North Carolina Estate Files, Perquimans County Index

Perquimans County (link to FamilySearch page)
Established by 1670 as a precinct of Albemarle County. A few of the early records are missing; reason unknown.

Many of these folders do not have dates on them, but very often dates will be seen on individual pages.

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Miscellaneous – 61 images (1775-1906); estate papers and guardians’ records, decedents/minors not identified/indexed
Abbott, Joseph (1841)
Ackip, Thomas (1814)
Adams, Martha (1856)
Adams, Peter (1807)
Albertson, Aaron
Albertson, Albert
Albertson, Benjamin
Albertson, E C
Albertson, Elias
Albertson, Elias & Mary
Albertson, Elihu
Albertson, Francis
Albertson, Jane
Albertson, Joseph
Albertson, Joshua
Albertson, Josiah
Albertson, J W
Albertson, Kesiah
Albertson, Mary
Albertson, Nancy
Albertson, Nathan
Albertson, Nathaniel
Albertson, Thomas
Albertson, William
Albright, William
Alexander, Frederick
Alexander, George (1902)
Alexander, Sarah
Allen, Arthur
Alphine, Humphrey
Ambrose, Reuben
Anderson, Benjamin
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Isaac
Anderson, James
Anderson, John
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Sarah
Anderson, William
Andrews, James
Arkill, William
Armstrong, George (1893)
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, John
Arnold, Jonathan
Arnold, Lawrence
Arnold, Thomas
Arnold, William
Arps, Henry
Arps, James
Arps, John
Arps, Rebecah
Arps, Valentine
Arps, William
Arrenton, Charles
Arrenton, Charles E
Arrenton, Christian
Arrenton, Edward
Arrenton, Elizabeth
Arrenton, Ezekiel (1834)
Arrenton, Ezekiel, Sr. (1809)
Arrenton, Frederick
Arrenton, Harriott
Arrenton, Hend
Arrenton, Henderson
Arrenton, Isaac
Arrenton, James B
Arrenton, John
Arrenton, Joseph
Arrenton, Nancy
Arrenton, Peggy
Arrenton, Prency
Arrenton, Richard
Arrenton, Robert
Arrenton, Stephen
Arrenton, Thomas
Arrenton, William
Arrington, Priscilla (1857)
Arrington, Sarah Jane (1902)
Arrington, W G (1900)
Asbell, Martha (1889)
Ashbee, Abell
Ashley, Jeremiah
Ashley, John
Ashley, Joseph
Ashley, William
Ashton, Richard
Asphin, Humphrey
Averitt, John
Avery, Frederick
Avery, Mary
Avery, Vincent
Babb, John
Babb, W L F
Badham, William
Bagley, Andrew
Bagley, Benjamin
Bagley, D F
Bagley, Elisha
Bagley, Ephraim
Bagley, Henry
Bagley, John
Bagley, Joseph
Bagley, Josiah
Bagley, Marthenia
Bagley, Nathan (1816)
Bagley, Nathan (1834)
Bagley, Nathan (1866)
Bagley, Samuel
Bagley, Sarah
Bagley, Stephen D (1885)
Bagley, Thomas
Bagley, William
Bagley, William (1754)
Bagley, William (1826)
Bagley, William (1827)
Bagley, William A (1901)
Bailey, Alexander
Bailey, Cab
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, David
Bailey, Margaret
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas R
Bains, Inginba
Baker, Andrew, Mrs.
Baker, Harry W (1903)
Baker, R R (1902)
Baker, Sallie S
Baker, W D (1867)
Baker, William
Ballard, Abraham
Ballard, Elisha
Ballard, George
Ballard, Joseph
Ballard, Kedar
Ballard, William
Banks, James
Banks, Richard
Banks, Thad F (1891)
Banks, William G
Banks, William H
Barber, Aaron
Barber, Henry
Barber, Isaac
Barber, Isaac W (1870)
Barber, Joel
Barber, Joseph
Barber, Moses
Barber, Penelope
Barber, Peninah
Barber, Samuel
Barber, William
Barclift, Asa
Barclift, Benjamin
Barclift, Demsey
Barclift, Demson
Barclift, Durant
Barclift, Edmund
Barclift, Elizabeth
Barclift, Elizabeth D
Barclift, Er
Barclift, George
Barclift, George S
Barclift, James
Barclift, John
Barclift, John D
Barclift, Joseph
Barclift, Joshua
Barclift, Lydia
Barclift, Martha (1880)
Barclift, Noah
Barclift, Richard
Barclift, Samuel
Barclift, Stephen
Barclift, William
Barclift, William H
Bardin, Richard (1906)
Bareclift, Joseph
Bareclift, Thomas
Bareclift, William
Barker, Mary
Barker, William
Barnard, Nancy
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnham, James (1849)
Barnhart, John J
Barrow, A E, Mrs. (1908)
Barrow, Alfred S
Barrow, Arodiah
Barrow, Eri
Barrow, G W
Barrow, John
Barrow, John A
Barrow, John D
Barrow, Joseph
Barrow, Joseph W
Barrow, Joshua
Barrow, Lemuel
Barrow, Martha
Barrow, M M
Barrow, Orpha
Barrow, Sarrah
Barrow, Stephen
Barrow, Theiophilus
Barrow, William
Barrow, William E
Bartee, Henry (1874)
Bartie, John
Bartie, William
Bateman, A J
Bateman, Benjamin
Bateman, Elisha (1884)
Bateman, Gabretta (1883)
Bateman, Jesse
Bateman, John
Bateman, Jonathan
Bateman, Joseph
Bateman, L D (1879)
Bateman, Lemuel
Bateman, Mary
Bateman, Nathan
Bateman, Tamer
Bateman, Thomas
Bateman, William
Beals, Frederick
Beament, Joel
Beasley, John
Bedgood, Joseph
Bedgood, William
Belk, John
Bembry, Robert
Benbury, Charles
Benbury, Joseph (1888)
Benbury, Richard
Benbury, Richard B
Benbury, Thomas
Benbury, William
Bennett, John B
Benton, Jno T
Berry, A
Berry, Benjamin
Berry, Edwin, Mrs. (1879)
Berry, John A
Berry, Malachi S (1864)
Berry, Mary (1883)
Berry, Richard
Bertie, William
Bidgood, William
Billups, H T (1910)
Billups, James M (1898)
Billups, Langley
Billups, Timothy
Black, Alexander
Blackwood, William A
Blair, George
Blair, William
Blake, Tho
Blake, Thomas, Dr.
Blanchard, Absalom
Blanchard, A D (1902)
Blanchard, Holliday
Blanchard, John L (1885)
Blanchard, Josiah
Blanchard, Mary C
Blanchard, Samuel
Blanchard, Sarah
Blanchard, T C
Blanchard, T C (1923)
Blanchard, William R (1876)
Bland, T J (1869)
Blitchenden, Thomas
Bloskie, Thomas
Blount, Charles
Blount, Charles W
Blount, Edmund
Blount, Jacob
Blount, James H (1837)
Blount, J H (1899)
Blount, John Henry (1838)
Blount, Joseph
Blount, Martha Ann
Blount, Phereby (1841)
Blount, William (1819)
Bogue, Alfred
Bogue, Calvin
Bogue, Carlton (1887)
Bogue, Duke
Bogue, Elizabeth
Bogue, Emily (1855)
Bogue, James
Bogue, Jeremiah
Bogue, Job
Bogue, John
Bogue, Joseph
Bogue, Josiah
Bogue, Newby
Bogue, Orpah
Bogue, Robert
Bogue, Robert (1872)
Bogue, S (1856)
Bogue, Sarah
Bogue, Thomas
Bogue, Thomas N
Bogue, W A (1901)
Bogue, William
Bond, A H (1879)
Bond, F W (1885)
Bond, James
Bond, Job
Bond, John (1860)
Bond, Luke
Bond, Pritlow
Bonds, Job
Bonds, Samuel
Bond, William
Bonner, Anne
Bonner, Thomas
Boosman, Ralph
Borden, Benjamin
Boswell, George
Boswell, Ichabod (1761)
Boswell, Isaac
Boswell, James
Boswell, John
Boswell, Joshua
Boswell, Sarah
Boswell, William
Bosworth, Obadiah
Boush, William
Bowen, Judith
Boyce, B P (1874)
Boyce, Elizabeth (1906)
Boyce, Iasiah (1861)
Boyce, Isaac
Boyce, Jane (1889)
Boyce, Jemima
Boyce, John
Boyce, Josiah
Boyce, Marchale
Boyce, Millicent
Boyce, Moses
Boyce, Mourning
Boyce, Thomas (1884)
Boyce, William
Boyce, William (1878)
Brabble, J D
Brace, B N, Mrs. (1881)
Brace, Edwin (1879)
Brainer, Michael
Braiser, John
Branch, George
Branch, Issacher
Branch, Job
Branch, John
Branch, Thatcher
Branch, William
Braner, Sarah
Braner, William
Bratten, Edward
Bratten, John
Bratten, Nathaniel
Bratten, Sarah
Bratten, Thomas
Brauton, Robert (1874)
Bray, W J
Brewster, Lot
Brickhouse, Jesse
Bridgate, Daniel
Briggs, Jeny (1892)
Briggs, Miles
Bright, Elizabeth (1881)
Brigs, Charles
Brinkley, Agatha
Brinkley, Charles B
Brinkley, Eli
Brinkley, Esther
Brinkley, Griffin
Brinkley, James
Brinkley, John
Brinkley, Martha (1907)
Brinkley, Mary
Brinkley, Michael
Brinkley, Miles
Brinkley, Mourning
Brinkley, Nathaniel
Brinkley, Peter
Brinkley, Sarah
Brinkley, W Benjamin
Brinn, Elizabeth (1882)
Brinn, Judia A (1897)
Brinn, Willis
Brinson, John
Brite, Andrew (1876)
Britt, Benj F (1903)
Britt, Henry
Britt, James T (1892)
Britt, John N (1871)
Britton, Oscar (1884)
Britt, Washington (1835)
Brooks, George W (1884)
Brooks, William (1848)
Brothers, Darius
Brothers, Durant (1886)
Brothers, Henry
Brothers, J C (1888)
Brothers, Mason (1883)
Brothers, Sarah
Brothers, William
Brothers, William (1841)
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Michel
Brozier, Thomas (1850)
Bryan, Elizabeth
Budget, Daniel
Buell, F P (1884)
Bufkin, Joseph
Bufkin, Nancey
Bufkin, Rachael (1875)
Bull, Harvey
Bullock, Martha
Bullock, Thomas
Bunch, David
Bunch, Elizabeth
Bunch, Hannah
Bunch, Henderson
Bunch, James
Bunch, James A
Bunch, James S
Bunch, J L (1868)
Bunch, Joseph
Bunch, Joshua
Bunch, Julius
Bunch, Micajah
Bunch, Nasereth
Bunch, Nehemiah
Bunch, Paul
Bunch, Penelope
Bunch, William
Buncomb, Joseph
Bundy, David
Bundy, Jesse
Bundy, Josiah
Bundy, Nathan
Bundy, Ruth
Bundy, Samuel
Bundy, Sarah
Burcher, J F (1912)
Burch, M D (1869)
Burden, Benjamin
Burke, Alfred S
Burke, Arnold S
Burke, E J (1890)
Burke, Elizabeth (1908)
Burke, Josephus (1886)
Burke, Moses
Burke, William
Burkitt, Christopher
Burkitt, Delight
Burkitt, King C
Burkitt, Lemuel
Burnham, Benjamin
Burnham, B F (1893)
Burnham, Caleb
Burnham, James
Burnham, Jno (1872)
Burnham, Joshua (1871)
Burnham, William
Bushell, Martha (1865)
Bush, William
Butler, Samuel
Butler, Willis
Butt, Arthur S
Butt, Benjamin F (1900)
Butt, Elizabeth
Butt, James
Butt, Jno C (1871)
Butt, Jno N (1871)
Butt, John S (1869)
Butt, J T (1892)
Butt, Margaret R (1868)
Cabares, Aug (1832)
Caddy, James
Cail, Amoriah
Cail, John
Cail, Joseph
Cail, Mary (1850)
Cail, Nathaniel
Cail, Robert
Cail, William
Cain, Nathaniel
Cale, Richard
Callenny, Thomas
Calloway, Elizabeth
Calloway, John
Calloway, Joshua
Calloway, Thomas
Calloway, Zebulon
Calton, John (1809)
Cannon, Jacob
Cannon, Joseph S (1884)
Cannon, J S (1891)
Cannon, Rachel
Cannon, W H (1927)
Capehart, Hannah (1908)
Capps, Charles (1886)
Cargil, Joseph
Carruthers, George
Carruthers, Jacob
Carruthers, James
Carruthers, John
Carruthers, Martha J (1883)
Carruthers, Nathaniel
Carruthers, Stephen
Carruthers, William
Carson, Ameriah
Carson, Thornton (1884)
Carter, John
Carter, William
Cartwright, Albert (1915)
Cartwright, Lizzie (1898)
Cartwright, Robert
Caruthers, Geo (1885)
Caruthers, George W (1879)
Carver, Elias
Carver, James
Carver, James (1844)
Carver, Job
Carver, Margaret
Case, Thomas
Case, Thomas (1929)
Caulby, Daniel B
Caulson, Wm
Cavender, Joseph
Cay, Joshua M
Cerothum, Martha J (1885)
Champion, Soloman
Chance, Garland (1923)
Chancey, Edmund
Chappel, Gideon (1875)
Chappel, John
Chappel, Josiah (1873)
Chappell, Anna M (1915)
Chappell, Caleb W (1884)
Chappell, Charles P
Chappell, Clinton (1921)
Chappell, David (1934)
Chappell, Elisha (1919)
Chappell, Elizabeth W (1929)
Chappell, Gabriel
Chappell, George W (1937)
Chappell, Gideon
Chappell, Henry
Chappell, Henry R (1901)
Chappell, Isaac (1832)
Chappell, Isaac (1892)
Chappell, Israel
Chappell, Issac (1892)
Chappell, Jesse
Chappell, J J
Chappell, J J (1878)
Chappell, J J (1923)
Chappell, J J, Jr. (1926)
Chappell, Jno J (1877)
Chappell, Jno R (1901)
Chappell, Jonathan
Chappell, Joseph
Chappell, Josiah (1872)
Chappell, L D
Chappell, L D (1922)
Chappell, Linford (1932)
Chappell, Lydia V (1939)
Chappell, Malacky
Chappell, Margaret (1895)
Chappell, Marke
Chappell, Mary
Chappell, Nathan (1871)
Chappell, Neppie
Chappell, Neppie (1923)
Chappell, Obed (1910)
Chappell, Obed (1911)
Chappell, O R & Lizzie T (1918)
Chappell, Rachel
Chappell, Rainer
Chappell, Rebecca (1915)
Chappell, Reuben
Chappell, Reubin (1885)
Chappell, Richard
Chappell, Rosa B (1920)
Chappell, Samuel
Chappell, Sarah
Chappell, Thos S (1940)
Chappell, Townsend
Chappell, Townsend (1926)
Chappel, Mallard
Chappel, Mary (1853)
Chappel, Robert
Chappel, Rueben (1876)
Chappel, Squires
Charles, Benjamin
Charles, Hannah
Charles, John
Charles, Margaret
Charles, Samuel
Charles, Sarah
Charles, William
Charlton, W H (1913)
Cheason, Wm H (1922)
Cheny, G J
Chew, James
