbs, Silas
Hobson, Francis
Hocot, Mary
Hocott, Edward
Hodder, James
Hodder, John
Hodge, Media Ann
Hodges, Jesse
Hodges, John
Hodges, Richard
Hodges, Robert
Hodges, Sarah
Hodges, Whitmell
Hodges, William
Hodgson, Charles
Hodgson, Mary
Hoggard, Calvin
Hoggard, David
Hoggard, Elisha
Hoggard, Elizabeth
Hoggard, Emsly
Hoggard, Harriet
Hoggard, Heirs (1852)
Hoggard, Jesse
Hoggard, John
Hoggard, John H
Hoggard, Levi
Hoggard, Modena G
Hoggard, Penelope
Hoggard, Rebecca
Hoggard, Richard H
Hoggard, Seth
Hoggard, Thomas
Hoggard, Thomas H
Hoggard, W T
Hoggard, William (1822)
Hoggard, William (1835)
Hoggard, William (1862)
Hoggard, William H
Hoine, Starky
Holder, Aaron
Holder, Abraham
Holder, Amanda E
Holder, Aron
Holder, Christian
Holder, Elisha
Holder, Ezekial
Holder, John
Holder, Kiddy
Holder, Shadrock
Holder, Soloman
Holder, Thomas
Holder, Winifred
Holebrook, John
Holland, Henry
Holland, Henry Moore
Holland, Joseph
Holland, Josiah
Holland, Theophilus
Holland, Thomas
Holland, William
Holley, Thomas
Holley, Winiford
Holliday, John
Holliday, John M
Holloman, Benjamin
Holloman, David
Holloman, Joel
Holloman, John
Holloman, Levenia E
Holloman, Nancy
Holloman, R N
Holloman, Thomas
Holloman, Whitmel
Hollowell, Arthur
Hollowell, Cader
Hollowell, Elizabeth
Hollowell, Noah
Hollowell, Thomas
Hollowell, William
Holly, Augustus
Holly, Benjamin
Holly, Celia
Holly, David
Holly, Jacob
Holly, James
Holly, James O
Holly, John
Holly, Jonathan
Holly, Josiah
Holly, Margaret
Holly, Nathaniel
Holly, Sally D
Holly, Thomas
Holly, Thomas D
Holly, Thomas J
Holly, William
Holm, Edward
Holoway, William
Holton, Abel
Home, John
Homes, Joseph S
Hooker, Benjamin
Hooker, William
Hooks, Thomas
Hooks, William
Hooten, William
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, Joseph
Hopkins, Nelly
Horne, James
Horne, Richard (1757)
Horne, Turner
Horten, Nathan
Horton, E H
Horton, William
Hoskins, Thomas
House, Bailess
House, George
House, George, John T & Nancy
House, John
House, John (1767)
House, John (1789)
House, John T
House, Jr.
House, Nancy
House, Thomas
Howard, Benjamin
Howard, Elijah
Howard, Elisha
Howard, Elizabeth J
Howard, Elizabeth J (1902)
Howard, James R
Howard, John
Howard, Moses
Howard, R H
Howard, Rebecca
Howard, Samuel
Howe, Alexander
Howe, Elijah
Howe, John
Howe, Mary
Howe, Thomas
Howell, Edith
Howell, Henry
Howell, John, Captain (1761)
Howell, Robert
Howell, Samuel
Howell, Sarah
Hubbard, Bird
Hubbard, Gabriel
Hubbard, James
Hubbard, Mary
Hubbard, William
Hubbell, William
Huckstall, Charles
Hudson, Charles
Hudson, Mary
Hughes, George (1764)
Hughs, Allen
Hughs, Angy
Hughs, Ann
Hughs, Anna
Hughs, C P
Hughs, Cornelius
Hughs, George
Hughs, George, Jr.
Hughs, Hillery
Hughs, James
Hughs, John
Hughs, Matthew
Hughs, Penelope
Hughs, Shadrach (1815)
Hughs, Simon T
Hughs, W W
Hughs, William
Hunter (1763)
Hunter, Cader
Hunter, Cynthia
Hunter, Hardy
Hunter, Henry
Hunter, Humphrey
Hunter, Hunterly H
Hunter, James S
Hunter, John B
Hunter, Joshua
Hunter, Josiah
Hunter, Moses
Hunter, Prudence
Hunter, Rachel
Hunter, Robert
Hunter, Sumner
Hunter, Timothy
Hunter, William
Hurst, John
Hurst, William
Hussey, Samuel
Hyman, Elizabeth
Hyman, Frederick
Hyman, Henry
Hyman, Henry G
Hyman, Hugh (1757)
Hyman, Hugh (1793)
Hyman, Hugh, Jr. (1793)
Hyman, Hugh, Sr. (1792)
Hyman, Joel
Hyman, John
Hyman, Lemuel
Hyman, Mary
Hyman, Sally
Hyman, Samuel G
Hyman, Sarah
Hyman, Stephen
Hyman, William (1792)
Hyman, William (1866)
Hynes, John
Hynes, John (1739)
Hynis, Fincher
Irwin, John
Irwin, Mary
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Thomas
Jacocks, C
Jacocks, Charles
Jacocks, Charles W
Jacocks, Elizabeth
Jacocks, Emily B
Jacocks, Jonathan
Jacocks, Jonathan J
Jacocks, Jonathan, Colonel
James, Edwin
James, Frederick
James, Jeremiah
James, John
James, Mary
James, Thomas
James, William
Jarman, Obediah
Jarnegan, Henry
Jeffrey, Anson
Jeney, Elisha
Jenkins, Abner
Jenkins, Alexander
Jenkins, Drew W
Jenkins, Drewett
Jenkins, Elizabeth
Jenkins, George
Jenkins, Isaac
Jenkins, J N
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, James O
Jenkins, James W
Jenkins, John W
Jenkins, Joseph
Jenkins, Josiah
Jenkins, Kader
Jenkins, King
Jenkins, L W
Jenkins, Lewis
Jenkins, Lodowick
Jenkins, Martha
Jenkins, Mary
Jenkins, Outlaw
Jenkins, Rachel
Jenkins, Rigdon
Jenkins, Willie
Jenkins, Winburn
Jenkins, Winiford
Jernigan, Arthur
Jernigan, Augustus
Jernigan, Benjamin
Jernigan, Cynthia
Jernigan, Dempsi
Jernigan, Febery
Jernigan, George
Jernigan, George W
Jernigan, Jacob
Jernigan, James
Jernigan, Jesse
Jernigan, John
Jernigan, Mary (1837)
Jernigan, Nathaniel
Jernigan, Phereby
Jernigan, Ridie E
Jernigan, Samuel
Jernigan, Sarah
Jernigan, Starkey
Jernigan, W W
Jernigan, William
Jernigan, William H
Jernigan, William J
Jernigan, Worley M
Jilcott, John J
Jilcutt, Jeremiah
Jinkins, Hansford
Jinkins, James
Jinkins, John
Jinkins, Robert
Jirard, Honour
Jobs, Samuel
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Henry S
Johnson, John
Johnson, John W
Johnson, Lewis
Johnson, Littleton
Johnson, Mary Elizabeth
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, William
Johnston, Abner
Johnston, Alexander S
Johnston, Bural
Johnston, Caroline
Johnston, Elizabeth
Johnston, Gabriel, Governor
Johnston, H
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, James
Johnston, James C
Johnston, John
Johnston, Josiah
Johnston, Mary Elizabeth
Johnston, Richard
Johnston, S W
Johnston, Samuel W
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, Thompson N, Dr.