Choke, George
Church, Thomas
Clandaniel, Mary Ann
Clark, John
Clark, Thomas
Clary, Burns
Clary, Charles
Clary, Emily
Clary, John
Clary, John (1883)
Clary, William
Clayton, Asher
Clayton, Elizabeth
Clayton, John
Clayton, Richard
Clayton, Zebulon
Clemons, Richard
Cocks, Thomas
Coefield, John M
Coffield, James
Coffield, John
Coffield, Josiah
Coffield, Tobiah
Cofield, George
Cofield, George C (1924)
Cofield, George C (1926)
Cofield, J M (1931)
Cofield, John M (1929)
Cofield, J T
Cofield, J T (1922)
Cole, General (1918)
Coles, James
Coleson, Gilbert
Coleson, John, Sr. (1945)
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Anica (1928)
Collins, Christopher
Collins, Jeremiah
Collins, John
Collins, Mary
Collins, Nathan
Collins, William
Collums, Esther Lee (1941)
Colly, John
Colson, David
Colson, Elmer (1933)
Colson, William
Colston, William
Commander, John
Commander, Mary
Commander, Samuel (1834)
Commander, Thomas
Connell, James M
Conner, Mimiam
Cooper, Benjamin
Cooper, E N
Cooper, John
Cooper, John D (1855)
Cooper, Joseph (1872)
Cooper, Luraner
Copeland, Dempsey
Copeland, Emily
Copeland, Emily Ann
Copeland, Henry A (1906)
Copeland, Henry H (1904)
Copeland, Jacob
Copeland, Jane A (1906)
Copeland, Jane O (1904)
Copeland, Jediah
Copeland, Jesse
Copeland, Jesse R (1910)
Copeland, Jessie R (1910)
Copeland, R B (1902)
Copeland, Sarah
Copeland, Wm (1915)
Coppage, William
Corbit, H V (1924)
Corbitt, Charles H (1908)
Corbitt, Chas Henry (1906)
Corbitt, Chas J (1922)
Corbitt, Susan (1917)
Corgan, John N
Cornwell, Aaron
Corry, Nelson (1895)
Cory, Nelson H (1885)
Cosand, Aaron
Cosand, Gabriel
Cosand, John
Coston, Louisa (1922)
Cotten, Josiah
Cotton, Godwin (1889)
Cousens, Robert
Cowell, Edward
Cowper, Caleb
Cox, Caleb
Cox, David, Dr. (1898)
Cox, D B
Cox, D B (1924)
Cox, Edward (1836)
Cox, E E (1880)
Cox, E E, Mrs. (1882)
Cox, John
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Joseph M
Cox, Jos M (1891)
Cox, Laben
Cox, Mary
Cox, M W, Mrs. (1892)
Cox, Nancy
Cox, Robert
Cox, Robert B (1902)
Cox, Robert B, Sr. (1901)
Cox, Robert B, Sr. (1922)
Cox, Seth
Cox, Thomas
Crawford, Nancy L (1920)
Credle, James M
Creecy, Frederick
Creecy, Henry L (1912)
Creecy, Jeremiah
Creecy, John
Creecy, John W (1915)
Creecy, Joseph
Creecy, Joshua
Creecy, Levi
Creecy, Levy
Creecy, Miles & William
Creecy, Osborn (1916)
Creecy, William
Creekmore, Jesse
Croctum, Nancy (1895)
Cross, Joseph S (1914)
Crothers, George W (1882)
Crothers, Nancy (1893)
Crouthers, Martha J (1884)
Croxen, Arthur
Cullins, Jacob
Cummings, Chairty
Cummings, Ephraim
Curry, Elizabeth
Curry, James
Curry, T
Curtis, George
Curtis, W D (1921)
Dail, Abner
Dail, Abner (1888)
Dail, Abner (1892)
Dail, Baker B (1881)
Dail, Baker B (1882)
Dail, Elbert (1941)
Dail, Emily
Dail, Fletcher S (1921)
Dail, Grizzell (1873)
Dail, Harvey (1891)
Dail, Hattie W (1930)
Dail, Henry
Dail, Henry (1897)
Dail, Henry (1899)
Dail, Jack (1930)
Dail, John
Dail, Joseph
Dail, Joseph B (1875)
Dail, Joshua
Dail, Mary E (1900)
Dail, Mary E (1901)
Dail, Miles
Dail, Moses
Dail, Moses (1812)
Dail, Nathan P (1894)
Dail, Nelly
Dail, Peninie L (1923)
Dail, Sallie F (1876)
Dail, Samuel L (1930)
Dail, Sarah
Dail, Sarah F (1876)
Dale, Jack
Dance, M S (1869)
Darden, Jonas
Darden, Lemuel
Darden, Mary
Dart, Joshua
Davenport, Ellen
Davenport, Ellen C (1928)
Davenport, H S (1929)
Davenport, Isaac
Davenport, R B (1920)
Davidson, James E (1911)
Davidson, John
Davis, Adam
Davis, Alexander (1869)
Davis, Alexander (1870)
Davis, Caleb
Davis, David
Davis, Elisabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Francis (1900)
Davis, James
Davis, James (1890)
Davis, James (1897)
Davis, John
Davis, John (1901)
Davis, John H (1895)
Davis, J S
Davis, J S (1923)
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Marmaduke
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mattie (1915)
Davis, Moream
Davis, Robert
Davis, Samuel (1900)
Davis, Sanford
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas M (1933)
Davis, William
Davis, Wilson
DeCrow, Sarah
Delaney, John M (1900)
Delano, Amasa
Delano, Ichabod
Dempsey, Armsted
Dempsey, Helen (1909)
Dempsey, Hellen (1907)
Dempsey, Joshua (1902)
Dempsey, Joshua (1903)
Dempsey, Richard
Dempsey, Willis (1882)
Demsey, Peter
Denman, Charles
Denman, Christopher
Denny, Orlando
Dickinson, Samuel
Digby, James
Dildy, Henry (1932)
Dillon, Benjamin
Dillon, Samuel
Docton, Jacob
Docton, Thomas
Doe, Ralph
Dollonson, James
Donaldson, Andrew
Donaldson, Elizabeth
Donaldson, Isabella
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, Robert
Donaldson, Spencer
Donaldson, William
Done, Mary
Donman, Christopher
Douglas, John (1924)
Douglas, Samuel
Douglas, Shepard (1887)
Douglas, Shephard (1886)
Dowdy, Comfort
Downing, Oscar (1933)
Downing, William
Draper, Joseph
Draper, Peter
Draper, Silas
Drew, Sallie (1934)
Drew, Willie (1935)
Dudley, Edward
Duke, T H
Durant, George
Eason, Abraham
Eason, Abram (1926)
Eason, Alfred (1866)
Eason, Demsey
Eason, Elisha
Eason, George
Eason, Isaac
Eason, Jacob
Eason, John (1900)
Eason, Noah (1896)
Eason, Noah (1932)
Eason, Solomon
Eason, Solomon (1906)
Eason, Thomas
Eason, Thomas & Rice
Eborn, Mary J (1891)
Ebrom, Mozella (1917)
Edenless, Thomas
Edmondson, James
Edmondson, John H
Edwards, Henry
Edwards, James
Edwards, Sanford
Edwards, Thomas
Egan, Robert
Eggerton, James
Elliot, Abraham
Elliot, Alphin
Elliot, Angelia
Elliot, Anthony B
Elliot, Avery
Elliot, Bar
Elliot, Benjamin
Elliot, Caleb
Elliot, Charles
Elliot, E
Elliot, Elisha
Elliot, Elizabeth
Elliot, Ephraim
Elliot, Exum
Elliot, Francis
Elliot, Frederick
Elliot, Gabril
Elliot, John
Elliot, Joseph
Elliot, Lydia
Elliot, Moses
Elliot, Myles
Elliot, Obed
Elliot, Pritlow
Elliot, Rachel
Elliot, Sally
Elliot, Silas
Elliot, Stephen
Elliott, A B
Elliott, A B (1891)
Elliott, Abel
Elliott, Alfred (1930)
Elliott, Alfred B
Elliott, Allen & Annie (1933)
Elliott, Alpheus
Elliott, Ann
Elliott, Anthony B (1890)
Elliott, A R (1877)
Elliott, Axey
Elliott, Barnobah & Leah
Elliott, Charles
Elliott, Charles (1881)
Elliott, Cyntha
Elliott, Dempsey
Elliott, Demsey
Elliott, Demsy
Elliott, E H (1890)
Elliott, E H (1892)
Elliott, Elizabeth
Elliott, Exum (1891)
Elliott, Exum (1893)
Elliott, Exum (1920)
Elliott, H
Elliott, Hague
Elliott, Hannah
Elliott, Henderson
Elliott, Henry
Elliott, Henry (1892)
Elliott, H I (1878)
Elliott, Hugh (1885)
Elliott, Hugh (1891)
Elliott, Humphrey
Elliott, Humphrey (1879)
Elliott, Humphrey J (1878)
Elliott, Husha
Elliott, Isaac
Elliott, James
Elliott, J E (1922)
Elliott, Joab
Elliott, John
Elliott, Jon
Elliott, Jonathan
Elliott, Jordan D
Elliott, Joseph
Elliott, Joseph G
Elliott, Joshua
Elliott, Josiah
Elliott, Josiah, Reverend (1928)
Elliott, Julian
Elliott, Julianna
Elliott, K R (1913)
Elliott, Lilla Bell (1892)
Elliott, Louisa (1940)
Elliott, Lydia (1869)
Elliott, Marey
Elliott, Martha
Elliott, Martha (1874)
Elliott, Martha (1905)
Elliott, Martha W (1892)
Elliott, Mary
Elliott, Mary (1869)
Elliott, Mary I (1915)
Elliott, M E (1891)
Elliott, Miriam
Elliott, Mordica
Elliott, Myles
Elliott, Nathan
Elliott, Nathan Ray (1929)
Elliott, Nixon
Elliott, Norfleet
Elliott, Ocia C (1932)
Elliott, Penelope (1904)
Elliott, Penelope (1905)
Elliott, Rachel
Elliott, Robinson
Elliott, Ruth
Elliott, Soloman
Elliott, S R
Elliott, S R (1923)
Elliott, Staunton
Elliott, Stephen
Elliott, Theophilus
Elliott, Theophilus (1914)
Elliott, Thomas
Elliott, Thos (1872)
Elliott, Townsend
Elliott, W C (1929)
Elliott, William
Elliott, William B
Elliott, William D (1895)
Elliott, William E
Elliott, Willis
Elliott, Wilson W (1883)
Elliott, Winslow
Elliot, William
Ellis, Isaac (1914)
Ellis, John
Elton, Zachariah
Erwin, Francis
Eure, Daniel W (1920)
Eure, George (1930)
Eure, Mary J (1890)
Eure, Mary Jane (1891)
Eure, Mildred
Eure, M L (1913)
Eure, Uriah (1891)
Evans, Albert
Evans, Albert R (1873)
Evans, A R
Evans, Chalkey
Evans, Elizabeth
Evans, Elizabeth A (1916)
Evans, James
Evans, James (1838)
Evans, John
Evans, Joseph
Evans, J R (1910)
Evans, Margaret (1853)
Evans, Phineas
Evans, Robert
Evans, Robertson
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William
Everett, Chas J (1920)
Everett, E E (1914)
Everett, J W (1925)
Everett, N Thach (1918)
Everett, N Thatch (1916)
Everidge, Willis
Farmer, J L (1921)
Farmer, M L
Farnell, Benjamin
Faulk, John A (1913)
Fauntleroy, Saddie B (1925)
Felt, James
Felt, Job
Felt, John
Felton, Alec (1940)
Felton, Alexander S (1924)
Felton, Ann
Felton, Charles (1914)
Felton, Elisha
Felton, Elisha Jacob (1880)
Felton, Elizabeth
Felton, Fannie (1885)
Felton, Geoffrey (1922)
Felton, George W
Felton, Gladys Elizabeth (1916)
Felton, Isabella (1908)
Felton, Jno (1871)
Felton, Job
Felton, John
Felton, John (1869)
Felton, John (1891)
Felton, John H (1922)
Felton, John R
Felton, John R (1885)
Felton, Joseph L (1885)
Felton, Josephus (1888)
Felton, Josephus T (1888)
Felton, J R (1929)
Felton, J T (1916)
Felton, Kader
Felton, L
Felton, Maggie (1929)
Felton, Mary E (1929)
Felton, M V
Felton, Oliver (1909)
Felton, Richard
Felton, Richard (1891)
Felton, Richard (1892)
Felton, Robert
Felton, Sarah (1839)
Felton, Shadrack
Felton, Whitmal
Felton, William
Fendall, Robert
Ferebee, Emma (1928)
Ferebee, George (1839)
Ferebee, William
Ferrell, John
Ferrell, John (1889)
Ferrell, O D
Field, D M (1926)
Field, Mathie C (1918)
Fields, Christian
Fields, D M
Fields, D M, Sr. (1928)
Fields, James
Files, Jesse
Fisher, Benton
Fisher, Hezekiah
Fisher, Robertson
Fitts, Thomas
Fivash, John
Fivash, Noah
Fivash, Thomas
Fiveash, Aully
Flanagan, J C (1932)
Flanagan, Peter (1888)
Flangleton, Zessie C (1932)
Fleetwod, Thomas J (1886)
Fleetwood, Ashley
Fleetwood, G B (1888)
Fleetwood, George B (1892)
Fleetwood, J F (1931)
Fleetwood, Jn (1891)
Fleetwood, Joseph S (1872)
Fleetwood, L J (1892)
Fleetwood, Perthenia (1833)
Fleetwood, T J (1895)
Fleetwood, Wilson M (1879)
Fleetwood, W M (1879)
Fleetwood, W M (1880)
Fleming, Rosannah
Fletcher, Frederick
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, Jesse
Fletcher, Joshua
Fletcher, Lemmuel (1850)
Fletcher, M R (1917)
Fletcher, Ralph
Fletcher, William
Fletcher, Zachariah
Floyd, Elizabeth
Floyd, Gillan
Floyd, Gizzell (1876)
Floyd, Grizzell (1873)
Floyd, Thomas
Floyd, Willie I (1914)
Forbes, Isaac W
Forcom, Peter
Ford, Charles M
Forehand, Daniel
Forehand, Ephriam (1893)
Foreland, Ephriam (1895)
Foster, Ann
Foster, Edmond
Foster, Eleanor
Foster, Elizabeth
Foster, Ellen
Foster, Elsbery
Foster, Francis
Foster, Frederick
Foster, George
Foster, James
Foster, John
Foster, John B
Foster, John H
Foster, Joseph (1872)
Foster, Lydia
Foster, Martha
Foster, Mary
Foster, Parthenia
Foster, William
Fowler, Wm H (1915)
Franklin, Prentice
Freeman, David
Freer, James L
Frur, G H (1871)
Fuller, Reuben
Gair, Thomas
Gaither, W G (1918)
Gambrel, John
Garesh, Edward
Garner, James
Garret, Mary
Garret, Priscilla
Garrett, William H (1891)
Gatling, James (1883)
Gatling, James (1908)
Gatling, John
Gatling, M E (1899)
Gaylord, David (1912)
Gibbs, F D
Gibbs, Selby
Gibson, Abigail
Gibson, James
Gibson, John
Gibson, Samuel
Gibson, Samuel (1878)
Gier, John
Gil, Ariah
Gilbert, Benjamin
Gilbert, Henry
Gilbert, James
Gilbert, Joel
Gilbert, Joseph
Gilbert, Josiah
Gilbert, Priscilla
Gilbert, William
Gilby, William
Giles, J H (1909)
Gilliam, Anne
Gilliam, Hinchia
Gilliam, Nancey
Gillian, H
Godfrey, Benjamin
Godfrey, B F (1917)
Godfrey, Elizabeth (1839)
Godfrey, Francis
Godfrey, George
Godfrey, Gilbert
Godfrey, Hugh
Godfrey, Joseph
Godfrey, Joseph G (1870)
Godfrey, Joseph M
Godfrey, Joseph S
Godfrey, Sophia (1913)
Godfrey, Stephen M (1901)
Godfrey, Thomas
Godfrey, Tully
Godfrey, William
Godfrey, Winne
Godfrey, Zadock
Godfrey, Z M
Godfry, Tully (1847)
Godwin, Agatha
Godwin, Harriet
Goodman, C L R (1884)
Goodman, C L R (1888)
Goodman, Daniel H
Goodman, Elizabeth
Goodman, H A (1910)
Goodman, H A (1911)
Goodman, Thomas E (1894)
Goodwin, Caleb
Goodwin, Calvin (1877)
Goodwin, Catharine
Goodwin, Charles
Goodwin, Easter A (1919)
Goodwin, Elisha B (1923)
Goodwin, Elizabeth
Goodwin, George
Goodwin, Henderson
Goodwin, Henderson (1870)
Goodwin, Henry E (1918)
Goodwin, Henry J (1918)
Goodwin, Jacob
Goodwin, James M
Goodwin, Job
Goodwin, Job A (1886)
Goodwin, John
Goodwin, J P (1919)
Goodwin, Levi A (1918)
Goodwin, Lucretia
Goodwin, Margarett (1837)
Goodwin, Miles
Goodwin, Peachy
Goodwin, Penelope
Goodwin, R E
Goodwin, Richard
Goodwin, Sallie (1914)
Goodwin, Sarah E (1914)
Goodwin, Theo (1881)
Goodwin, Theophilus (1881)
Goodwin, Virginia (1915)
Goodwin, William
Goodwin, William P
Goodwin, W W (1902)
Gording, John
Gording, Nathaniel
Gordon, Benjamin W
Gordon, Ella (1937)
Gordon, Foster
Gordon, George B
Gordon, Isa B
Gordon, James (1895)
Gordon, John
Gordon, John N
Gordon, Joseph
Gordon, Joseph N (1838)
Gordon, Marie S
Gordon, Nathaniel
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Robert A
Gordon, William
Gotliff, John R
Grailin, Thomas
Gramby, Josaih T (1891)
Granbery, I G, Mrs. (1899)
Granbery, James
Granbery, J G (1889)
Granbery, Josiah
Granbery, Josiah T
Granbery, S A, Mrs. (1881)
Granbery, Thomas
Grandy, C W, Sr. (1921)
Grandy, Dempsey
Graves, James
Graves, Phineas
Gray, B F (1927)
Gray, Dempsy
Gray, Jacob
Gray, Lavey
Gray, Nathan (1871)
Gray, Richard
Greaves, James W
Greenbery, Isa, Mrs. (1898)
Greenbury, Jn G (1891)
Green, Margaret (1900)
Green, Margaret, Mrs. (1903)
Green, Sam (1926)
Greer, Bartley
Gregory, Alif
Gregory, B F
Gregory, B F (1882)
Gregory, B F (1923)
Gregory, Catherine
Gregory, Hardy
Gregory, Harry & Martha
Gregory, Isaac
Gregory, Isaac (1800)
Gregory, J A (1933)
Gregory, James
Gregory, John
Gregory, John, Sr. (1924)
Gregory, Jos B (1880)
Gregory, Jos B (1882)
Gregory, Jos B, Mrs. (1882)
Gregory, Joseph (1880)
Gregory, Mary L (1895)
Gregory, Mathias
Gregory, Noah Paul (1916)
Gregory, Olivia (1884)
Gregory, Richard
Gregory, Thomas
Gregory, T N (1935)
Gregory, T R
Gregory, William
Gregory, Willie, Jr. (1939)
Grey, Nathan
Griffin, Amos
Griffin, Brinkley
Griffin, Charity
Griffin, Eliab
Griffin, Elizabeth (1898)
Griffin, George
Griffin, Hannah
Griffin, James
Griffin, Jesse
Griffin, Jno (1877)
Griffin, John
Griffin, Jonathan
Griffin, Josiah
Griffin, Leah
Griffin, Lydia
Griffin, Mary (1853)
Griffin, Nathan (1834)
Griffin, Nathaniel
Griffin, Noah
Griffin, Rubin
Griffin, Silva
Griffin, Thomas (1930)
Griffin, William
Griffin, Willis C (1873)
Griffin, W L (1896)
Griffin, W L (1897)
Guyer, John
Guyer, Joseph
Guyer, Joshua
Guyer, Miriam
Guy, Mary
Guy, William
Guy, William M
Hagley, Penelope (1883)
Hale, Henry
Hall, Charles
Hall, Daniel
Hall, Edward
Hall, Elizabeth
Hallenbeck, Jasper
Hall, Henry
Hall, Isaac
Hall, Jacob
Hall, James
Hall, John
Hall, John L (1912)
Hall, Mary
Hall, Miles
Hall, Nancy
Hallowell, Abner
Hall, Penelope
Hall, Rachel
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Samuel (1891)
Hall, Samuel (1893)
Hall, Shadrach
Hall, William
Halsey, Edmund
Halsey, Frederick
Halsey, Jeremiah
Halsey, John
Halsey, L B
Halsey, Lydia
Halsey, Martha
Halsey, Mary M Halsey
Halsey, Nancy
Halsey, Samuel
Halsey, Theaph L
Halsey, Thomas
Halsey, William
Hamelton, Daniel
Hancock, John
Hancock, William G (1869)
Harding, Mary
Hardin, Henry
Hardy, F B
Hardy, Joseph
Hardy, Joseph S
Hardy, Margaret F
Hardy, Robert
Hare, James Robert (1873)
Hare, Josiah (1927)
Hare, Robert (1917)
Hare, W N (1920)
Harfield, Nancy F
Harison, Miley
Harmand, Robert
Harmon, Caleb
Harmon, James
Harmon, John
Harmon, Steven
Harmon, William
Harrell, Ansel
Harrell, Dempsey
Harrell, Demsey
Harrell, Dorcas
Harrell, Elsie (1927)
Harrell, George
Harrell, Hance (1838)
Harrell, James
Harrell, James E (1870)
Harrell, J L (1891)
Harrell, John (1918)
Harrell, Lavinia (1928)
Harrell, Martin
Harrell, Rachel
Harrell, Ricks (1886)
Harrell, Rix E (1897)
Harrell, Silas
Harrell, Thomas
Harrell, Trim S
Harrell, Trim S (1922)
Harrell, Virginia (1896)
Harrel, Richard
Harris, Jon
Harris, Martha (1909)
Harris, Martha (1910)
Harrison, Robert
Harrison, William
Hartmus, Peter
Harvey, Anne Blount
Harvey, Benjamin, Colonel
Harvey, Benjamin Franklin
Harvey, Eliza
Harvey, John
Harvey, John, Colonel
Harvey, John E
Harvey, John, Major
Harvey, Julianna B
Harvey, Lavinia
Harvey, Martha P
Harvey, Mary
Harvey, Miles
Harvey, Miles, Colonel
Harvey, Miles Edward
Harvey, Robert Miles
Harvey, Thomas
Harvey, Thomas, Colonel
Harvey, Thomas H
Harvey, William
Hasket, Elizabeth (1880)
Haskett, Abram
Haskett, Albert (1909)
Haskett, Alice
Haskett, Anthony
Haskett, Chloe (1892)
Haskett, Eli
Haskett, Elizabeth
Haskett, Elizabeth (1878)
Haskett, Henry
Haskett, Jesse
Haskett, John
Haskett, John W
Haskett, Joseph
Haskett, Joseph N
Haskett, Joshua
Haskett, Joshua S
Haskett, Josiah
Haskett, Keziah
Haskett, Miles
Haskett, Miley
Haskett, Nannie (1926)
Haskett, Nathan
Haskett, Rachel
Haskett, Silas
Haskett, Thomas
Haskett, Thomas J (1880)
Haskett, William
Haskett, William Jr.
Haskett, William Sr.
Haskett, W M (1926)
Haskins, Alethia S (1917)
Haskins, Joseph N
Haskins, Thomas (1869)
Haskitt, Eli
Haskitt, John W
Haskitt, Miles
Haskitt, William
Hassell, Benj F (1918)
Hassell, Henry (1916)
Hassell, Isaac
Hassell, Rebeca
Hassell, Richard D
Hassell, Rosa (1918)
Hatch, Anthony
Hatfield, Elizabeth (1886)
Hatfield, Henry
Hatfield, John
Hatfield, Richard
Hatfield, William
Hathaway, Burton W (1917)
Hathaway, B W
Hathaway, Mark D (1916)
Hathaway, Nathaniel
Hathaway, Thomas (1898)
Hathaway, Thomas N (1897)
Haughton, Charles
Haughton, James
Haughton, M
Haughton, Richard
Haughton, Samuel G
Hawkins, Geo T (1918)
Hawkins, John
Hayman, W N (1936)
Heatfield, Elizabeth (1885)
Hedrick, Jno S (1884)
Hedrick, Lillie D (1886)
Hemphlett, F W (1919)
Henby, James
Henby, John
Henby, Joseph
Henby, Margaret
Henby, Nathan
Henby, Silvanus
Henby, Thomas
Henderson, Ezekil
Hendren, John
Hendrick, Jeremiah
Hendrick, Sarah
Hendricks, David
Hendricks, Jobe
Hendricks, Joseph
Hendricks, Joseph (1884)
Hendrick, Solomon
Hendricks, Seth H (1883)
Hendricks, Seth & Sarah
Hendrix, J A (1885)
Hendrix, J C (1885)
Hendrix, John M (1884)
Hendrix, Mary (1837)
Hendrix, Solomon
Herring, W R (1932)
Hewitt, John Sr.
Hill, Asa
Hill, Jesse
Hill, John
Hill, Joseph H (1909)
Hill, Josie (1922)
Hill, Thomas
Hinds, John
Hinton, Drusilla
Hinton, James W (1933)
Hinton, John R (1896)
Hinton, Jonas
Hinton, Reuben (1884)
Hinton, Reubin (1885)
Hinton, William S (1875)
Hobbs, C N
Hobbs, C N (1926)
Hobbs, Daniel
Hobbs, David R (1901)
Hobbs, Elizabeth (1879)
Hobbs, J C (1920)
Hobbs, Reubin
Hodges, John
Hodges, Joseph
Hoffler, H A
Hoffler, J E
Hoffler, J E (1916)
Hoffler, J H (1926)
Hoffler, Joseph (1908)
Hoffler, Mariam (1924)
Hoffler, Thomas H (1911)
Hoffler, Thos H (1912)
Holley, Pattie (1933)
Holloway, Hannah
Holloway, James
Holloway, John
Holloway, Sarah
Holloway, Seth
Hollowell, Aaron
Hollowell, Allen (1891)
Hollowell, Allen (1892)
Hollowell, Charles E (1904)
Hollowell, Chas E (1903)
Hollowell, Daniel
Hollowell, Edmund (1890)
Hollowell, Edmund (1891)
Hollowell, Elizabeth
Hollowell, Ezekiel
Hollowell, George
Hollowell, H C (1931)
Hollowell, Henry
Hollowell, James
Hollowell, Joel
Hollowell, Joel (1872)
Hollowell, John
Hollowell, John B (1888)
Hollowell, John R
Hollowell, Margaret S (1892)
Hollowell, Mary E (1869)
Hollowell, Nathan
Hollowell, Rachel
Hollowell, Rebecah
Hollowell, Reddick
Hollowell, Reddick (1869)
Hollowell, Reddick (1891)
Hollowell, Ruben
Hollowell, Thomas
Hollowell, William
Hollowell, William (1893)
Hollowell, William B
Hollowell, William R (1890)
Hollowell, Willis
Hollowell, Z W (1909)
Hollowwell, B C (1931)
Holly, Levy (1909)
Holly, Miles (1910)
Holmes, J B
Holmes, J B (1923)
Holsea, Lydia
Holt, Samuel
Holt, Samuel (1882)
Hooker, John
Hooper, Joseph
Hopkins, Isaac W
Hopkins, Philip
Hornbee, William
Horten, James
Hosea, Jo
Hosea, Joseph
Hosea, Lemuel
Hosea, Robert
Hosea, Thomas
Hosea, William
Hoskins, Bachus (1898)
Hoskins, B S, Mrs. (1940)
Hoskins, Edmund
Hoskins, Martha A (1887)
Hoskins, Samuel
Houghton, James
Howard, Anna
Howard, John H (1919)
Howell, Cornelia A (1900)
Howell, Cornilla (1898)
Howell, G K (1905)
Howell, R E (1898)
Howe, Nelly
Howett, Abraham
Howett, T B (1868)
Howett, William
Hudgins, Eliz
Hudgins, Geo W (1871)
Hudgins, Margaret
Hudgins, Milton
Hudgins, Thomas W
Hudson, John
Hudson, Mary
Hudson, Uriah
Hudson, Wilkensin
Hudson, William R
Hughes, Annie C (1925)
Hughes, Gideon (1861)
Hughes, Jos A (1884)
Hughes, Jos A (1885)
Hughs, J
Humphlett, Frank (1920)
Humphress, William
Humphrey, James
Humphries, Alfred (1887)
Humphries, Benj F (1911)
Humphries, B F (1912)
Humphries, Calvin (1873)
Humphries, Calvin (1891)
Humphries, H W (1921)
Humphries, I G (1879)
Humphries, J G (1879)
Humphries, J L (1879)
Humphries, John
Humphries, Jos G (1877)
Humphries, Richard (1910)
Humphries, W A (1945)
Humphries, William
Hunter, Daniel
Hunter, H R (1921)
Hunter, Ida R (1894)
Hunter, Jesse
Hunter, J J
Hunter, J L (1881)
Hunter, J Martin
Hunter, J Martin (1927)
Hunter, John L (1870)
Hunter, Lucy (1916)
Hunter, M H (1906)
Hunter, Robert E (1903)
Hunter, Thomas
Hunter, Thos E (1908)
Hunter, Thos E (1909)
Hunter, Watson H (1940)
Hunter, W H (1906)
Hunter, W H (1915)
Hunter, William H (1906)
Hurdle, Abraham
Hurdle, Abram
Hurdle, Cherry (1926)
Hurdle, Elizabeth
Hurdle, Florence (1936)
Hurdle, H B (1902)
Hurdle, Henrietta
Hurdle, Henrietta Hobbs (1925)
Hurdle, Henry
Hurdle, Jake (1928)
Hurdle, Jesse (1939)
Hurdle, John
Hurdle, John N (1923)
Hurdle, John Q (1904)
Hurdle, John Q (1905)
Hurdle, John W (1914)
Hurdle, Joseph
Hurdle, Joseph Jr.
Hurdle, Joshua A (1925)
Hurdle, Joshua W
Hurdle, Joshua W (1923)
Hurdle, J W
Hurdle, J W (1916)
Hurdle, Mary E (1921)
Hurdle, Quinton R (1924)
Hurdle, Richard
Hurdle, Richard (1925)
Hurdle, Robert
Hurdle, Thomas
Hurdle, Virginia A (1930)
Hurdle, Wesley (1914)
Hurst, James (1921)
Hutchins, Joshua
Hyatt, James H
Hyatt, James H (1884)
Ives, Jesse
Ivey, John (1914)
Ivey, Nathan (1883)
Jackson, Aaron
Jackson, Ben J (1881)
Jackson, Benjamin (1883)
Jackson, Courtney
Jackson, C W (1876)
Jackson, David (1881)
Jackson, David (1891)
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, George
Jackson, George W (1876)
Jackson, George W (1909)
Jackson, Geo W (1910)
Jackson, Harry
Jackson, James
Jackson, J D (1901)
Jackson, J Dillard (1910)
Jackson, Jesse
Jackson, Jesse & Nancy
Jackson, Jno
Jackson, John
Jackson, John (1892)
Jackson, John R (1918)
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, J R (1917)
Jackson, Leroy
Jackson, Major A (1912)
Jackson, Mary Ann (1920)
Jackson, Moses
Jackson, Moses (1876)
Jackson, Nancy
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, Thomas, Captain
Jackson, Thomas E (1904)
Jackson, Tully (1860)
Jackson, William
Jackson, William (1871)
Jackson, William L (1892)
Jackson, W L (1892)
Jacocks, Anne (1869)
Jacocks, Charles W
Jacocks, D C (1925)
Jacocks, Elizabeth
Jacocks, Elizabeth B
Jacocks, Jonathan H
Jacocks, Margaret
Jacocks, Martha A
Jacocks, Mrs.