Johnston, William
Johnston, William W
Jolliff, John M
Jones, A J
Jones, Arthur
Jones, Asha
Jones, Barbara
Jones, Benjamin
Jones, David
Jones, Frederick
Jones, George
Jones, George W
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, John
Jones, Lydia
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary E
Jones, Reddin
Jones, Richard
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert A
Jones, Runnels
Jones, Soloman
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Wiley
Jones, William
Jones, Willie
Jordan, Edward
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Hannah
Jordan, Henry
Jordan, Isaac
Jordan, James
Jordan, James B
Jordan, John W
Jordan, Joseph
Jordan, Joseph, Dr.
Jordan, Martha
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Matthew
Jordan, Patsey
Jordan, Ruth
Jordan, Sarah
Jordan, William
Jornagen, George
Judkins, Jennet
Kail, Amos
Kail, Isaac
Kail, John
Kail, Rice
Kail, William
Kee, Dila
Keel, Hardy (1753)
Keel, William
Keenton, Michael
Keeter, Elizabeth
Keeter, Humphrey
Keeter, William
Keffe, John
Keith, Joseph P
Kelly, Auberson
Kelly, Autison
Kelly, David
Kelly, Margaret
Kenchoen, Jacob
Kendriks, Elizabeth
Kennedy, James
Kent, Joseph
Kent, Rachel
Kent, Sally Ann
Kimsey, Thomas
Kineborn, Jacob
King, Amelia
King, Ann
King, Benton
King, Catherine
King, Charles (1799)
King, Charles (1818)
King, Charles (1819)
King, Charles (1821)
King, Charles, I & Charles, II
King, Elizabeth
King, Frusa (1843)
King, Henry
King, Henry Slade
King, John
King, Kader
King, Kenneth
King, Mary
King, Michael (1742)
King, Michael (1807)
King, Richard
King, Sarah
King, Thomas (1799)
King, Thomas (1802)
King, Thomas C
King, William
King, William P
King, Willie
Kington, Bethial
Kinzey, Thomas
Kittrell, Belson
Kittrell, Demsey
Kittrell, Elizabeth
Kittrell, Frederick
Kittrell, George
Kittrell, John
Kittrell, Jonathan
Kittrell, Mary
Kittrell, Nancy
Kittrell, Standley
Kittrell, Willis
Knight, Reubin
Knott, Absolom
Knott, Allen E
Knott, Charles
Knott, James
Knott, Jemima
Knott, John
Knott, Joseph
Knott, Mary
Knott, Nathaniel
Knott, Thomas
Knott, William
Knott, William, Jr.
Knott, William, Sr.
Knox, Andrew
Lacy, Daniel
Lafield, Eliaser
Lain, James
Laird, Henry
Lakey, Catherine
Lakey, William
Lambertson, A J
Lambertson, Henry
Lancaster, A B
Lancaster, Mary
Lancaster, Micajah
Lancaster, Parthenia
Lane, Catherine
Lane, George
Lane, James
Langdale, Mary
Langdale, Thomas
Langley, Thomas
Langsdale, Sarah
Lassiter, Alfred
Lassiter, B B
Lassiter, Frederick
Lassiter, John
Lassiter, Robert
Lassiter, Thomas
Lassiter, William
Latham, James
Lattimer, Elizabeth
Lattimer, William
Laughton, Henry
Laughton, James
Laughton, Mary
Lawrence, Abner
Lawrence, Abner, Jr.
Lawrence, Alpheus E
Lawrence, Aquilla
Lawrence, Asa
Lawrence, Catherine
Lawrence, Celia
Lawrence, David
Lawrence, Eliza A
Lawrence, Frances, Mrs.
Lawrence, Frederick
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, Humphrey
Lawrence, Humphrey H
Lawrence, Jeremiah
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, Jonathan
Lawrence, Joseph
Lawrence, Joseph J
Lawrence, Mary
Lawrence, Nathaniel
Lawrence, Nathaniel P
Lawrence, Rachel
Lawrence, Reuben
Lawrence, Reuben (1827)
Lawrence, Robert
Lawrence, Thomas
Lawrence, Thomas R
Lawrence, Thomas W
Lawrence, Whitmel
Lawrence, William
Lawrence, William W
Lawrence, William, Jr.
Lawrence, William, Sr.
Lawrence, Winifred
Lawrence, Zebulon
Laws, Alexander, Dr.
Lawson, Thomas
Lawson, William
Layton, James
Layton, Samuel
Layton, William
Leadnum, William
Leary, Charlton
Leary, Derby
Leary, Edwin
Leary, John
Leary, Jonathan
Leary, Joseph H, Dr.
Leary, Joseph W
Leary, Monroe
Leary, Rachel
Leary, S S
Leary, Thomas
Leary, William
Leary, William R
Leath, Samuel
Ledenham, John
Lednum, Amariah
Lednum, Temperance
Lednum, William
Lee, A J
Lee, Anna
Lee, Bryant
Lee, David
Lee, Henry
Lee, James
Lee, John F
Lee, Joseph B
Lee, Julia A
Lee, Lemuel
Lee, Stephens
Lee, Thomas
Lee, W H
Lee, William
Lee, William H
Leggett, Alexander
Leggett, Clarissa
Leggett, Daniel
Leggett, Elizabeth
Leggett, George
Leggett, George Thomas
Leggett, James
Leggett, Jeremiah
Leggett, John
Leggett, Jonathan
Leggett, Jonathan N
Leggett, Jonathan R
Leggett, Joseph
Leggett, Kenneth
Leggett, Leah
Leggett, Lewis
Leggett, Nancy
Leggett, Nazary
Leggett, Temperance
Leggett, Thomas
Leggett, Thomas B
Leggett, Titus
Leggett, William
Leicester, Edward
Leicester, Mary E
Leigh, William H (1897)
Leighton, James
Lennox, Jean
Lennox, John
Lennox, Robert, Dr.