Jacocks, Thomas L
Jamason, Edward H (1837)
James, Henry (1939)
Jarvis, Charles
Jarvis, Moses
Jaycox, D C
Jempson, Richard
Jenkins, George
Jenkins, John D
Jenkins, R C Dr. (1882)
Jenkins, R C, Dr. (1882)
Jenkins, Samuel H, Sr. & Pennie (1920)
Jenkins, William
Jennett, Abraham
Jennette, Cain (1922)
Jennett, Jeremiah & Hezekiah
Jennett, John
Jennett, William
Jenning, George W (1921)
Jennings, James
Jernikin, Eliza
Jessop, Enoch
Jessop, Rachel
Jessop, Thomas (1883)
Jessop, Timothy C (1885)
Jessup, Ann
Jessup, Enoch
Jessup, J C (1930)
Jessup, Jesse
Jessup, Jesse (1874)
Jessup, J J (1931)
Jessup, Joshua
Jessup, Joshua G
Jessup, Julia A (1901)
Jessup, Kate P (1928)
Jessup, Mary E (1890)
Jessup, Rachel
Jessup, Sarah
Jessup, Thomas
Jessup, Thomas (1744)
Jessup, Thomas (1883)
Jessup, Timothy
Jessup, William T
Jessup, W L
Jessup, W L (1924)
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Edward (1900)
Johnson, Edward (1911)
Johnson, Florence (1933)
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joshua
Johnson, Lucius
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, Stephen (1925)
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William
Jolliff, J G (1934)
Jolliff, Joshua
Jolliff, Joshua G
Joner, J L (1920)
Jones, Anderson (1926)
Jones, Andrew E
Jones, Andrew E (1925)
Jones, Anne
Jones, Charles
Jones, Chas C (1923)
Jones, Daniel
Jones, D N (1892)
Jones, Edmond
Jones, Edna (1859)
Jones, Edward
Jones, Edwin
Jones, Evan
Jones, Francis
Jones, Henry
Jones, Isaac
Jones, James
Jones, Jane (1908)
Jones, Jane (1909)
Jones, J L (1921)
Jones, John
Jones, John (1895)
Jones, John (1928)
Jones, Jordan L
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Joseph H
Jones, Joshua
Jones, Josiah
Jones, Malashy
Jones, Maleciah
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Mariam
Jones, Mary
Jones, Matthew
Jones, Matthew (1856)
Jones, Miles (1919)
Jones, M W
Jones, M W (1925)
Jones, Neppie
Jones, Neppie (1927)
Jones, Owen
Jones, Peter
Jones, Peter T
Jones, Rachel
Jones, Robert
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah E
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Thomas F
Jones, William
Jones, William B
Jones, William H
Jones, Zachariah
Jones, Zephenian
Jordan, Benjamin
Jordan, D A (1881)
Jordan, David (1884)
Jordan, Demsey (1882)
Jordan, Docton M
Jordan, Donnie (1888)
Jordan, D T (1889)
Jordan, Eliza
Jordan, Eliza (1886)
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Harvey
Jordan, Henry (1884)
Jordan, Henry (1885)
Jordan, Henry (1917)
Jordan, Henry R (1853)
Jordan, Icabod
Jordan, Jno P
Jordan, John
Jordan, Joseph
Jordan, Josiah
Jordan, Leon (1933)
Jordan, Martha & H A (1914)
Jordan, Martha J (1930)
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Matthew
Jordan, Matthew O
Jordan, Matthew T
Jordan, Robert
Jordan, Robert B (1909)
Jordan, Robt S (1877)
Jordan, R S
Jordan, R S (1929)
Jordan, Thomas
Jordan, Thomas M
Jordan, W H (1898)
Jordan, William (1882)
Jordan, William (1883)
Keaton, John
Keaton, Joseph
Keaton, W H (1909)
Keaton, William F (1874)
Keaton, W T (1879)
Kennedy, Thomas (1869)
Kenyan, John
Kenyon, Exum
Kenyon, Roger
King, Francis
King, J J
King, John
King, Sarah B (1847)
King, Thomas
Kinion, (n. d.)
Kinney, C R (1847)
Kinyon, Ann M
Kinyon, Duke
Kinyon, Joab
Kinyon, John
Kinyon, John W (1840)
Kinyon, Joseph
Kinyon, Josiah
Kinyon, Levi
Kinyon, Rachel
Kinyon, Roger
Kinyon, Thomas
Kinyon, William (1800)
Kippin, Martha Ann (1760)
Kirby, Samuel H (n. d.)
Kirby, S R (1922)
Kirkby, Benjamin (1756)
Kirkpatrich, Hugh (1827)
Kirkpatrick, Robert G (1832)
Knight, Joshua (1867)
Knight, Nathan (1845)
Knights, Penny (1845)
Knight, William (1866)
Knoles, Adam (1762)
Knoles, John (n. d.)
Knowles, Abner (1822)
Knowles, Adam (1761)
Knowles, Charles (1824)
Knowles, Elizabeth (1828)
Knowles, John (n. d.)
Knowles, Thomas (n. d.)
Knowles, William (n. d.)
Knowls, William (n. d.)
Knox, Ambrose (n. d.)
Knox, Andrew (n. d.)
Knox, Margaret (1790)
Laboyteaux, John (1857)
Laboyteaux, Sarah (1837)
Lacey, Henry (n. d.)
Lacey, Isaac (n. d.)
Lacey, James (1807)
Lacey, John (1786)
Lacey, Joseph (n. d.)
Lacey, Miley (1833)
Lacey, Miriam (1807)
Lacey, Nathan (1797)
Lacey, Nathan (1829)
Lacey, Thomas (1752)
Lacey, William (1795)
Lacey, William (n. d.)
Lamb, Ageron C (1916)
Lamb, Armija (n. d.)
Lamb, Armijah (n. d.)
Lamb, Benjamin (1895)
Lamb, C W (1910)
Lamb, Dorothy (1889)
Lamb, Henry (1861)
Lamb, Henry (n. d.)
Lamb, Isaac (1781)
Lamb, Isaac (1836)
Lamb, John (1869)
Lamb, John (n. d.)
Lamb, John N (1908)
Lamb, John N (1909)
Lamb, Joseph (1877)
Lamb, Joseph (n. d.)
Lamb, Joseph R (1878)
Lamb, Mary (1828)
Lamb, Phineas (1809)
Lamb, Restore (1823)
Lamb, Rubin (1825)
Lamb, Thomas (1897)
Lamb, Thomas W (1878)
Lamb, William (1774)
Lamb, William (n. d.)
Lamb, Willis (1891)
Lamb, Willis (1907)
Lamb, Willis W (1907)
Lamb, Zachariah (1804)
Landing, America (1936)
Lane, Alethia (1898)
Lane, Alexander (1884)
Lane, Amos (1830)
Lane, Caleb (n. d.)
Lane, Calvin S (1890)
Lane, Cardelia J (1908)
Lane, Charles (1883)
Lane, Cordelia (1908)
Lane, Demsey (n. d.)
Lane, Edmund (n. d.)
Lane, Edward (1900)
Lane, George L (1883)
Lane, George M (1923)
Lane, Harmon (n. d.)
Lane, Harmon T (1929)
Lane, H C (1885)
Lane, Henby (n. d.)
Lane, Henry (1829)
Lane, Herman (1854)
Lane, H T (1929)
Lane, Israel (1807)
Lane, Jacob (n. d.)
Lane, James (1810)
Lane, Jas (1879)
Lane, Jessie (1943)
Lane, John (1807)
Lane, John (1848)
Lane, John Alf (1913)
Lane, John T (1924)
Lane, Joseph (1814)
Lane, Joseph (1820)
Lane, Martha Anne (1929)
Lane, Mary (1855)
Lane, Mary (1902)
Lane, Mary A (1879)
Lane, Miles (1879)
Lane, Moses (1796)
Lane, Myles (1878)
Lane, Nancy (1849)
Lane, Palen (1908)
Lane, Palin (1908)
Lane, Quinton (1858)
Lane, Rebekkah (1855)
Lane, Ruth A (1896)
Lane, Samuel (1841)
Lane, Samuel (1842)
Lane, S G (1926)
Lane, Stanton (1858)
Lane, T C (1927)
Lane, W H (1898)
Lane, Wiley (1889)
Lane, William (1804)
Lane, William (1856)
Lane, William (1866)
Lane, Willis (1880)
Lane, Willis (1882)
Lane, Wm E (1929)
Lane, W M, Mrs. (1938)
Lane, Woodrow Wilson (1933)
Langley, Willis (n. d.)
Langston, Laura (1924)
Larho, Frances (1791)
Larry, Sarah (n. d.)
Laverty, John (1855)
Law, Nathan (n. d.)
Lawrence, Rosa A (1927)
Law, William (1866)
Layden, Charles (1882)
Layden, Charles (1884)
Layden, Charles, Sr. (1882)
Layden, Columbus E (1919)
Layden, C T (1926)
Layden, Elizabeth (1826)
Layden, Francis (1759)
Layden, George (1762)
Layden, Henry (1884)
Layden, Isaac (1745)
Layden, Isaac (n. d.)
Layden, James (1904)
Layden, James (1905)
Layden, John W (1916)
Layden, J W (1898)
Layden, Mary (1803)
Layden, R D (1887)
Layden, R T (1928)
Layden, Sarah A (1887)
Layden, Thomas (1767)
Layden, Thomas (1793)
Layden, Thomas (1857)
Layden, Tulle (1812)
Layden, Wesley (1897)
Layden, William (1792)
Layden, William (n. d.)
Layden, William H (1888)
Layden, Wm Henry (1882)
Leary, Ebenezer (1771)
Leary, Isaac (1826)
Leary, Job (1802)
Leary, John (n. d.)
Leary, Justis (n. d.)
Leary, Richard (n. d.)
Leary, Thomas (n. d.)
Leary, Thomas H (n. d.)
Leigh, Elizabeth (1828)
Leigh, Emma (1924)
Leigh, Francis (n. d.)
Leigh, Gilbert (1802)
Leigh, Gilbert (n. d.)
Leigh, Grizzelle Jacocks (1932)
Leigh, H (1905)
Leigh, Holia (1902)
Leigh, James
Leigh, James (1881)
Leigh, James (1891)
Leigh, Jas
Leigh, Louis (1913)
Leigh, R H (1872)
Leigh, Richard
Leigh, Sarah (1871)
Lekies, J B (1891)
Lemmon, Joseph
Lente, Christopher L
Leonard, Samuel
Lewis, Abner S
Lewis, Thomas
Lilly, B F (1924)
Lilly, Celia
Lilly, Mills
Lilly, Polly (1901)
Lilly, Polly (1902)
Lilly, Thomas
Lilly, William
Lilly, Wilson A Caleb (1916)
Linard, Theophilus
Lindsey, John (1874)
Lindsey, Thomas (1897)
Linton, William
Lippencott, David
Little, John
Littlejohn, William
Lloyd, John
Lockwood, Hezekiah
Long, Doughtry
Long, Edward
Long, Elizabeth (1868)
Long, E M (1885)
Long, Grizzelle
Long, Harry (1912)
Long, Henry (1912)
Long, Henry A
Long, Ichabod
Long, James
Long, Joseph (1894)
Long, Joseph L (1893)
Long, Josheway
Long, Joshua
Long, Josiah
Long, Lemuel
Long, Martha
Long, Nathan
Long, Penelope
Long, Penina
Long, Samuel
Long, Samuel (1891)
Long, Sarah E (1839)
Long, Simeon
Long, S P
Long, Stephen
Long, Thomas
Long, Thomas B
Long, Thomas B (n. d.)
Long, Thos (1916)
Long, William (1760)
Long, William (n. d.)
Long, William P (1890)
Long, W N (1917)
Love, Thomas A (1861)
Love, William (1855)
Lowe, Asa (1894)
Lowe, Asa (1895)
Lowe, David Walton (1911)
Lowe, D W (1912)
Lowe, Edmund (1850)
Lowe, George (1786)
Lowe, George W (1916)
Lowe, Henry W (1890)
Lowe, Janis (1886)
Lowe, John (1852)
Lowe, Joshua (n. d.)
Lowe, Martha (1888)
Lowe, Martin (1867)
Lowe, Milton R (1918)
Lowe, Nancy (1854)
Lowe, Thomas J (n. d.)
Lowe, William (1901)
Lowey, Walter C (1904)
Lowry, John (1783)
Low, Thomas A (1861)
Loyd, Gray (1921)
Lum, Jacob (1845)
Lunsford, John & Mary (1799, 1806)
Lupton, John (1791)
Luten, Ephriam (1758)
Luten, Frederick (1816)
Lutz, Charles (1912)
Lutz, Charles H (1909)
Lutz, Mary L (1924)
Lyman, Wm A (1885)
Lynch, Cornelia J (1928)
Lynch, Nancy (1847)
Lynch, R B (1833)
Mackee, Joseph (1802)
Mackey, Joseph (1803)
Maddry, Chas (1941)
Malery, Cato (1927)
Malone, Ann R (1897)
Maning, Moses (1791)
Manley, William E (1923)
Mann, Ephraim (n. d.)
Manry, Joseph M (1912)
Mansfield, Calvin (1920)
Mansfield, Harvey (1914)
Mansfield, John (1895)
Mansfield, John (1896)
Mansfield, Sally Ann (1833)
Mansfield, Susan (1933)
Marcom, John (1830)
Marden, Joseph D (1906)
Mardre, Charles (1878)
Mardre, Elias (1837)
Mardre, George W (1855)
Mardre, Henderson (1837)
Mardre, John (n. d.)
Mardre, Joseph (1822)
Mardre, Joseph (1859)
Mardre, Joseph D (1907)
Mardre, Joycey (1859)
Mardre, Louisa (n. d.)
Mardre, Marey (1837)
Mardre, Margarett (1840)
Mardre, Rachel (1839)
Mardre, Sarah (n. d.)
Mardre, Willis (1925)
Mardre, Wilson (n. d.)
Mardre, Wilson L (1879)
Martin, Nathaniel (1784)
Martin, Thomas D (1822)
Mashborne, Penelope (1838)
Mason, Louisa (1828)
Mathesson, James (1839)
Mathews, Charles B (n. d.)
Mathews, Joseph (1886)
Mathews, Mathew (1899)
Mathews, Mathias (1883)
Mathias, Joseph (1798)
Mathias, Nathaniel (1766)
Matthews, Edgar (1931)
Matthews, Jos M (1886)
Matthews, Martin (1884)
Matthews, Matthew (1883)
Matthias, Elizabeth (1755)
Matthias, Isaiah (1788)
Matthias, John (1759)
Matthias, Mildred (1800)
Maudlen, Willis (1839)
Maudlin, Benjamin (1813)
Maudlin, Deborah (1816)
Maudlin, Edward (n. d.)
Maudlin, Ezekiel (1733)
Maudlin, Gidion (1777)
Maudlin, James (1802)
Maudlin, Jeremiah (1783)
Maudlin, Jethro (1763)
Maudlin, John (1780)
Maudlin, Nancy (n. d.)
Maudlin, Thomas (n. d.)
Maudlin, William (1823)
Maudlin, Willis (n. d.)
Maury, Joseph M (1912)
McAuley, Daniel (1841)
McClanahan, Samuel (n. d.)
McClannahan, Mary (1813)
McCloud, Mary (n. d.)
McClus, Charles (n. d.)
McCollom, Micom (1796)
McConnell, James (1775)
McCoy, Elizabeth (1837)
McCoy, James (1813)
McCoy, Jonathan (1813)
McCoy, Joseph (n. d.)
McCoy, Joshua (1820)
McCoy, Joshua (1822)
McCoy, Julia (1802)
McCoy, William (1795)
McDugal, Robert (1788)
McKeel, Michael (n. d.)
McKibbens, Frankey (1805)
McMullan, L W (1901)
McMullan, Pauline L (1908)
McMullan, Sallie Wood (1931)
McMullan, S W (1899)
McMullen, James (1775)
McMullen, Pauline L (1906)
McNider, James (1821)
McNider, John (n. d.)
McNider, Thomas (1817)
McNider, Thomas (n. d.)
McPherson, Ambrose (n. d.)
McPherson, James N (n. d.)
McPherson, Noah (1879)
McPherson, Willie (1839)
McPherson, Wm T (1907)
McPherson, Wylie (1840)
McShehy, Miles (1795)
Meades, Susanah (n. d.)
Meara, M A (1883)
Meara, Martha A (1883)
Meardre, Wilson L (1879)
Mebane, Alexander W (1847)
Meekins, Asa (1833)
Meekins, Sarah (1835)
Meirs, Thomas (1813)
Melick, P W (1905)
Messenger, Joseph (n. d.)
Metcalfe, George (1795)
Methias, Isaiah (n. d.)
Mewbern, Ann (1850)
Mewbern, George B (1826)
Midyett, H V (1871)
Miers, Anna (1816)
Miers, Thomas (1815)
Milbourne, Gustovus (1790)
Milbourne, William (1774)
Milburn, William (1782)
Millard, John (1737)
Miller, Alexander (1815)
Miller, David (1882)
Miller, David (1888)
Miller, George W (1920)
Miller, Hattie (1920)
Miller, James (1890)
Miller, J J (1912)
Miller, J M (1875)
Miller, Job (1790)
Miller, John (n. d.)
Miller, John Kelly (1947)
Miller, J T, Mrs. (1941)
Miller, J W (1926)
Miller, Marsha (1906)
Miller, Marsha (1908)
Miller, Monroe (1878)
Miller, Sarah (1802)
Miller, Suzanah (1826)
Miller, Thomas (1854)
Miller, Thomas (1875)
Mills, Nancy (1827)
Ming, Francis (n. d.)
Ming, Joseph (1751)
Ming, Lavenea (1835)
Ming, Thomas (1843)
Mitchel, Jas H (1880)
MItchell, Charles (1758)
Mitchell, George (1806)
Mitchell, William (n. d.)
Mitchel, Uriah (1901)
Mixon, C W (1843)
Mixon, Jeremiah (1784)
Mixon, Jeremiah (n. d.)
Modlin, Elihu (1883)
Modlin, Elisha (1882)
Modlin, Peter (1878)
Modlin, Samuel
Modlin, William
Modlin, Willis
Modrey, William G (1902)
Mons, Joseph
Montgomery, John C
Montgomery, Robert (1928)
Moore, A
Moore, Aaron
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Ann E
Moore, Augustus
Moore, Charles
Moore, Charles S (1881)
Moore, Cornelius
Moore, C S (1881)
Moore, Edward
Moore, Edward (1858)
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, George W (1926)
Moore, Gideon (1762)
Moore, Hannah
Moore, Hariet (1882)
Moore, Henry
Moore, Isaiah
Moore, James
Moore, James A (1912)
Moore, Jermimah
Moore, Jesse
Moore, John
Moore, Joshua
Moore, Lewis R (1899)
Moore, Nancy E
Moore, Nathan
Moore, Penelope
Moore, Robert
Moore, Sam
Moore, Samuel
Moore, Sarah (1827)
Moore, Sarah E (1886)
Moore, Thomas (1840)
Moore, Toms R (1899)
Moore, T R (1900)
Moore, Truman (1754)
Moore, Wiliam
Moore, William (1753)
Moore, William C
Moose, Edward
Mop, James (1886)
Moran, Burnell
Moran, Isaac
Moran, J J (1878)
Morehead, John
More, Robert
Morgan, Addie (1919)
Morgan, Addison H
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, C W (1927)
Morgan, Jacob
Morgan, James (1746)
Morgan, James C (1904)
Morgan, Jane
Morgan, Jas W (1909)
Morgan, J C (1904)
Morgan, John
Morgan, John A
Morgan, John M (1881)
Morgan, Jonathan
Morgan, Josiah
Morgan, Lydia
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Mathew
Morgan, Miley (1884)
Morgan, Milia (1885)
Morgan, T C (1915)
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, Timothy (1891)
Morgan, Timothy (1932)
Morgan, Timothy, Sr. (1871)
Morgan, Walter S (1892)
Morgan, Walter S (1894)
Morgan, W G (1897)
Morgan, William
Morgan, William W
Morris, A J
Morris, Anne (1935)
Morris, Benoni
Morris, David
Morris, Elijah (1898)
Morris, Eliza (1900)
Morris, John
Morris, John A
Morris, Jonathan
Morris, Joseph (1869)
Morris, Joseph H
Morris, Joseph O (1890)
Morris, Joshua
Morris, Macey
Morrison, John
Morris, Pritchard
Morris, Thomas
Morrow, Francis
Morse, Grandy (1878)
Morse, Grizzel (1881)
Morse, John
Morse, Mary
Morse, Richardson
Morse, Thomas (1882)
Morse, Tully
Moss, Gizzelle (1883)
Moss, James (1886)
Moss, John
Moss, Richardson
Mountague, Thomas
Mullen, Abraham
Mullen, Ann
Mullen, Asher
Mullen, Augustus T
Mullen, Benjamin
Mullen, George W
Mullen, Greenberry
Mullen, Isaac
Mullen, Jacob
Mullen, Jacob & Isaac
Mullen, James
Mullen, James W (1895)
Mullen, Jas W (1897)
Mullen, Jesse
Mullen, John
Mullen, Joseph
Mullen, Joseph (1791)
Mullen, Joseph B
Mullen, Joseph, Sr. (1891)
Mullen, Levi B
Mullen, Stephen
Mullen, Thomas
Mullen, William
Mullen, Wm T
Mullen, Zacock
Mullen, Zadock
Mullen, Zedock
Mullin, Rebeca
Mullin, William A
Mumford, James
Munden, A C (1879)
Munden, Ambrose (1877)
Munden, Benjamin
Munden, C M (1914)
Munden, Elisha
Munden, John B
Munden, Nancy
Munden, Nathan
Munden, Robertson
Munden, W H (1903)
Munden, William
Munden, Zacheriah
Munds, Joseph
Munds, Rebecca (1929)
Munsey, Joe (1920)
Murdaugh, John
Murdaugh, Joseph
Murdaugh, Josiah
Murdaugh, Millicent
Murphry, Joseph
Murphy, Morris
Murray, Annie (1932)
Murrey, J S (1920)
Muse, William T
Myers, White (1900)
Needham, James
Neill, Thomas
Newbern, George
Newbold, James (1880)
Newbold, James (1881)
Newbold, Jos (1891)
Newbold, K R (1931)
Newbold, Purnel
Newbold, Samuel
Newbold, William
Newbould, Marey
Newbould, Samuel
Newbould, William
Newbould, Willis
Newby, A J
Newby, Amelia
Newby, Arthur J (1929)
Newby, Baker
Newby, Caleb
Newby, C V (1904)
Newby, David G (1911)
Newby, Demsey
Newby, Edwin
Newby, Elizabeth
Newby, Elizabeth (1855)
Newby, Exum
Newby, Francis (1744)
Newby, Francis (1807)
Newby, Francis (1811)
Newby, Francis (1827)
Newby, Francis (1830)
Newby, G (1888)
Newby, Gabriel
Newby, George D (1914)
Newby, G E, Sr. (1936)
Newby, G H (1909)
Newby, Grizzel (1888)
Newby, Henry (1904)
Newby, James
Newby, James B
Newby, Jesse
Newby, John
Newby, John L (1872)
Newby, Jonathan
Newby, Joseph
Newby, Joseph (1845)
Newby, Mark
Newby, Martha
Newby, Martha (1877)
Newby, Martha S (1928)
Newby, Mary
Newby, Milly
Newby, Nancy
Newby, Nathan
Newby, Nathan (1884)
Newby, Rachel
Newby, Rebecca
Newby, Robert (n. d.)
Newby, Samuel (1776)
Newby, Samuel (n. d.)
Newby, Sarah (1779)
Newby, Thomas (n. d.)
Newby, William (n. d.)
Newby, William T (1894)
Newby, Willis (1806)
Newby, Wyke (1796)
Newby, Wyke (1848)
Newby, Zachariah (1793)
Newby, Zachariah (n. d.)
Newby, Z W (1842)
Newley, Carry (1904)
Newly, Martha (1877)
Newton, Christopher
Nichols, J (1820)
Nicholson, Gabriel (1829)
Nicholson, George W (1855)
Nicholson, Harriet A (1889)
Nicholson, Josiah (1853)
Nicholson, Josiah (1913)
Nicholson, Nathainel (1737)
Nicholson, Nathan (1821)
Nicholson, Sarah (1787)
Nicholson, Thomas (n. d.)
Nickerson, Nathaniel (1804)
Nickols, George (n. d.)
Nickols, John (n. d.)
Nielsen, Thos (1896)
Nixon, A C (1900)
Nixon, A C, Dr. (1900)
Nixon, Alexander (1901)
Nixon, Alexander, Sr. (1900)
Nixon, Benjamin (1808)
Nixon, Cornelia (1902)
Nixon, Cornelia (1904)
Nixon, Cornelius (1929)
Nixon, Delight (1778)
Nixon, Delight (n. d.)
Nixon, Elizabeth (1769)
Nixon, Frances (1896)
Nixon, Francis (1773)
Nixon, Francis (1870)
Nixon, Francis (1897)
Nixon, Frank (1896)
Nixon, Frederick (1784)
Nixon, George (n. d.)
Nixon, George N (1816)
Nixon, Hannah (1793)
Nixon, Harriet (1927)
Nixon, Henry (1798)
Nixon, James (1814)
Nixon, Jeremiah (1729)
Nixon, John (1786)
Nixon, John (1906)
Nixon, John (n. d.)
Nixon, Joseph (1790)
Nixon, Joseph (1830)
Nixon, Josiah L (1886)
Nixon, Julia G (1926)
Nixon, Julien G (1926)
Nixon, Maggie A (1936)
Nixon, Mary E (1932)
Nixon, Mary J (1889)
Nixon, Mary L (1921)
Nixon, Nathan (n. d.)
Nixon, Peninah (1787)
Nixon, Phineas (1813)
Nixon, Phineas (n. d.)
Nixon, Pierce (n. d.)
Nixon, Primas (1929)
Nixon, Samuel (n. d.)
Nixon, Samuel R
Nixon, Sarah
Nixon, Smith (1893)
Nixon, Thomas
Nixon, Thomas (1850)
Nixon, Thomas (1887)
Nixon, Thomas (1888)
Nixon, Thomas J (1926)
Nixon, T J
Nixon, T J, Jr. (1933)
Nixon, William
Nixon, William (1897)
Nixon, William (1926)
Nixon, W T
Nixon, W T (1924)
Nixon, Zachariah
Nixson, Absalah (1803)
Nixson, Absalah (1804)
Nixson, Delight (n. d.)
Nixson, John (1856)
Nixson, John W (n. d.)
Noles, Thomas
Norcom, Edward (1871)
Norcom, Elizabeth
Norcom, John
Norcom, Joseph
Norcom, Mary
Norcom, Penelope C (1918)
Norcom, Stephen (1928)
Norcom, Thomas
Norfleet, John
Norfleet, Sambo (1906)
Norfleet, William
Norfleet, William (1924)
Norman, Donnie S (1912)
Norman, L W (1935)
Norwood, John
Nowell, Walter H (1922)
Nurney, James (1908)
Nurney, James (1916)
Nurney, J S (1920)
Old, Hollowell
O’Malley, Matthew
O’Maly, Myles
O’Neal, Elizabeth
O’Neal, Jesse J (1911)
O’Neal, John
Onley, C A (1904)
Onley, W A
Onley, W A (1925)
Orkill, William
Outland, Joseph
Outlaw, J B (1869)
Outlaw, Rothie (1920)
Overman, Charles
Overman, Jacob
Overman, James
Overman, Jesse (1841)
Overman, John
Overman, Morgan
Overman, Thomas
Overman, Thomas, Jr.
Overman, W B (1873)
Overton, Benjamin
Overton, Elic
Overton, Francis
Overton, Ida Virginia (1934)
Overton, Jesse (1855)
Overton, John H (1934)
Overton, John P (1881)
Overton, Jonathan
Overton, Lemuel
Overton, Malachi
Overton, Martha
Overton, Owen
Overton, Reuben & Elizabeth (1921)
Overton, Rosanna (1883)
Overton, Samuel
Overton, W H (1909)
Overton, William (1861)
Overton, Zackariah (1870)
Owens, Sheppard A (1947)
Ownley, Elizabeth (1879)
Ownley, Elizabeth (1881)
Ownley, J A (1891)
Ownly, Andrew
Paden, Martha
Paleling, Thomas
Palmer, T E (1925)
Parish, Charles (1901)
Park, Bennonia
Park, Benonia
Park, Daniel
Parker, David (1875)
Parker, Edward (1886)
Parker, Elias (1836)
Parker, Elisha
Parker, Jacob
Parker, Jacob H (1931)
Parker, Jacob N
Parker, J H (1908)
Parker, J H (1909)
Parker, Joel
Parker, John
Parker, John D (1902)
Parker, John D (1903)
Parker, Peter
Parker, Pricilla (1931)
Parker, Robert
Parker, Seth
Parker, Stephen
Parker, William
Park, Humphrey
Park, Joseph
Parrish, Charlton (1901)
Parrish, J J
Parrish, J J (1928)
Parrish, John D (1920)
Parson, John
Parson, Levi
Parson, Nathan
Parson, Samuel
Parson, Sarah
Parsons, Asa
Parsons, John
Parsons, John (1870)
Parsons, John (1891)
Parsons, Washington (1880)
Paxtin, Richard (1869)
Pearce, Abner
Pearce, David
Pearce, James
Pearce, John
Pearce, Joseph
Pearce, Joshua
Pearce, Miriam
Pearce, Nathan
Pearce, Richard
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, William
Pearson, Eleazar
Pearson, John
Pearson, Levi
Pearson, Maryan
Pearson, Peter
Pearson, Rachael
Pearson, Sarah
Pearson, William
Peddycord, E Fannie Simpson (1927)
Peed, Daniel
Peed, James
Peed, Joel
Peed, Lemuel
Peed, Patience
Peel, Robert
Peirce, James
Peirce, Joseph
Peirce, Joshua
Peirce, Mary
Peirce, Miriam
Peirce, Thomas
Pender, John
Pender, L L B
Pendlenton, Margaret
Pendleton, Robert (1858)
Pendleton, Thomas
Penrice, Clarkinson
Perisho, Benjamin
Perisho, Frances
Perisho, James
Perisho, John
Perisho, Joseph
Perisho, Joseph (1801)
Perisho, Penninah
Perisho, Sarah
Perkins, Caleb
Perkins, Stephen (1934)
Perkins, William T
Perry, A A
Perry, A A (1869)
Perry, A A (1891)
Perry, A A (1915)
Perry, A, Dr. (1884)
Perry, Alex (1885)
Perry, Allen A (1927)
Perry, Ambrose
Perry, Amos
Perry, Anderson H (1882)
Perry, Anderson H (1884)
Perry, Asseaneth
Perry, Benjamin
Perry, Benjamin, Major
Perry, B F (1916)
Perry, Bragg (1933)
Perry, Cader
Perry, Charles W (1898)
Perry, Chloe
Perry, Christian
Perry, Cora Lee (1934)
Perry, C W (1899)
Perry, Daniel
Perry, Doctor A (1884)
Perry, Elisha
Perry, Elisha R (1882)
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Elliott
Perry, Emanuel (1931)
Perry, Erie
Perry, G P
Perry, Hannah
Perry, Hattie (1930)
Perry, Henry
Perry, Henry & Ambrose (1891)
Perry, H H (1884)
Perry, Howel
Perry, Hugh
Perry, Iasiah (1846)
Perry, Ike P (1871)
Perry, Isaac
Perry, Israel
Perry, Jacob
Perry, Jacob G (1929)
Perry, Jacob & Mary
Perry, James A
Perry, James E
Perry, James Henry (1871)
Perry, Jane
Perry, Jas Henry (1873)
Perry, J Cory (1900)
Perry, J E (1929)
Perry, Jesse
Perry, Jesse (1875)
Perry, Jesse P (1871)
Perry, J O (1915)
Perry, Joe (1917)
Perry, Joel
Perry, John
Perry, John B (1899)
Perry, John E (1869)
Perry, John, Jr. (1874)
Perry, John W (1905)
Perry, John W (1906)
Perry, Joseph (n. d.)