Lenow, Jacob
Leroy, Lewis
Leslie, John
Lester, John
Leteller, Sarah
Lewis, Isaac
Lewis, Robert (1795)
Lewis, Samuel
Lews, Exum
Lighton, James
Linton, Julia
Liscomb, Joseph
Littrell, Sarah
Liverman, Tom
Lloyd, Fanny
Lloyd, James
Lloyd, James (1794)
Lloyd, Jesse
Lloyd, Josiah
Lloyd, Mary
Loane, John
Lockhart, George
Lockhart, James
Lockhart, Lillington
Logan, John
Long, Mary
Long, Polly
Loomis, Jonathan
Lowe, Alexander, Dr.
Lowe, Thomas O
Lowther, William
Loyd, Josiah
Lusby, John
Lyon, Charles F
Mackey, William
Madre, James
Madre, Miles
Madre, William
Madre, William E
Maer, Abraham
Maer, Elizabeth
Maer, Mary
Maer, Samuel
Maer, William, Sr.
Magruder, William
Mague, Lawrence
Maney, James
Manning, Benjamin
Manning, Harriet
Manning, Luke
Manning, Prudence
Mardre, E W, Mrs.
Mardre, George L
Mardre, James
Mardre, John
Mardre, Nancy
Mardre, William A
Mare, John
Markham, Joshua
Marsh, Uriah
Marshall, William
Martin, Celia
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, John
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Samuel, Celia & Betsey
Martin, Thomas
Martin, William
Masterson, James
McCallum, Hezekiah
McClain, James
McClennon, George
McCrary, Robert
McDaniel, James
McDaniel, John
McDaniel, Owen
McDowell, Elizabeth
McDowell, James
McDowell, Stephen
McGlaughan, James
McGlauhon, George
McGlauhon, James
McGlauhon, James S
McGlauhon, Jeremiah
McGlauhon, John
McGlauhon, John R
McGlauhon, Judith
McGlauhon, William
McGlauhon, William F
McGomery, John
McGruder, Elizabeth
McGruder, Martha
McGruder, William
McGuire, James
McGuire, John
McGuire, Michael
McHoon, James G
McHoon, Joel
McHoon, John
McHoon, John T
McHoon, Josiah
McKeithan, Douglas
McKeithan, Dugald
McKenzie, Elizabeth
McKenzie, George
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, John, Reverend
McNeil, Deborah
McNeil, James
McPherson, Phillip
McShehan, Miles
Mead, David
Mebane, A W
Mebane, John T
Mebane, Julius
Meins, Kiddy
Meirs, David
Melton, Jerry
Menton, Mary E
Meredith, Benjamin
Meredith, Davis
Meredith, Sarah
Meredith, William
Mergrewdor, William
Mewborn, Moses
Mewborn, Thomas
Milburn, Alexander C
Milburn, Daniel
Milburn, Henry C
Milburn, Samuel
Milburn, Sarah
Miller, Aquilla
Miller, Aquintta & Nancy
Miller, Benjamin
Miller, Charles
Miller, Christopher
Miller, Dica
Miller, Edward
Miller, Ephraim
Miller, Fanny
Miller, Frances
Miller, Humphrey
Miller, John
Miller, John E
Miller, Jonathan
Miller, Josiah
Miller, Lewis
Miller, Malachi
Miller, Mary
Miller, Mary F, Mrs.
Miller, Penelope
Miller, Rebecca
Miller, Reuben
Miller, Robert
Miller, Robert W
Miller, Soloman
Miller, W K
Miller, William
Miller, William R C
Milliken, James
Minton, Benjamin
Minton, David H
Minton, James
Minton, James A
Minton, Joshua
Minton, Lucy J
Minton, Mary E
Minton, Noah
Minton, Noah F
Minton, Stephen
Minton, Thomas
Mires, Nathan
Mires, Samuel
Mires, William
Mitchell, Cader
Mitchell, Cants
Mitchell, E J
Mitchell, Elisha
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Mitchell, Elizabeth A
Mitchell, G M
Mitchell, Garvin H
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Giles
Mitchell, Giles D
Mitchell, Gill
Mitchell, Henry
Mitchell, Henry C
Mitchell, J W
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, James E
Mitchell, James L
Mitchell, James S
Mitchell, Jeremiah
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, John G
Mitchell, John H
Mitchell, John P
Mitchell, Joseph P
Mitchell, King
Mitchell, Lary
Mitchell, Living
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Matthew
Mitchell, Miles
Mitchell, Robert H
Mitchell, Sarah
Mitchell, T B
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, W P
Mitchell, William
Mitchell, William D
Mitchell, William J
Mitchell, William M
Mitchell, Wright
Mitchell, Zadock
Mizell, A L
Mizell, Aaron
Mizell, Aaron S
Mizell, Aaron T
Mizell, Alanson
Mizell, Amos
Mizell, Ann
Mizell, C
Mizell, Charles
Mizell, Cleopatra
Mizell, Delila
Mizell, Dorsey
Mizell, Elizabeth
Mizell, Frances
Mizell, G W
Mizell, Gavin H
Mizell, H
Mizell, Hanah
Mizell, Henry
Mizell, Hesekiah
Mizell, Hezekiah
Mizell, Isaac
Mizell, James
Mizell, Jeremiah
Mizell, John
Mizell, John D
Mizell, John F
Mizell, John G
Mizell, Jonathan
Mizell, Joseph
Mizell, Joseph G
Mizell, Josiah
Mizell, Lawrence
Mizell, M T
Mizell, Martha
Mizell, Mary
Mizell, Matthew H
Mizell, Matthew T
Mizell, Moses
Mizell, Moses L
Mizell, Nancy
Mizell, Penny
Mizell, Priscilla
Mizell, Samuel S
Mizell, Thomas
Mizell, Thomas T
Mizell, Timothy
Mizell, West
Mizell, West (1842)
Mizell, William
Mizell, William J
Moarning, Christian
Modlin, Ezekiel
Mohoon, Josiah
Mohun, Eli
Mohun, Hezekiah
Mongomery, John
Monk, Nottingham
Monk, Rachel
Monk, Thomas
Montaney, Nickolas
Montany, Nicholas
Montgomery, Alexander
Moody, Curby
Moore, Ann
Moore, Benjamin
Moore, Benton K
Moore, C J
Moore, C S
Moore, Epaprotus
Moore, Esther
Moore, Fraser S
Moore, Henry
Moore, James
Moore, James H
Moore, James W
Moore, Jeremiah
Moore, John
Moore, Jonathan A
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Malichi
Moore, Margaret
Moore, Mary
Moore, Maurice
Moore, Nathan
Moore, Prudence
Moore, Richard
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Shadrock
Moore, Titus
Moore, William
Moose, C S
Moose, Joseph
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, Delita
Morgan, Elizabeth
Morgan, Henry
Morgan, John
Morgan, Peter
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, William P
Moring, William
Morris, A J
Morris, Alanza B
Morris, Allen
Morris, Archibald
Morris, Ashley
Morris, Edward
Morris, Eli
Morris, Elijah
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, George
Morris, Gervis B
Morris, Harriet
Morris, J P
Morris, James B
Morris, James D
Morris, James, Sr.
Morris, John
Morris, Joseph
Morris, Joseph H
Morris, Lewis
Morris, Mary
Morris, Matthew
Morris, Miles
Morris, Nancy
Morris, Penelope
Morris, Thomas
Morris, William
Morris, Winney
Morris, Zadock
Mountain, Mary H
Mountain, Patrick H
Mullin, Abraham
Mullin, Greenberry
Mullin, William
Mungomery, John
Murdaugh, Joseph
Murdaugh, Lemuel
Murdaugh, William
Murray, William
Myers, Caroline C
Myers, Elizabeth
Myers, George W
Myers, Kiddy
Myers, Lawrence O
Myers, Nancy C
Myers, Nathaniel
Myers, Susan C
Myers, William
Myers, William J
Myrack, Temperance
Nancy, James
Newbern, Harriet
Newbern, John
Newbern, Nicholas
Newbern, Thomas
Newbern, William
Newborn, Elizabeth
Newsom, Daniel
Newsom, Joseph
Nicholas, Nathaniel
Nicholls, Ben
Nichols, Anna
Nichols, Benajah
Nichols, Henry
Nichols, Humphrey
Nichols, Jehu
Nichols, John
Nichols, Joseph B
Nichols, Margaret C
Nichols, Martha C
Nichols, Osbern
Nichols, Penelope P B
Nichols, Sarah
Nichols, T J
Nichols, Thomas
Nichols, Thomas O
Nichols, W A
Niel, Deborah
Niel, Henry
Nixon, Edward
Nixon, John
Norcom, Frederick
Norfleet, Ernest
Norfleet, James
Norfleet, Marmaduke
Norfleet, Mary
Norfleet, Reuben
Norfleet, Thomas F
Norman, Elijah
North, Josiah
North, Richard
Northcott, Sarah A
Northcott, William T
Northcutt, Benjamin
Nott, John
Nott, Nathaniel
Nowell, Edith
Nowell, J P
Nowell, John
Nowell, Mary
Nowell, William W
Nusom, Richard
O’Neal, David
O’Neal, Patrick
O’Neal, Tully
Oder, Robert
Odom, Benjamin B
Odom, Jacob
Oglebee, Robert
Oliver, Allen
Oliver, Andrew
Oliver, John
Oliver, Mary
Oliver, Simon R
Oliver, Thomas
Orme, Richard
Outlaw, Aaron
Outlaw, Agnes
Outlaw, Alfred
Outlaw, Amos & William
Outlaw, D
Outlaw, David
Outlaw, Edward
Outlaw, Edward C
Outlaw, George
Outlaw, George B
Outlaw, George W
Outlaw, Isaac
Outlaw, James
Outlaw, Jeremiah
Outlaw, John
Outlaw, John L
Outlaw, Jonathan
Outlaw, Joseph
Outlaw, Joseph W
Outlaw, Joshua
Outlaw, Levi
Outlaw, Lewis
Outlaw, Martha
Outlaw, Ralph
Outlaw, Thomas
Outlaw, Timothy
Outlaw, Willie
Overton, Christopher
Overton, James
Overton, James E
Owen, John
Owens, Alse
Oxley, Aquilla
Oxley, John
Oxley, William G
Page, Ann
Page, John
Page, Nathan
Page, Samuel
Page, Thomas
Palmer, Mathias B
Parker, Amelia
Parker, Daniel
Parker, Deberry
Parker, Elisha
Parker, Francis
Parker, J H
Parker, Jacob
Parker, James
Parker, James H
Parker, Joseph, Jr.
Parker, Joseph, Sr.
Parker, Lemuel
Parker, Mary
Parker, Matthew
Parker, Nancy
Parker, Reuben
Parker, Robert A
Parker, Samuel
Parker, Thomas
Parker, William G
Parnell, James
Parrot, Jacob
Parson, John G
Paschall, Peter D
Patric, John
Patterson, George
Patterson, Moses W
Patterson, Robert
Pearce, Elizabeth
Pearce, George W
Pearce, Hardy
Pearce, Isaac
Pearce, Jacob
Pearce, James
Pearce, Jarvis
Pearce, Jeremiah
Pearce, Jesse
Pearce, Joseph
Pearce, M
Pearce, Mourning
Pearce, R
Pearce, Richardson
Pearce, Simon
Pearce, Susan
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, William
Pearce, William P
Pearce, William R
Pearson, Margaret
Peaterson, Robert
Peck, Mary L
Peel, Amos (1883)
Peele, Dempsey
Peele, Drew
Peele, Edmund
Peele, Exum
Peele, George T
Peele, Hezekiah
Peele, Jarrod
Peele, John
Peele, Josiah
Peele, Sarah
Peele, Thomas
Peele, William
Peele, William H
Peele, William Maria
Pender, Elisha
Pender, Elizabeth
Pender, John
Pender, Joseph
Pender, Mary
Pender, Patience
Pender, Solomon
Pender, Stephen
Pender, William
Penney, James
Penney, Thomas
Pennington, Thomas
Percey, William
Perry, Abner
Perry, Abraham
Perry, Augustus
Perry, Charlotte
Perry, Christian
Perry, Daniel
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Emiline
Perry, Ethelred
Perry, Etherton
Perry, Eviline
Perry, Freeman
Perry, Hymerick
Perry, Isaac
Perry, Jacob
Perry, James M
Perry, James T
Perry, Jane
Perry, Jeremiah
Perry, John
Perry, John H
Perry, John W
Perry, Joseph T
Perry, Josiah
Perry, L D
Perry, Martha A
Perry, Martin
Perry, Milicent
Perry, Rachel
Perry, S J
Perry, Sarah
Perry, Shadrick
Perry, Thomas
Perry, V B
Perry, W H
Perry, William
Perry, William, Jr.
Perry, Wright
Perry, Zackeriah
Peters, Theodore G
Peterson, Henry
Peterson, John
Peterson, Martha
Peterson, Mary
Peterson, Robert
Peterson, Susan H
Phelps, Asa
Phelps, Charles M
Phelps, H P
Phelps, Harriet
Phelps, Henry
Phelps, James
Phelps, Jesse
Phelps, John
Phelps, John A
Phelps, John Anthony
Phelps, Joseph
Phelps, Joseph P
Phelps, Luke L
Phelps, Margaret
Phelps, Martha R
Phelps, Micajah
Phelps, R P
Phelps, Reuben
Phelps, W G
Phelps, William
Philips, Richard
Phillips, Nettie L
Pickerin, Richard
Pierce, Frances V
Pierce, George Washington
Pierce, James
Pierce, John
Pierce, John W, Jr.