Perry, Josiah (1862)
Perry, Josiah (1869)
Perry, Josiah (n. d.)
Perry, Lawernce (n. d.)
Perry, Lawrence B (1886)
Perry, Lawrence B (1898)
Perry, Luke (1909)
Perry, Luke (1911)
Perry, Martha (1873)
Perry, Martha L (1923)
Perry, Mary (n. d.)
Perry, Matthew W (n. d.)
Perry, Miles (1805)
Perry, Milocent (1841)
Perry, Nathan (n. d.)
Perry, Peter (1836)
Perry, Phillip (1751)
Perry, Quintin P (n. d.)
Perry, R A (1923)
Perry, R A (1924)
Perry, Reubin (n. d.)
Perry, Robert W (1892)
Perry, Ruth (n. d.)
Perry, R W (1884)
Perry, Salley (1819)
Perry, Sarah (1819)
Perry, Seth (n. d.)
Perry, Stephen L (1922)
Perry, Thomas Cliff (1928)
Perry, Thomas Clifford (1928)
Perry, Timothy (n. d.)
Perry, W C, Mrs. (1941)
Perry, W H (1917)
Perry, William (1801)
Perry, William Hardy (1937)
Perry, Wilson (1871)
Perry, Wilson (1923)
Perry, W R (1929)
Petit, Frances (n. d.)
Pettijohn, James (n. d.)
Pettiver, John (n. d.)
Phelps, Godfrey (Mrs) (n. d.)
Phelps, Henry (n. d.)
Phelps, Jonathan (n. d.)
Phelps, Joseph (1816)
Phelps, Joseph (n. d.)
Phelps, Major A (1868)
Phelps, Samuel (1728)
Phelps, Sarah (1787)
Phelps, Zeb S (1886)
Phelps, Z S (1885)
Phillips, Benjamin (n. d.)
Phillips, Daniel (1871)
Phillips, Danne (1871)
Phillips, Sallie M (1889)
Phillips, S C & Jodie (1914)
Phillips, William W (1881)
Phillips, Zack (1919)
Picard, Elizabeth (1921)
Pierce, E S (1940)
Pierce, John (1895)
Pierce, William J (1924)
Pike, Benjamin (1785)
Pike, (n. d.)
Pike, David (1901)
Pike, Geo (1904)
Pike, John (1816)
Pike, John (1856)
Pike, Joseph (n. d.)
Pike, Morris (1897)
Piland, Asa (n. d.)
Piner, J W (1856)
Pointer, Henry (n. d.)
Pointer, Philip (n. d.)
Polk, Thomas (n. d.)
Pool, John (n. d.)
Portlock, Thomas (n. d.)
Portlock, Willis (n. d.)
Potter, Richard (n. d.)
Potter, William (n. d.)
Powell, Lemuel (n. d.)
Poynter, John (n. d.)
Pratt, Elizabeth (n. d.)
Pratt, Jeremiah (n. d.)
Pratt, Joshua (1745)
Pratt, Richard (n. d.)
Pratt, Robert (1893)
Pratt, Robt S (1893)
Pratt, R S, Mrs. (1914)
Price, Benjamin (n. d.)
Price, John (n. d.)
Price, Susan (1933)
Price, William (n. d.)
Pritchard, Beneni (1783)
Pritchard, Bessie M (1931)
Pritchard, J C (1881)
Pritchard, John C (1881)
Pritchard, Mary (1766)
Pritchard, Thomas (1799)
Pritlow, Heziah (n. d.)
Privott, W S (1938)
Procter, Albert G (n. d.)
Procter, Ambrose (1896)
Procter, Ruben
Procter, Samuel
Proctor, Ambrose (1896)
Proctor, Ambrose (1927)
Proctor, George A (1937)
Proctor, J E (1933)
Prutt, Robert S (1893)
Pugh, William
Quinton, William
Raffer, W E (1920)
Rainer, Richard
Ralph, Joseph
Ramsay, Allen
Rankhorn, Sarah
Raper, David (1891)
Raper, Enoch
Raper, Henry
Raper, James
Raper, John
Raper, Joseph
Raper, Martha
Ratliff, Joseph
Reading, Joseph
Rea, Millicent
Rea, Thomas
Redding, James
Redding, John
Reding, Jesse
Reed, Allen
Reed, Andrew
Reed, Benjamin
Reed, Catherine
Reed, Christian
Reed, David (1875)
Reed, Durant
Reed, Edith (1892)
Reed, Elizabeth
Reed, Elizabeth L (1896)
Reed, George
Reed, George W
Reed, Halstead
Reed, Hardy (1926)
Reed, H J (1914)
Reed, James N
Reed, John
Reed, John (1876)
Reed, John H
Reed, Joseph
Reed, L C
Reed, Lemuel
Reed, Lemuel P
Reed, Mary C
Reed, M C
Reed, Nannie S (1909)
Reed, Nannie S (1910)
Reed, Sarah
Reed, Sarah E (1875)
Reed, Thomas
Reed, Tulle W
Reed, W C (1921)
Reed, West
Reed, William
Reed, William (1920)
Reed, Wilson
Reid, Pollie (1922)
Reid, Wm E (1920)
Relfe, Joseph
Relfe, L C (1919)
Relfe, Leah
Rhodes, William S
Richards, John
Richardson, Joseph
Richards, William
Richmond, Theodore
Riddick, Abram (1873)
Riddick, A F (1910)
Riddick, A F (1914)
Riddick, Albert (1904)
Riddick, Alson (1932)
Riddick, Ann C (1892)
Riddick, B F (1907)
Riddick, B F (1910)
Riddick, Charles O (1909)
Riddick, Cherry (1881)
Riddick, C O (1909)
Riddick, David
Riddick, Docton
Riddick, E C (1899)
Riddick, Edmund (1891)
Riddick, Edmund (1930)
Riddick, Elbert T
Riddick, Elisha (1893)
Riddick, E W (1896)
Riddick, G A (1908)
Riddick, Henry
Riddick, Isaac
Riddick, Jacob
Riddick, James
Riddick, Job C (1914)
Riddick, John C
Riddick, John H (1929)
Riddick, John L (1883)
Riddick, Joseph
Riddick, Joseph (1820)
Riddick, Joseph H, Dr. (1866)
Riddick, Kate Wallace (1924)
Riddick, Lavina (1891)
Riddick, Luke (1895)
Riddick, Luke (1896)
Riddick, Martha A (1898)
Riddick, Mary W (1893)
Riddick, Mattie (1896)
Riddick, Merida (1918)
Riddick, Miley (1931)
Riddick, Mills (1777)
Riddick, Mourning (1851)
Riddick, Nancy (1847)
Riddick, Obadiah (1839)
Riddick, R B (1867)
Riddick, R B (1891)
Riddick, R B, Dr. (1866)
Riddick, Robert (1845)
Riddick, Sam (1935)
Riddick, Seth (1825)
Riddick, Solomon
Riddick, Th L
Riddick, Thomas M, Dr. (1907)
Riddick, T M (1909)
Riddick, W D (1891)
Riddick, William
Riddick, William (1893)
Riddick, Willis
Riddick, Willis (1887)
Riddick, Willis (1891)
Riddick, Willis D
Riddick, W M, Dr. (1911)
Riddick, Wm M, Dr. (1910)
Riddick, Wright (1920)
Riggs, Abraham
Right, Samuel
Roach, Stephen
Robards, Nelly
Robbins, Isaiah (1871)
Robbins, James (1848)
Robbins, Theo (1876)
Roberson, Daniel
Roberson, Daniel E (1922)
Roberson, Jesse
Roberson, John G (1941)
Roberson, Nancy
Roberson, Thomas
Roberson, Timothy
Roberson, William
Robert, Daniel J (1880)
Roberts, Asa
Roberts, Benjamin
Roberts, Elender
Roberts, Hugh
Roberts, Isaac
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mills (1870)
Robertson, Nancy (1853)
Robertson, William
Robertson, Willis (1881)
Roberts, Rollin
Roberts, Thos
Roberts, W
Roberts, William
Roberts, William M (1896)
Roberts, Wm M (1895)
Robins, George
Robins, Gracey
Robins, Isaiah
Robins, James
Robins, John
Robins, Joseph (1835)
Robinson, Jesse
Robinson, John
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Josiah
Robinson, Lucinda (1904)
Robinson, Lucinda (1907)
Robinson, Orpha
Robinson, Suzana
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, Timothy
Robinson, William
Robins, Richard
Robins, Samuel
Robins, Theophilus (1876)
Robins, William
Rodgers, Daniel
Roe, Robert
Rogerson, Christian
Rogerson, Daniel
Rogerson, David (1868)
Rogerson, D B (1907)
Rogerson, Elizabeth
Rogerson, Gabriel
Rogerson, G E (1922)
Rogerson, G R (1932)
Rogerson, Hesekiah
Rogerson, Hezekiah
Rogerson, Isaiah
Rogerson, Jeremiah
Rogerson, John
Rogerson, John (1872)
Rogerson, Joseph M (1902)
Rogerson, Joseph N (1902)
Rogerson, Josiah
Rogerson, J Q A
Rogerson, J Q A (1925)
Rogerson, Mary
Rogerson, Obeadiah (1837)
Rogerson, Parthenia
Rogerson, Penelope
Rogerson, Richard
Rogerson, Samuel
Rogerson, Sarah (1934)
Rogerson, Soloman
Rogerson, Solomon
Rogerson, Solomon (1900)
Rogerson, Willis
Rogerson, Wm
Rogers, Richard
Rollins, John M
Rooks, Elisha (1888)
Rooks, Mills
Roper, B R
Roper, Enoch
Roper, F S
Roper, Henry
Roper, John
Roper, Joseph
Ross, Eliza
Ross, Martin, Sr. & Martin, Jr.