Pierce, Joseph W
Pierce, Lazarus
Pierce, Littlebury
Pierce, Mourning
Pierce, Sallie A
Pierce, Thomas
Pierce, William
Pierce, William F G
Piland, Caroline
Pinder, Solomon
Pitt, Mary
Pittman, E D
Pollock, Jacob
Pollock, Thomas
Pollok, George
Polok, Cullen
Pool, George W
Pool, John
Pool, M E
Pope, John
Powell, Albert J
Powell, Augustine
Powell, Barbary
Powell, Cader
Powell, Daniel
Powell, Eldred
Powell, Eliza
Powell, Etheldred
Powell, George
Powell, Hanna
Powell, Harriet
Powell, J A
Powell, Jesse A
Powell, Jesse W
Powell, John
Powell, John H
Powell, Mary
Powell, Miles
Powell, Richard
Powell, Richard C
Powell, Roderick
Powell, Samuel
Powell, Sarah
Powell, T C
Powell, Thomas
Powell, Thomas J
Powell, W L
Powell, William
Powell, William H
Powell, William L
Powell, Willis
Power, Charles
Power, Charles, Sr.
Power, Samuel
Power, William
Powers, John
Powers, Rebecca
Pratt, Cornelius
Pratt, John
Price, James
Price, Thomas
Price, William
Prince, James H
Pritchard, Allen
Pritchard, Alsey
Pritchard, Annis
Pritchard, Delitha
Pritchard, Dochan
Pritchard, Harbert
Pritchard, Henderson
Pritchard, James
Pritchard, John
Pritchard, John P
Pritchard, Jonathan
Pritchard, Lemuel
Pritchard, Louisa
Pritchard, M J
Pritchard, Outlaw
Pritchard, Rigdon
Pritchard, Sarah
Pritchard, W H
Pritchard, William
Procter, Rubin
Province, David
Pruden, Anna
Pruden, Bryan
Pruden, David
Pruden, Jacob
Pruden, K T
Pruden, Lodowick
Pruden, William S
Pugh, Africa
Pugh, Elisabeth
Pugh, Eliza
Pugh, Esther
Pugh, Francis
Pugh, Francis R
Pugh, Francis S
Pugh, Harriet
Pugh, J J
Pugh, Jennet
Pugh, John
Pugh, John H
Pugh, Joseph H
Pugh, Joseph S
Pugh, Raslas
Pugh, Theophilus
Pugh, Thomas
Pugh, Thomas L
Pugh, Thomas W, Jr.
Pugh, Thomas W, Sr.
Pugh, Tom R
Pugh, Whitmire S
Pugh, William
Pugh, William, Jr.
Purkins, Elijah
Purkins, William
Purvis, James
Purvis, Moses
Purvis, W S
Purvis, William
Putney, Anthony W
Qunby, Eleazer
Raby, Adam
Raby, Blake
Raby, Blake D
Raby, C M
Raby, Caroline
Raby, Juneshe
Raby, Luke
Raby, William A
Raile, Isaac
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, Sally
Ramsey, Willis
Range, Marina
Rasberry, John
Rascoe, Arthur
Rascoe, Daniel
Rascoe, Elizabeth
Rascoe, Frances
Rascoe, James
Rascoe, John
Rascoe, Joseph J
Rascoe, Peter
Rascoe, Sally Frances
Rascoe, Sarah E
Rascoe, Tamer
Rascoe, Thomas
Rascoe, W W, Mrs.
Rascoe, William H
Rascoe, William T
Rasor, Edward
Rasor, Francis
Rawls, David
Rawls, Joseph
Rawls, Josiah
Rawls, Moriah
Rawls, William
Ray, Alexander
Ray, Jacob
Ray, James
Ray, John
Ray, Nancy
Ray, Stephen
Ray, William
Rayner, Alice
Rayner, Enoch
Rayner, Isom
Rayner, James R
Rayner, James T
Rayner, Joel
Rayner, John
Rayner, Joshua
Rayner, Josiah
Rayner, Lot
Rayner, M E C, Mrs.
Rayner, Malachi
Rayner, Miles
Rayner, Noah
Rayner, Penelope
Rayner, Richard
Rayner, Samuel
Rayner, Sarah
Rayner, Thomas
Rayner, William
Raynor, James
Raynor, Joseph R & Samuel
Reade, John D
Reasons, Thomas
Recter, Lemuel
Reddick, Martha
Reddick, Robert
Reddick, Robert R
Reddick, T W
Reddick, William B & William W
Redditt, H S
Redditt, Josiah
Redditt, Lodowick
Redditt, Margaret E
Redditt, Thomas
Redditt, William
Redwood, Sarah
Reece, David
Reed, Christian
Reed, Daniel W
Reed, Edward B
Reed, George D
Reed, James
Reed, John
Reed, John D
Reed, L Leroy
Reed, Margaret
Reed, West
Reed, William
Reef, John
Reynolds, Huested
Rhea, John
Rhodes, Alice
Rhodes, Clarissa
Rhodes, E A
Rhodes, E O
Rhodes, Elisha
Rhodes, Henry
Rhodes, J S
Rhodes, Jacob
Rhodes, James
Rhodes, Jesse
Rhodes, John
Rhodes, John H
Rhodes, Jonathan
Rhodes, Joshua
Rhodes, Mary
Rhodes, Moses
Rhodes, Nancy
Rhodes, Pamela
Rhodes, Robert
Rhodes, Sarah
Rhodes, Soloman
Rhodes, Thomas
Rhodes, William
Rhodes, William S
Rice, Dorsey
Rice, Edward
Rice, James
Rice, John
Rice, Perry
Rice, Rachel
Rice, Sarah
Rice, T L
Rice, Thomas T
Rice, William
Rice, William D
Rich, James
Riding, Jonathan
Roberts, Benjamin
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, James
Robertson, Eliza F
Robertson, James
Robinson, George
Robinson, Josiah
Robinson, William
Roboson, Jonathan
Roche, Elizabeth
Roche, Patrick
Rodgers, James E
Rodgers, Martha E
Rodgers, Mary
Rodgerson, James E
Rogars, Robbart
Rogers, Absalom
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, Levy
Rogers, Minute
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas (1792)
Rogerson, Jesse L
Rogerson, Job C
Rooks, Noah
Ross, William
Roulhac, Frances S
Roulhac, John
Roulhac, John G
Roulhac, T L
Roulhac, William
Rountree, A V
Rountree, Jackson
Ruffin, Catherine
Ruffin, Frederick
Ruffin, John
Ruffin, John Thomas
Ruffin, Joseph B
Ruffin, Ned
Ruffin, Paterson
Ruffin, Rachel
Ruffin, Starkey
Ruffin, Whitmel B
Ruffin, William
Ruffin, William, Jr.
Run, Moses
Russell, B B
Russell, Mary
Russell, Samuel
Russell, Thomas
Rutland, Elizabeth
Rutland, John
Ryan, Alexander & Rebecca
Ryan, Cornelius
Ryan, David (1802)
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Elizabeth C, Mrs.
Ryan, George
Ryan, George L
Ryan, James & Ann
Ryan, John B
Ryan, Joseph J
Ryan, M C
Ryan, Margus
Ryan, Martha
Ryan, Thomas
Sadler, Bennett
Sallenger, Absalom
Sanderlin, Asa
Sanderlin, John
Sanderlin, Prince
Sanderlin, Starkey
Sanders, James
Sanderson, Richardson
Sanderson, Thomas
Sandling, Moses
Sankill, John
Sathell, Elsey
Savage, George
Savage, John
Savage, Thomas
Sawkill, John
Sawyer, Willis
Saylor, Kentching
Scarbrough, Enos
Scollay, Elizbeth
Scollay, Samuel
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Joseph
Scott, William
Scott, William Pugh
Sea, Henry
Sea, James
Seals, William
Sears, Ebrom
Sears, Henry E
Seay, Caroline
Seay, Isaac
Seay, James
Seay, Mary
Seay, Peggy
Seay, Robert
Seay, William
Sellers, Mathews
Sessoms, Amgrid W
Sessoms, Asad
Sessoms, Daniel V
Sessoms, Harrell B
Sessoms, Joseph L
Sessoms, Lewis O
Sessoms, Mary
Sessoms, Samuel H
Sett, Samuel
Sharp, Jacob
Sharp, Stark
Sharrock, Barsheba
Sharrock, Byran
Sharrock, David
Sharrock, Elizabeth
Sharrock, Griffin
Sharrock, James
Sharrock, M C, Mrs.
Sharrock, Mary
Sharrock, Samuel
Sharrock, Susanna
Sharrock, Thomas
Sharrock, Thomas & Bryan (1795)
Sharrock, W T
Sharrock, Whitmel T
Sharrock, William
Sharrock, Zaddock
Sharrot, William
Shaw, Frances
Shaw, John
Shaw, Sarah
Shaw, W J
Shaw, William
Shehan, Miles
Shehan, Thomas
Sheppard, Charles J
Sheppard, John S
Sholar, Benjamin
Sholar, David
Sholar, George
Sholar, Jacob
Sholar, John
Sholar, Sarah
Sholar, Thomas
Sholar, William
Sholars, Cullen
Sholars, George
Sholdars, Thomas
Shollar, Isaac
Shollars, George J
Short, Nancy
Shoulders, Lewis
Shoulders, William
Shrock, Peter
Simmons, D L
Simmons, E L
Simmons, Erasmus S
Simmons, John
Simmons, Nancy M
Simmons, Pernecia
Simmons, William J
Simons, Angelica
Simons, Edward P
Simons, George A
Simpson, Francis
Skiles, Benjamin
Skiles, Charles P
Skiles, John
Skiles, Mary
Skiles, Nelly
Skiles, Sally
Skiles, Starkey
Skiles, William, Sr.
Skinner, John
Skinner, Joshua
Skinner, Nicholas
Skinner, Thomas
Skinner, William
Skirven, G F
Slade, Alfred M
Slade, Ebenezer
Slade, Jeremiah
Slade, John G
Slade, John M
Slade, Samuel
Slatter, Owen
Slatter, Thomas
Slaughter, Alexander
Slaughter, Ebenezer
Slaughter, Elizabeth
Sloan, John
Small, R H
Smallwood, John S
Smallwood, Mary L
Smith, A B
Smith, Abraham
Smith, Ada
Smith, Amos
Smith, Celia
Smith, Charles
Smith, Ebenezer
Smith, Edith
Smith, Gerard
Smith, Henry
Smith, James
Smith, James A
Smith, John
Smith, John Gilbert
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Julia A
Smith, Lewis
Smith, Lucy E, Mrs.
Smith, M E
Smith, Peter
Smith, Sally
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Silas
Smith, Simean
Smith, Stark B
Smith, T J
Smith, Theresa E
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Wiley
Smith, William
Smithey, Moses
Smithwick, Bate
Smithwick, Edmondson
Smithwick, Elizabeth
Smithwick, H B
Smithwick, Henry
Smithwick, Humphrey B
Smithwick, Ida N
Smithwick, Joel
Smithwick, John
Smithwick, Jordan
Smithwick, Joseph
Smithwick, Joshua
Smithwick, Luke
Smithwick, Martha
Smithwick, Mary
Smithwick, Nancy
Smithwick, Samuel W
Smithwick, Tarbo
Smithwick, Thomas
Smithwick, William
Snode, John
Snode, Jonathan
Snode, Susannah
Snowden, Samuel
Soanes, John
Sonis, John
Sorrell, Ann
Sorrell, Benjamin
Sorrell, James
Sorrell, Thomas
South, Will
South, William
South, William J
Sowell, Charles
Sowell, John
Sowell, Obediah
Sowell, Richard
Sowell, Richard (1751)
Sowell, Sarah
Sowell, Thomas
Sparkman, Edward
Sparkman, Jesse
Sparkman, Soloman
Sparkman, William
Speight, Isaac
Speight, Mary
Speight, Moses
Speight, Rosa O
Speight, Thomas
Speller, Cassie
Speller, Elizabeth
Speller, George W
Speller, Henry
Speller, J J
Speller, Jennie
Speller, Mary
Speller, Patience
Speller, Thomas
Speller, Thomas H
Speller, William H
Spellings, Elizabeth
Spencer, John
Spiers, Absalom
Spivey, Aaron
Spivey, Bryant
Spivey, Calip
Spivey, David
Spivey, Elizabeth
Spivey, Esther
Spivey, George
Spivey, John Francis
Spivey, Jonathan
Spivey, Joseph B
Spivey, M B, Mrs.
Spivey, M T, Mrs.