Ross, W
Ross, William
Rountree, A F (1918)
Rountree, Alfred (1869)
Rountree, Elizabeth
Rountree, Hanah
Rountree, Jesse
Rountree, John C (1918)
Rountree, Moses
Rowe, Robert
Russell, Rathie (1921)
Russell, Robert (1905)
Ryan, Thomas
Saint, Daniel
Saint, Elizabeth
Saint, Hercules
Salter, Henry
Salter, Peter
Salter, William
Salyers, Samuel
Sammons, Willis W (1895)
Sample, Mary Ellen (1926)
Sample, W J (1885)
Sampson, Daniel
Sampson, Ebinezer
Sanborn, Isiah
Sanderlin, Maximilian
Sanderlin, Nathaniel
Sanders, Abraham
Sanders, Abram
Sanders, Albert (1897)
Sanders, Allen
Sanders, Anne
Sanders, Artemesia
Sanders, Augustus
Sanders, Benjamin
Sanders, Benjamin (1823)
Sanders, Benjamin (1850)
Sanders, Christian
Sanders, Deborah
Sanders, Eliza (1896)
Sanders, Elizabeth (1878)
Sanders, Elizabeth Ann
Sanders, Esther
Sanders, Francis
Sanders, Frederick
Sanders, Isaac
Sanders, Jacob
Sanders, Jay
Sanders, John (1770)
Sanders, John (1777)
Sanders, John (1780)
Sanders, John (1790)
Sanders, John (1792)
Sanders, John (1801)
Sanders, John (1803)
Sanders, John (1806)
Sanders, John (1811)
Sanders, John (1818)
Sanders, John (1827)
Sanders, John R
Sanders, Jonathan (1870)
Sanders, Joseph
Sanders, Joshua
Sanders, Josiah
Sanders, Josiah (1866)
Sanders, Mariam
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Morris
Sanders, Nathan
Sanderson, Nate T (1918)
Sanderson, Richard
Sanderson, Richardson
Sanders, Pharaby
Sanders, Richard
Sanders, Robert
Sanders, Rodah
Sanders, Sabra
Sanders, Smith
Sanders, Stephen
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, Willis N
Sansbury, Hillary
Satterfield, Thomas
Saunders, Eliza A (1896)
Saunders, John (1870)
Saunders, Nathan T (1918)
Saunders, Seth W (1886)
Saunders, T D (1915)
Savage, Hezekiah
Savage, John
Savage, William
Sawyer, Abner (1931)
Sawyer, Ann
Sawyer, Caleb
Sawyer, Catherine R (1892)
Sawyer, Claymon
Sawyer, C R (1897)
Sawyer, Elkary
Sawyer, Enoch
Sawyer, Freeman
Sawyer, Harriet
Sawyer, Henry (1881)
Sawyer, Henry (1882)
Sawyer, Isaac
Sawyer, J R
Sawyer, J R (1924)
Sawyer, Lemuel
Sawyer, L F
Sawyer, Mark S (1866)
Sawyer, Nancy
Sawyer, William (1892)
Sawyer, Willis (1882)
Sawyer, Willis (1884)
Scarborough, Austin
Scarborough, Macrora
Scott, Elizabeth
Scott, Henry
Scott, James A (1913)
Scott, John (1908)
Scott, Joseph
Scott, Joseph (1831)
Scott, Levi
Scott, Nancy (1838)
Scott, Susan
Scott, Thomas
Scribner, John
Scrimshire, Andrew
Sears, Ann
Sears, George S
Sexton, Asa
Sexton, Asa (1925)
Sexton, William
Shackelford, Anna
Shannonhouse, Addie (1912)
Shannonhouse, A T (1914)
Shannonhouse, Howard T (1919)
Shannonhouse, H T
Shannonhouse, James T (1927)
Shannonhouse, J J (1874)
Shannonhouse, J J, Dr. (1873)
Shannonhouse, William R (1911)
Shannonhouse, W R (1912)
Shearod, David
Shearod, Jonathan
Shearwood, Thomas
Shepard, Benjamin
Sherry, John
Sikes, Samuel
Simmons, John C (1879)
Simons, Abraham
Simons, Argile
Simons, Charlton
Simons, Edward
Simons, Humphry
Simons, Isaac
Simons, Jacob
Simons, James
Simons, John
Simons, John C (1888)
Simons, Joseph
Simons, Joseph W
Simons, Lydia
Simons, Penelope
Simons, Philip T
Simons, Rachel
Simons, Simeon
Simons, Stephen
Simons, Thomas
Simons, W A (1884)
Simons, William
Simpson, Benjamin
Simpson, Catherine
Simpson, Daniel
Simpson, D W
Simpson, D W (1930)
Simpson, E J (1877)
Simpson, E J (1879)
Simpson, Elizabeth (1885)
Simpson, George F (1916)
Simpson, G W (1882)
Simpson, Isaac
Simpson, Jesse (1935)
Simpson, J R (1914)
Simpson, J W (1902)
Simpson, Littleday
Simpson, Martha (1873)
Simpson, Penelope E (1885)
Simpson, Soloman
Simpson, Solomon
Simpson, Thomas R (1858)
Simpson, W C (1881)
Simpson, William
Simpson, William C (1882)
Singleton, S, Dr. (1872)
Sitterson, Benjamin (1920)
Sitterson, Joseph
Sitterson, Mary
Sitterson, William
Sitteson, James
Sittison, James
Skillins, William, Captain
Skinner, Allen (1921)
Skinner, Ambrose (1919)
Skinner, Anne
Skinner, Benjamin S
Skinner, Charles H
Skinner, Edmund B
Skinner, Elizabeth (1872)
Skinner, Evan
Skinner, Frank (1921)
Skinner, General
Skinner, Henry
Skinner, Henry L (1913)
Skinner, I C (1880)
Skinner, James
Skinner, James (1902)
Skinner, James B (1925)
Skinner, James C (1880)
Skinner, James C (1888)
Skinner, James L (1905)
Skinner, Jerusa
Skinner, John
Skinner, John (1866)
Skinner, John (1891)
Skinner, John A
Skinner, John B
Skinner, John M (1846)
Skinner, Joseph C
Skinner, Joseph H
Skinner, Joshua
Skinner, Joshua (1911)
Skinner, Josiah
Skinner, Louvinia (1918)
Skinner, Mary E, Miss (1897)
Skinner, M E (1898)
Skinner, Nancy (1888)
Skinner, Nancy (1890)
Skinner, Nathan
Skinner, Nathan (1855)
Skinner, Primas S (1899)
Skinner, Rachel
Skinner, Raymond Carton (1948)
Skinner, Richard
Skinner, Robert E (1898)
Skinner, R Q (1902)
Skinner, Sallie B (1917)
Skinner, Samuel
Skinner, Sarah
Skinner, Slant (1892)
Skinner, Stephen
Skinner, T G (1908)
Skinner, Thomas
Skinner, Thomas (1873)
Skinner, T L (1869)
Skinner, Townsend (1902)
Skinner, William
Skinner, William J (1873)
Skinner, William L (1899)
Skinner, W J (1881)
Slotter, Exium (1885)
Small, Abe (1941)
Small, Celia (1874)
Small, Christian
Small, David
Small, Delaware (1921)
Small, Elizabeth
Small, Harriet (1875)
Small, H H
Small, James
Small, John
Small, John A (1875)
Small, Joshua (1891)
Small, Miles
Small, Mills (1874)
Small, Nathan
Small, P H (1919)
Small, Syph (1887)
Small, Syphe (1889)
Small, William
Small, William (1873)
Small, William (1875)
Smith, Anna
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Bennett
Smith, Caleb
Smith, Cary (1921)
Smith, Charlton
Smith, Cinthia
Smith, Creecy (1884)
Smith, Elizabeth (1887)
Smith, Elizabeth N (1869)
Smith, Emma (1901)
Smith, Emmie (1901)
Smith, Frederick (1904)
Smith, Fredrick (1904)
Smith, George
Smith, George (1868)
Smith, George (1869)
Smith, Hattie (1929)
Smith, Helen (1880)
Smith, Hellena (1880)
Smith, Henry
Smith, Isaiah
Smith, Israel
Smith, James
Smith, James L (1897)
Smith, Jane
Smith, Jean
Smith, J H, Mrs. (1939)
Smith, Joe (1904)
Smith, John
Smith, John (1800)
Smith, Jonah
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph (1880)
Smith, Joseph (1904)
Smith, Joseph H
Smith, Joseph H (1924)
Smith, Josiah
Smith, Josiah (1893)
Smith, Josiah (1926)
Smith, J T (1897)
Smith, J T, Dr. (1893)
Smith, Keziah (1904)
Smith, Kiziah (1904)
Smith, Lassiter (1894)
Smith, Leah
Smith, Lemuel
Smith, Levi C (1876)
Smith, Lucius J (1894)
Smith, Marey
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary A (1906)
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Maximilian
Smith, Milicent
Smith, Pat (1888)
Smith, Patsy (1887)
Smith, Rachel
Smith, Robert (1895)
Smith, Rosetta (1925)
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Samuel A (1880)
Smith, Sarah A (1919)
Smith, Thos A (1907)
Smith, Timothy (1899)
Smith, William
Smith, William A
Snowden, Elizabeth
Snowden, Fedrick
Snowden, George
Snowden, John
Snowden, Lemuel
Snowden, Mary
Snowden, Solomon
Snowden, Thomas
Snowden, William
Speight, Isaac
Speight, J A (1895)
Speight, Jeremiah
Speight, John
Speight, John A (1895)
Speight, John W
Speight, Joseph
Speight, J W (1891)
Speight, Margaret
Speight, Mary L (1897)
Speight, Nancy
Speight, Penelope
Speight, U W (1912)
Speight, W E (1902)
Speight, W H (1908)
Speight, William H
Speight, William J
Spence, Joe L (1880)
Spence, Joseph S
Spencer, Henry M (1892)
Spencer, H M (1892)
Spence, William
Spivey, John
Spivey, J S
Spivey, J S, Sr. (1923)
Spivey, R L
Spivey, Robert L (1925)
Spivey, Sarah (1840)
Spivey, Sarah E
Spivey, Sarah E (1929)
Spivey, Wynona T (1928)
Spratt, James W
Spright, W H (1902)
Spruill, Hezekiah
Spruill, John (1907)
Spruill, John (1909)
Spruill, Uri
Spurill, Rich J (1880)
Stacy, Charles
Stacy, George
Stacy, Lemuel
Stacy, Robert W
Stacy, Thomas
Stacy, William
Stafford, Alexander
Stafford, John
Stafford, Stephen
Stafford, Thomas
Stallings, Abscilla
Stallings, Artemesia (1889)
Stallings, Artemesia (1890)
Stallings, Asa R (1885)
Stallings, Britton (1915)
Stallings, Christian (1904)
Stallings, Christine (1907)
Stallings, Daniel
Stallings, Daniel (1874)
Stallings, D P (1936)
Stallings, Elizabeth
Stallings, Elvina (1893)
Stallings, Elvira (1892)
Stallings, Henry
Stallings, James M (1891)
Stallings, Jesse
Stallings, Jesse (1860)
Stallings, Job (1888)
Stallings, John C (1899)
Stallings, Joseph
Stallings, J P (1937)
Stallings, Kedar
Stallings, Luke
Stallings, Mary E (1936)
Stallings, Millicent (1899)
Stallings, Mills
Stallings, Nichols
Stallings, Noah
Stallings, Palatiah
Stallings, Quinton (1890)
Stallings, Quinton (1891)
Stallings, R E (1910)
Stallings, Reuben
Stallings, Ruth
Stallings, Sarah (1925)
Stallings, Simon
Stallings, Solomon
Stallings, Sophia (1889)
Stallings, Timothy (1911)
Stallings, Tmothy (1910)
Stallings, T P (1904)
Stallings, Walter (1919)
Stallins, Henry (1835)
Standin, Abigail
Standin, Ann
Standin, Edward
Standin, Ely
Standin, Henry
Standin, Jesse
Standin, John E
Standin, Joseph
Standin, Penelope
Standin, Samuel
Standin, William
Standin, William B
Stanley, Gideon (1869)
Stann, A K
Stanton, Eleanor (1931)
Stanton, Elijah
Stanton, Elizabeth
Stanton, Ephraim
Stanton, James
Stanton, Jesse
Stanton, Jesse (1869)
Stanton, John
Stanton, Thomas
Stanton, William
Stanton, William S (1898)
Stanton, William S (1900)
Stanton, W J (1912)
Staunton, Eleanor (1934)
Staunton, W F (1898)
Steeley, Sallie (1915)
Stepney, Edmund (1929)
Stepney, Jane (1871)
Stepney, J M
Stepney, J M (1920)
Stepney, John
Stepney, Judson (1879)
Stepney, Major
Stepney, Martin (1868)
Stepney, Richard
Stepney, Rosa (1917)
Stepney, Samuel
Stepney, William
Stevenson, Andrew
Stevenson, Ann
Stevenson, Elizabeth
Stevenson, Hugh
Stevenson, Hugh, Major
Stevenson, John (1757)
Stevenson, John (1771)
Stevenson, Martha
Stevenson, Mary
Stevenson, Samuel
Stevenson, Thomas
Stevenson, William (1740)
Stevenson, William (1762)
Stevenson, William (1807)
Stewart, Alberta (1904)
Stiles, Jane (1885)
Stiles, Tesse (1878)
Stoakes, John
Stoakes, Tulley
Stoakes, William
Stokes, Edmund
Stokes, Exium (1882)
Stokes, Exum (1882)
Stokes, Fredrick
Stokes, H C (1887)
Stokes, Henry C (1885)
Stokes, Hugh
Stokes, John
Stokes, Thomas
Stokes, W F (1897)
Stokley, Peter
Stone, Cornelius
Stone, Elisha
Stone, John
Stone, Jonathan
Stone, Julia
Stone, Lydia
Stone, Mary
Stone, Moses
Stone, Sarah
Stone, William
Story, John H (1891)
Strebeck, George
Strebeck, Jordan M
Strong, Nancy
Summer, James M (1886)
Summer, Mollie J (1931)
Summer, Richard (1901)
Summer, William E (1917)
Sumner, James
Sumner, James M (1886)
Sumner, Josiah
Sumner, Luke
Sumner, Seth
Sutton, A J (1911)
Sutton, Andrew J (1910)
Sutton, Ashbury
Sutton, Belle (1923)
Sutton, Benjamin
Sutton, Benjamin (1785)
Sutton, Christopher
Sutton, C W (1919)
Sutton, Eliza (1899)
Sutton, Eliza (1900)
Sutton, Elizabeth
Sutton, Elsberry
Sutton, Fannie (1915)
Sutton, Francis
Sutton, George
Sutton, Greenbury
Sutton, Hardy (1921)
Sutton, H R (1911)
Sutton, H R (1912)
Sutton, Israel (1901)
Sutton, James
Sutton, James (1807)
Sutton, James E
Sutton, Jeremiah, Sr. & Jeremiah, Jr.
Sutton, Jno W (1891)
Sutton, John
Sutton, John W
Sutton, Joseph
Sutton, Keziah
Sutton, Lafayette
Sutton, Lafayette (1891)
Sutton, Lemuel
Sutton, Martha B
Sutton, Nathaniel
Sutton, P H (1916)
Sutton, Ransom (1893)
Sutton, Richard
Sutton, Samuel
Sutton, Samuel (1891)
Sutton, Samuel A (1911)
Sutton, Sarah
Sutton, Sarah F (1941)
Sutton, Sidney (1925)
Sutton, S S (1914)
Sutton, S T (1915)
Sutton, T C (1911)
Sutton, T C (1912)
Sutton, Thomas
Sutton, Thomas (1800)
Sutton, Thomas (1869)
Sutton, Thomas (1873)
Sutton, Thomas J (1892)
Sutton, Thos C (1909)
Sutton, W F (1916)
Sutton, William
Sutton, William (1897)
Sutton, William (1898)
Sutton, William R
Swain, Hezekser (1883)
Swain, John
Swain, Peter (1901)
Swain, Peter (1902)
Swann, Henry
Swann, John
Swann, Samuel
Swann, Wilson
Sylvester, James
Sylvester, Mariah (1918)
Sylvester, Nancy
Sylvester, Nathan
Sylvester, William
Sylvester, Zachariah
Symmes, William A (1883)
Symons, C C (1948)
Symons, C W (1908)
Symons, John C (1879)
Symons, T C (1930)
Synnes, William A (1882)
Tadlock, Fannie (1887)
Tadlock, James (1907)
Tadlock, Lemuel
Taflock, Fanny (1904)
Taggart, James
Talton, Joshua
Tanner, J L (1921)
Tarkinton, Elizabeth
Tarkinton, Zebulon
Tatloch, Absalem
Tatlock, Absolem
Tatlock, Edward
Tatlock, Lancaster
Tayler, George
Taylor, John
Taylor, L E (1911)
Taylor, William
Taylor, Zeb (1932)
Teabouh, Sally
Temple, Britten (1852)
Templeman, Richard
Thach, Benjamin W (1874)
Thach, B W
Thach, Charles
Thach, Green
Thach, James N (1906)
Thach, Jas N (1905)
Thach, Jerry (1876)
Thach, John
Thach, Jos B (1887)
Thach, Joseph
Thach, Levin
Thach, Martha Ann (1921)
Thach, Martha L (1880)
Thach, M L (1883)
Thach, Nathan
Thach, Nathaniel
Thach, R B
Thach, R B (1929)
Thach, Rosanna
Thach, Sarah
Thach, Thomas
Thatch, Grizle
Thomas, Holloway (1869)
Thomas, Holloway (1883)
Thomas, J T (1884)
Thomas, Parthenia (1871)
Thomas, Parthenia (1872)
Thomas, William (1919)
Thompson, George (1896)
Thompson, Hellen (1927)
Thompson, H W (1893)
Thompson, H W (1894)
Thompson, John
Thompson, Levi (1920)
Thompson, Mary (1915)
Thomson, Edah
Thornton, Joseph
Thornton, Mary
Thornton, Thomas
Tillett, Bill
Tillett, Bill (1924)
Tolson, Elizabeth J (1900)
Tomblin, William
Toms, Anderson
Toms, Benjamin
Toms, Benjamin M
Toms, Caleb
Toms, Elizabeth
Toms, Foster
Toms, Francis (1771)
Toms, Francis (1831)
Toms, Francis (1857)
Toms, Gosby
Toms, H (1840)
Toms, Jack
Toms, John
Toms, John A
Toms, Jonathan
Toms, Joseph
Toms, Joshua
Toms, Lemuel C
Toms, Marey
Toms, Martha
Toms, Martha, Mrs.
Toms, Mary (1876)
Toms, Nathan
Tomson, James
Toms, Samuel
Toms, Samuel (1854)
Toms, Zachariah
Toms, Zachariah (1921)
Towe, Addison
Towe, G W (1916)
Towe, James (1887)
Towe, James (1891)
Towe, James (1909)
Towe, James F (1913)
Towe, James H (1908)
Towe, James, Mrs. (1888)
Towe, J Fenton (1913)
Towe, Joseph
Towe, Joseph (1924)
Towe, Joseph H
Towe, Joshua
Towe, Margaret D
Towe, Martha (1888)
Towe, Martin
Towe, Martin (1891)
Towe, Mary
Towe, William (1850)
Tow, Gracy
Tow, Joseph, Sr. & Joseph, Jr.
Towlson, Isaac
Town, Augustus (1881)
Townsend, Benjamin F (1858)
Townsend, B W (1854)
Townsend, Calvin I
Townsend, Charles
Townsend, Isabella
Townsend, John
Townsend, John P
Townsend, Josiah
Townsend, Maria
Townsend, Mariano (1875)
Townsend, Sarah
Townsend, William
Townsen, William
Triplett, Floyd J (1928)
Trotman, Edward
Trotman, Ezekiel
Trotman, John L (1858)
Trotman, Joseph
Trotter, John
Trotter, William
Trueblood, Alinza & Lilly (1915)
Trueblood, Alonza & Katie L (1916)
Trueblood, Elizabeth (1912)
Trueblood, George A (1900)
Trueblood, Jason R (1916)
Trueblood, Joshua
Trueblood, Nathan (1909)
Trueblood, Nellie
Trueblood, Nellie (1930)
Trueblood, Samuel
Truelove, Timothy
Truitt, S A (1891)
Truman, Richard (1891)
Trumball, Thomas
Trumbal, William
Tucker, John
Tucker, Leml B
Tucker, M E
Tucker, M J R (1900)
Tucker, Nathan
Tucker, Nathan W (1891)
Tucker, Paul (1916)
Tucker, Samuel B (1857)
Tucker, Sarah
Turner, Abraham
Turner, Alexander
Turner, Alfred (1869)
Turner, Alfred (1871)
Turner, Ambrose N (1851)
Turner, Ann
Turner, Benjamin
Turner, Cary
Turner, Charles
Turner, Comfort
Turner, Dempsey
Turner, Edmond
Turner, Edward
Turner, Ellsbury
Turner, Elsberry
Turner, E W
Turner, Florence
Turner, Florence (1887)
Turner, George
Turner, George W (1909)
Turner, Greenbery
Turner, Hawkins
Turner, Henry
Turner, Jacob (1874)
Turner, James
Turner, James M (1882)
Turner, John
Turner, John W (1880)
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Joseph (1887)
Turner, Joseph, Jr.
Turner, Joshua
Turner, J W (1880)
Turner, J W (1881)
Turner, Margaret
Turner, Margaret, Mrs.
Turner, Martha
Turner, Martha N
Turner, Mary Elisa
Turner, Myles
Turner, Nathan
Turner, Richard
Turner, Richard (1871)
Turner, Sarah
Turner, Sardenia F (1897)
Turner, Sardenia J (1897)
Turner, Thomas
Tuttle, Sarah, Mrs. (1908)
Tweddy, Joseph
Twe, James
Twidy, Elizabeth
Twiford, Dora Sutton (1913)
Twine, Abraham
Twine, Anderson (1913)
Twine, Cloe
Twine, Dempsey
Twine, Demsey
Twine, Elisha
Twine, James
Twine, James W (1899)
Twine, Jesse
Twine, Jesse J
Twine, Jesse J (1883)
Twine, John
Twine, John & Pleasant
Twine, Lemuel
Twine, Prudence
Twine, Prusylla
Twine, Thomas, Sr.
Twine, William
Twine, Wm N (1908)
Twine, W N (1909)
Umphlett, Alfred (1913)
Umphlett, Annie E (1930)
Umphlett, Bray (1926)
Umphlett, Charney
Umphlett, Charney (1926)
Umphlett, Elisha (1922)
Umphlett, J B (1919)
Umphlett, J R (1919)
Umphlett, J W (1928)
Umphlett, W F
Umphlett, W F (1923)
Umphries, William (1857)
Underhill, Alexander
Upton, John
Upton, Laban
Upton, Thomas
Vail, Thomas
Vann, John A (1908)
Vann, John A (1909)
Vaughan, R M (1908)
Versey, Johannah
Waddles, George
Waff, E F (1901)
Waldron, John
Walker, Daniel
Walker, Hale, Dr.
Wallis, Shadrech
Walters, B Stokes (1931)
Walters, Thomas B (1926)
Walters, T J (1924)
Walton, George
Walton, Mary
Walton, Nancy
Walton, Timothy
Ward, A B (1900)
Ward, Abner
Ward, Absalah
Ward, A C (1912)
Ward, Ann
Ward, Baker (1903)
Ward, Charles
Ward, D W (1914)
Ward, Elizabeth
Ward, Felton (1918)
Ward, Hardy (1889)
Ward, Hardy (1890)
Ward, H E (1906)
Ward, Humphrey
Ward, H W (1906)
Ward, John H (1919)
Ward, John L (1921)
Ward, Jonathan (1869)
Ward, Joseph (1879)
Ward, J W (1934)
Ward, Levin (1891)
Ward, Margaret (1911)
Ward, Mary
Ward, Mary A (1905)
Ward, Mary A (1907)
Ward, Mary, Mrs. (1931)
Ward, Nathan
Ward, Nathan (1869)
Ward, Sarah
Ward, T G
Ward, T G (1928)
Ward, Thomas
Ward, Thomas M (1932)
Ward, W H (1912)
Ward, W H (1920)
Ward, W H, Sr. (1912)
Warner, Angel
Warren, Abraham
Warren, S A (1873)
Warren, Sarah & Tamer
Warring, Hamilton
Warrington, Thomas
Waters, Richard
Watkins, Thomas
Watson, Sally
Webb, Alfred
Webber, Elizabeth
Webb, Hannah
Webb, J G (1915)
Webb, John
Webb, Mary
Webb, Moses
Webb, Penelope
Webb, Richard
Webb, Susan (1870)
Webb, Thomas B (1897)
Webb, Washington (1909)
Webb, William
Webb, Wilson
Webb, Zachariah
Webb, Zachariah, Jr.
Weekes, Benjamin
Weekes, Elizabeth
Weekes, James
Weekes, John
Weekes, Samuel
Weekes, Thomas
Weekes, Wilson
Weeks, Alfred
Weeks, Charles (1919)
Weeks, Edmond (1839)
Weeks, Elizabeth
Weeks, Hannah
Weeks, James
Weeks, Jesse
Weeks, Josiah
Weeks, Lemuel
Weeks, Martha
Weeks, Mary, Mrs.
Weeks, Noah
Weeks, Perry
Weeks, Ralph
Weeks, Rix
Weeks, Samuel
Weeks, Sarah
Weeks, Thomas
Weeks, Thomas B
Weeks, William
Weeks, Wilson
Weisel, S (1889)
Welch, Catherine (1919)
Welch, Henry (1929)
Welch, Jesse
Welch, Nathaniel
Welch, Sarah
Welch, William G, Dr.
Wells, Dorothy
Wells, Ferebee
Wells, Francis
Wells, Gilly & Millicent
Wells, Grisselle
Wells, Joseph
Wells, Joseph & Francis
Wells, Oscar (1930)
Wells, Thomas
Wesson, Charity
Wesson, Jacob
Wesson, Robert
West, Camelia
West, Edward
Western, William H (1925)
Weston, Elizabeth
Weston, William (1940)
Wheaton, Robert B
Wheaton, William
Whedbee, Addison (1873)
Whedbee, Blount (1903)
Whedbee, Elizabeth
Whedbee, George
Whedbee, George P
Whedbee, Gilbert
Whedbee, Hamilton (1912)
Whedbee, James
Whedbee, James L
Whedbee, James M
Whedbee, James M (1898)
Whedbee, James P
Whedbee, James S (1892)
Whedbee, James, Sr.
Whedbee, Jane, Mrs.
Whedbee, J Blount (1902)
Whedbee, Jefferson
Whedbee, Jeremiah H
Whedbee, J H (1869)
Whedbee, J M (1898)
Whedbee, J N
Whedbee, John, Sr.
Whedbee, Joseph
Whedbee, Joshua S
Whedbee, Lavinia
Whedbee, Lemuel
Whedbee, Lydia (1869)
Whedbee, Mabel M (1911)
Whedbee, Mary
Whedbee, Melissa E
Whedbee, Richard (1785)
Whedbee, Richard H (n. d.)
Whedbee, Samuel & John (n. d.)
Whedbee, Seth
Whedbee, Seth S (1891)
Whedbee, Susan
Whedbee, T C (1925)
Whedbee, T C (n. d.)
Whedbee, Thomas (n. d.)
Whidbee, Edward (n. d.)
Whidbee, Elizabeth
Whidbee, Isaac (n. d.)
Whidbee, Mary (Mrs) (n. d.)
Whidbee, Richard (n. d.)
Whidbee, Richard (Sr) (n. d.)
Whidbee, Samuel (n. d.)
White, Abram (n. d.)
White, Addison (n. d.)
White, Adolphus A (1897)
White, A H (n. d.)
White, Alethia (n. d.)
White, Alexander (n. d.)
White, Alfred (n. d.)
White, Alk (n. d.)
White, Alphonse (n. d.)
White, Alphonso (1923)
White, Ambrose D (1894)
White, Andrew (n. d.)
White, Andrew J (1907)
White, Andrew K (n. d.)
White, Anna (n. d.)
White, Ann R (1885)
White, Augustus (1917)
White, Augustus E (n. d.)
White, B A (n. d.)
White, Benjamin (1881)
White, Benjamin (n. d.)
White, Benjamin (Jr) (n. d.)
White, Benjamin S (n. d.)
White, Benoni (n. d.)
White, Bertha W (1927)
White, Caleb (1886)
White, Caleb (1887)
White, Caleb (n. d.)
White, Catharine E (1886)
White, Catherine E (1886)
White, C F (1909)
White, C Fred (1900)
White, Charles (1881)
White, Charles (1883)
White, Charles (n. d.)
White, Charles H (1917)
White, Christian (1916)
White, Clara J (1892)
White, Clarenda (1891)
White, Clarissa (n. d.)
White, C V (1891)
White, Darius (1902)
White, Darius (1904)
White, Darius (n. d.)
White, David (1897)
White, David (n. d.)
White, Dempsey (1891)
White, Dempsey (n. d.)
White, Dempsy (1894)
White, Doctrine (1884)
White, Doll A (1896)
White, E A (1895)
White, Edmund (1899)
White, Edmund (1900)
White, Edmund (n. d.)
White, Edward B (n. d.)
White, Edwin (1847)
White, Eizabeth (n. d.)
White, Elias (n. d.)
White, Elihu A (1901)
White, Elihu A (1902)
White, Elizabeth Catharine (1886)
White, Elizabeth (n. d.)
White, Elizabeth J (1907)
White, Elizabeth R (1870)
White, Elizabeth R (1871)
White, Emma H (1934)
White, Ester E (1912)
White, Esther (1883)
White, Ezimeta (1886)
White, Ezrimina (1886)
White, Francis (n. d.)
White, Francis & Josiah (n. d.)
White, Frederick
White, Gabriel
White, Gabriel, Dr.
White, George
White, George (1874)
White, Grizzelle (1920)
Whitehead, Alcesta B (1929)
Whitehead, Foster
Whitehead, John
Whitehead, M L (1894)
Whitehead, Paul L
Whitehead, Paul L (1927)
Whitehead, Willis (1894)
White, Henry (1878)
White, Henry (1880)
White, Henry E (1896)
White, Hugh
White, I N (1930)
White, Isaac
White, Jackson (1874)
White, Jacob
White, Jacob (1869)
White, Jacob (1911)
White, Jacob, Jr.
White, James
White, James (1813)
White, James (1881)
White, James A (1911)
White, James B
White, Jcpita (1873)
White, J E (1891)
White, Jemima
White, Jeptha (1873)
White, Jesse
White, Jesse (1873)
White, J L (1911)
White, J M (1917)
White, J Mason (1924)
White, Jno
White, Jno (1881)
White, Joe U (1915)
White, John
White, John A
White, John A (1885)
White, John A (1904)
White, John A (1923)
White, John Ambrose (1903)
White, John Andrew (1887)
White, John C
White, John, Sr.
White, John T
White, John W (1869)
White, Jonathan
White, Jonathan (1860)
White, Jonathan (1878)
White, Jonathan (1879)
White, Jonathan (1891)
White, Jonathan, Jr. (1881)
White, Jonathen
White, Jordan
White, Jordan E
White, Joseph
White, Joseph H
White, Joseph U (1901)
White, Josephus (1890)
White, Joseph W (1910)
White, Joshua
White, Joshua (1883)
White, Joshua (1891)
White, Joshua, Jr.
White, Josiah
White, Josiah H (1895)
White, Josiah R
White, J Q (1910)
White, J R (1916)
White, J Thomas (1910)
White, J Thomas (1911)
White, K R (1921)
White, Leml
White, Lethia (1866)
White, Luke
White, Luke (1895)
White, Lydia (1869)
White, Margaret
White, Martha
White, Martha D, Mrs.
White, Mary
White, Mary (1862)
White, Mary (1881)
White, Mary A (1893)
White, Mary A (1895)
White, Mary J (1910)
White, Mary Jordan (1910)
White, Mary R (1904)
White, Mary R (1906)
White, Matthew
White, Mattie E
White, Mattie E (1926)
White, M H (1913)
White, M H (1917)
White, Miles
White, Miles & Sophia
White, Millicent
White, Miriam
White, M, Mrs.
White, Nancy
White, Nathan
White, Nathan (1869)
White, Nathan (1898)
White, Nathan E (1920)
White, N E (1919)
White, Nixon
White, Noah (1900)
White, Noah (1901)
White, Osmund
White, R J (1939)
White, R L (1913)
White, Robert
White, Robert J (1875)
White, Robert Lee (1931)
White, Robertson
White, Robinson
White, Robt I (1873)
White, R T (1921)
White, Rufus (1918)
White, Sabra
White, Sallie (1913)
White, Sallie J (1876)
White, Samuel
White, Samuel (1895)
White, Samuel & Elizabeth
White, Samuel S
White, Sarah
White, Sarah J (1920)
White, Seth
White, Stephen
White, Susan
White, Theo
White, Theophelus
White, Theophilus
White, Theophilus (1910)
White, Theophilus, Jr.
White, Thomas (1793)
White, Thomas (1809)
White, Thomas (1819)
White, Thomas (1839)
White, Thomas (1854)
White, Thomas D
White, Thomas H
White, Thomas J
White, Thomas J (1910)
White, Timothy
White, T N (1918)
White, T N, Dr. (1919)
White, W A (1888)
White, Watson (1853)
White, William
White, William (1870)
White, William A (1883)
White, William F
White, William O (1888)
White, Wm F (1916)
White, Zachariah
Wiggins, Roland L (1924)
Wiggins, Sarah B (1929)
Wilder, Fatima (1886)
Wilder, Fatinia (1886)
Wilder, Francis
Wilder, Henry (1875)
Wilder, Isham (1921)
Wilder, Louisa (1838)
Wilder, Miles
Wilder, Willis
Wilkins, B F
Wilkins, B F (1925)
Wilkins, Rosamond
Willey, Frank (1943)
William, Iassa, Sr. (1883)
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Bryan
Williams, D E
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Hannah
Williams, Isaac (1891)
Williams, J A
Williams, J A (1923)
Williams, James
Williams, James L
Williams, James M (1910)
Williams, James M (1911)
Williams, James S
Williams, Jesse
Williams, John
Williams, John A (1887)
Williams, Joseph
Williams, Lemuel
Williams, Lemuel L
Williams, Lochart
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary E (1883)
Williams, Nathaniel
Williams, Nathaniel (1867)
Williamson, John
Williams, Owen
Williams, Parthenia
Williams, Penelope (1909)
Williams, Rachel
Williams, Richard
Williams, Samuel
Williams, S D (1887)
Williams, Spencer
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas (1868)
Williamston, L D (1939)
Williams, Tulle
Williams, Tully
Williams, Tully (1845)
Williams, William
Williams, William (1854)
Williams, William T (1870)
Williams, William T (1871)
Williams, Willis
Willoughby, Joseph (1896)
Willoughly, Jos (1893)
Wills, Joseph
Wilson, Abraham
Wilson, Benjamin
Wilson, Betty
Wilson, Caleb
Wilson, Christopher
Wilson, Edward (1850)
Wilson, E E
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Ephriam
Wilson, Gertrude
Wilson, Gertrude (1930)
Wilson, H L (1956)
Wilson, Isaac
Wilson, Jacob
Wilson, James
Wilson, J C (1920)
Wilson, Jesse
Wilson, Jesse (1833)
Wilson, John
Wilson, John M
Wilson, Jonathan
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Lydia
Wilson, Pearl (1920)
Wilson, Phereby
Wilson, Rebecca
Wilson, Rebekah
Wilson, Reuben
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Sarah
Wilson, Sarah (1889)
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas (1874)
Wilson, Thomas (1891)
Wilson, Thos (1892)
Wilson, William
Wilson, William H (1906)
Wilson, William J (1913)
Wilson, Zachariah
Wingate, Edward
Wingate, Ephraim
Wingate, George W (1907)