Spivey, Moses & Mary
Spivey, Moses G
Spivey, Susan
Spivey, Susannah
Spivey, W H
Spivey, William
Spivey, William B
Spruill, Elizabeth
Spruill, S B
Stallings, Elias
Stallings, Isaac
Stallings, Jesse
Stallings, John
Stallings, Josiah
Stallings, Mary
Stalls, Jesse
Stanback, Elizabeth
Stanback, John
Stanback, Thomas
Standin, Samuel
Standley, Ann
Standley, David
Standley, Edmond
Standley, John
Standley, Jonathan
Standley, Martha
Standley, Perry
Standley, Sarah
Standley, William
Standly, Mary
Standly, Penelope
Stanton, Andrew
Stanton, Ebenezer
Stark, William
Staunton, Ann
Stedman, Benjamin
Steel, William
Steele, Ephraim
Steely, James B
Stephenson, Thomas (1744)
Stevenson, Charles H (1891)
Stewart, John
Stewart, Thomas C
Stewart, Winifred
Stone, Andrew
Stone, Ann
Stone, David
Stone, George
Stone, Hannah
Stone, Josiah
Stone, Mary
Stone, Polly
Stone, Soloman
Stone, Sparkman
Stone, Zedekiah
Straughan, George
Strawhon, Daniel
Stuart, John
Sturdivant, Anderson
Sullivan, Pat
Summerlin, Susannah
Sumner, James
Sumners, David
Sutton, Celia
Sutton, Clarence
Sutton, Cloanah
Sutton, Eliza
Sutton, Elizabeth
Sutton, James
Sutton, Jennie Speller
Sutton, John
Sutton, John A
Sutton, Joshua
Sutton, Sally Freeman
Sutton, Saunders
Sutton, Thomas
Sutton, William
Sutton, William M
Swain, Edward
Swain, Eliza
Swain, Elizabeth
Swain, Fulton
Swain, Henry
Swain, James
Swain, Jehu
Swain, John
Swain, John R
Swain, Letchworth
Swain, Penelope
Swain, Richard
Swain, Richard P
Swain, Tabitha
Swain, Thomas
Swain, W C
Swain, W W
Swain, Whitmell
Swain, William
Tadlock, Absalom
Tadlock, Elizabeth
Tadlock, Frances
Tadlock, Gervis
Tadlock, Mary C
Tadlock, Thomas W
Tadlock, W J
Tadlock, William
Tarkinton, William B
Tarlington, Benjamin
Tart, Mary
Tayloe, Abraham
Tayloe, Benjamin
Tayloe, David
Tayloe, David E
Tayloe, Finchen
Tayloe, George
Tayloe, J Rhodes
Tayloe, James
Tayloe, Jonathan S
Tayloe, Joshua
Tayloe, Margaret
Tayloe, Richard
Tayloe, Robert R
Tayloe, Sarah
Tayloe, Susan
Tayloe, Thomas
Tayloe, W H
Tayloe, Watson
Taylor, E, Mrs.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Thomas
Terry, John M
Thach, Stephen
Thomas, Abram
Thomas, Coatney
Thomas, Elisha
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Everett
Thomas, Ezekiel
Thomas, George
Thomas, Isaiah
Thomas, James
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Josiah
Thomas, Michael
Thomas, Nathaniel
Thomas, Phillip
Thomas, William
Thompson, A B, Mrs.
Thompson, A R
Thompson, Arthur
Thompson, Bennett
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Elizabeth J
Thompson, Helen M
Thompson, Hezekiah
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, Lewis
Thompson, Margaret A
Thompson, Mark
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Moses
Thompson, Noah
Thompson, Reuben
Thompson, Sarah
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas W
Thompson, William
Thompson, William C
Thompson, William T
Thompson, Willie
Thompson, Willis
Thomson, Fleming W
Thomson, William
Thrower, S, Captain
Thurston, Fred
Thurston, Latham
Tillman, William
Tines, Elizabeth
Todd, Elena D
Todd, Elizabeth
Todd, Ephraim
Todd, Fruzie
Todd, Hardy
Todd, James
Todd, John
Todd, L M
Todd, Levinia M
Todd, Lewis
Todd, Moses
Todd, P E
Todd, Robert
Todd, Thomas
Todd, William
Todd, William H
Tomerlinson, Ebenezer
Tomlinson, Richard
Tools, Edward
Tools, Jonathan
Toursett, Benjamin
Tredwell, Samuel
Trivit, Solomon
Trumbell, Hardy
Trumbell, Holloway
Trumbell, Jethro
Trumbell, William
Trumbull, Mary
Tunstall, Nathaniel
Tunstall, Thomas
Tunstall, Thomas B
Tunstall, William
Turner, Amos
Turner, Ann
Turner, Benaiah
Turner, Catherine
Turner, David
Turner, Edward
Turner, Elizabeth
Turner, James
Turner, Matthew
Turner, Medicus
Turner, Rhody
Turner, Robert
Turner, Simon
Turner, Thomas
Turner, Thomas W
Turner, William
Turpen, Harriet
Tyler, John L
Tyler, Joseph A
Tyler, Joseph S
Tyler, Moses
Tyler, Perry
Tyler, Perry C
Tyler, Richard
Tyner, Abram
Tyner, William
Tynes, West
Underhill, Joseph
Urquhart, A B
Urquhart, Alexander
Urquhart, James
Urquhart, R A, Dr.
Urquhart, W H
Usher, William
Valentine, David
Valentine, Mary
Valentine, Polly
Vann, Sarah
Vann, Willaim
Vann, William
Vanpelt, Hendrick
Vanpelt, James
Vanpelt, John
Vanupstall, Elizabeth
Vass, Thomas
Veale, Elizabeth
Veale, John
Veale, R J
Veale, Richard
Veale, Thomas
Veale, Willaim A
Veale, William
Veasey, Nat
Ventris, Moses
Vick, Benjamin
Vickers, William
Vinpenny, Thomas
Vinson, John
Vonluvon, Henry
Voss, Thomas
Wair, Garrett
Wair, George
Wair, Gerrard
Wair, James
Wair, William
Wair, Willis
Walker, Edward
Walker, Oscar
Waller, Bryan
Walston, Henry
Walston, John
Walston, Joseph
Walston, Phillip
Walston, Winifred
Walton, Dempsey
Walton, James
Walton, John
Walton, Mary
Walton, Thomas
Walton, William
Warborton, James
Warborton, John
Warborton, Luke
Warborton, Robert
Warborton, Thomas
Warborton, Winifred
Warburton, James W
Warburton, Luke
Warburton, Smithwick
Ward, Ann
Ward, Benjamin
Ward, Clarisa
Ward, Denby
Ward, Eason
Ward, James
Ward, John
Ward, Joshua
Ward, Laura
Ward, Martha
Ward, Michael
Ward, Milba
Ward, Nancy
Ward, Patsy
Ward, Pherebe
Ward, Philip
Ward, Sylvia
Ward, Thomas
Ward, William
Ware, James
Warren, James
Warren, William
Warren, Willis C
Warrington, Jackson F
Waterman, Charles Soloman
Waterman, John
Waterman, Mary
Watford, Ann
Watford, Ann M
Watford, D A
Watford, Elizabeth
Watford, Hardy
Watford, John
Watford, Joseph
Watford, Martha
Watford, William
Watford, William (1846)
Watford, William, Jr.
Watson, Bettie
Watson, David
Watson, Edward
Watson, Edward C
Watson, Elizabeth
Watson, John
Watson, John, Jr.
Watson, John, Sr.
Watson, Joseph
Watson, Martha
Watson, Mary
Watson, Monroe
Watson, Robert
Watson, Robert C
Watson, Sarah
Watson, Thomas C
Watson, Willie
Watson, Winnie
Watton, Thomas
Watts, Lewis
Webb, Anthony
Webb, Betsy
Webb, Edward
Webb, Ethelred
Webb, John
Webb, John N
Webb, Jonathan R
Webb, Samuel
Webb, Thomas
Wells, John
Wells, Polly
West, Elizabeth
West, Elizabeth P
West, John
West, Joseph
West, Josiah
West, Kenneth
West, Penelope
West, Peter
West, Robert
West, Sally
West, Sarah
West, Stephen
West, Susan
West, Thomas
West, Thomas L
West, William
West, William L
West, William S
Weston, Benjamin
Weston, Edmund
Weston, Ephraim
Weston, Ephraim B
Weston, Ephram
Weston, Hardy
Weston, John
Weston, Jordan
Weston, Malachi
Weston, Margaret
Weston, Mary
Weston, Nancy
Weston, R A
Weston, Sally
Weston, Sarah
Weston, Soloman
Weston, William
Whealer, William
Wheaton, William
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, William
Whilaire, Edward
Whitaker, John E
White, Abner
White, Alpheus J
White, Andrew
White, Anne
White, Augustus
White, Ben
White, Bryant
White, Cader
White, D D
White, David
White, Dempsey
White, Demsey
White, Dorsey
White, Duncan
White, Eliza
White, Elizabeth
White, Ezekial
White, Frederick
White, George
White, Harriet
White, Henry
White, Hezekiah
White, Holt
White, Isaac
White, J P
White, Jacob
White, James
White, Jesse
White, John
White, John D
White, John Duke
White, Johnson L
White, Jonathan
White, Joseph
White, Joshua
White, Josiah
White, Kadar
White, Kader
White, Keneth
White, King
White, Lavania
White, Lodwick
White, Luke
White, Manassas
White, Marcus
White, Martha
White, Martilla
White, Martin
White, Mary
White, Meady
White, Media
White, Medy
White, Mordeca
White, Nancy
White, Nicey
White, Noah A
White, Penelope A
White, Peter
White, Polly
White, Reuben
White, Reuben L
White, Ruffin M
White, Sadie
White, Sallie
White, Solomon
White, Starkey
White, Thomas
White, V B
White, Whitmell
White, Willaim
White, William
White, William H
White, William J
White, William N
White, William W
White, Zachus
Whitfield, Benjamin & Elizabeth
Whitfield, Elisha
Whitfield, Elizabeth
Whitfield, Macon
Whitfield, Reuben
Whitfield, Thomas
Whitmell, Thomas (1779)
Wickens, William
Wiggins, Blake B
Wiggins, James
Wiggins, John
Wiggins, Samuel
Wiggins, Turner
Wilder, Absalom
Wilder, Charles
Wilford, Archibald
Wilford, Elizabeth
Wilford, Ferby
Wilford, Harvey
Wilford, James
Wilford, Jarra
Wilford, Judah
Wilford, Judith
Wilford, Laura
Wilford, Mary A
Wilford, Mary M
Wilford, Mary, Alanson, Francis & Harriet
Wilford, Nazareth
Wilford, Peyton
Wilford, Rob
Wilford, Robert
Wilkerson, Thomas
Wilkins, Grady
Wilkinson, James
Wilks, James
Wilks, Kinchen
Wilks, Micajah
Willaby, William
Willey, Mary
Willey, Matthias & Mary
Williams, Alan
Williams, Allen
Williams, Ann
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Ben
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Benjamin B
Williams, Cornelius
Williams, Elijah
Williams, Elisha
Williams, Ely
Williams, Emilia
Williams, Etheldred
Williams, Ezekian
Williams, Francis
Williams, George
Williams, H L
Williams, Henry
Williams, Isaac
Williams, J J
Williams, James
Williams, James (1803)
Williams, James (1807)
Williams, James P
Williams, Joab
Williams, Joanna
Williams, John
Williams, John B
Williams, John F
Williams, John Mack
Williams, John, Dr.
Williams, Joseph John
Williams, Josiah
Williams, Lemuel
Williams, Martha Ann
Williams, Mary
Williams, Matilda
Williams, Milly
Williams, Moses
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Nannie
Williams, Nelson
Williams, Prudence
Williams, Richard
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Seth
Williams, Theophilious
Williams, Thomas E
Williams, William
Williams, William L
Williams, William W
Williams, Wilson
Williamson, Constant
Williamson, Hanah
Williamson, James
Williamson, William
Williby, William
Williford, Abner
Williford, Alanson
Williford, Appie
Williford, Asa
Williford, Eveline
Williford, George
Williford, Henrietta
Williford, J J
Williford, James
Williford, Jethro B
Williford, John
Williford, Joseph A
Williford, Joseph B
Williford, Martha
Williford, Martha A
Williford, Mary
Williford, Nazareth
Williford, Richard
Williford, Robert
Williford, Sarah
Williford, Stephen
Williford, W J
Williford, William B
Willoughby, John
Wills, John
Willson, Lewis
Wilson, Benjamin
Wilson, Bette
Wilson, Charlotte
Wilson, Edward
Wilson, Etherton
Wilson, George
Wilson, Henderson
Wilson, J F
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, Josiah
Wilson, L H
Wilson, Lewis
Wilson, Marget
Wilson, Mollie
Wilson, Pattie
Wilson, Rachel
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Silas
Wilson, Solomon
Wilson, T
Wilson, Thaddeus H
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Turner
Wilson, William
Wimberly, Benjamin
Wimberly, Elizabeth
Wimberly, Frederick
Wimberly, Isaac
Wimberly, John
Wimberly, Joseph
Wimberly, Thomas
Winant, Winant
Winborn, Alfred
Winborn, Mary
Winborne, Frances
Winborne, Henry
Winborne, Watson
Winston, Duncan C
Winston, P H, Sr.
Wolfden, John
Wood, Henry
Wood, James
Wood, Jesse
Wood, John E
Wood, John M
Wood, John W
Wood, Jonas
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Mary
Wood, Moses
Wood, Sanas
Worley, Daniel
Worley, Louisa
Worley, Mary
Worley, Thomas
Worley, William G
Worsley, Lucretia
Worth, Richard
Wright, Edward
Wright, Mary
Wynants, Peter
Wynn, William
Wynne, Benjamin
Wynne, Daniel P
Wynne, George
Wynne, James Boon
Wynne, John
Wynne, Levina
Wynne, Nancy Carolyn
Wynne, William D
Yaile, Isaac
Yates, John
Yates, Peter
Yearley, Asa
Yeates, Charles
Yeates, Edward
Yeates, Elizabeth
Yeates, James
Yeates, Mary A
Yeates, Thomas
Yeates, William
Yeates, William Edward
Yeats, David
Yeoman, William
Young, Daniel
Young, Jarrod
Young, John
Young, Martha