North Carolina Estate Files, Person County Index

Person County (link to FamilySearch page)
Established in 1791 (effective 1792) from Caswell County.

Many of these folders do not have dates on them, but very often dates will be seen on individual pages.

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Miscellaneous – 3 folders (1846-1897); estate papers, decedent not identified/indexed
(no “A”)
Baird, William (1876)
Baird, William (1898)
Baird, William H (1894)
Ballard, Robert
Barker, Joseph (1890)
Barnes, Randle
Barnett, Benjamin
Barnett, B T (1898)
Barnett, C M (1888)
Barnett, Currie
Barnett, Elizabeth
Barnett, Hugh
Barnett, J (1871)
Barnett, James
Barnett, John (1857)
Barnett, John (1870)
Barnett, John (1882)
Barnett, Joseph (1886)
Barnett, Lucy A (1886)
Barnett, Mangum (1883)
Barnett, Rufus (1895)
Barnett, Samuel C (1883)
Barnett, Susan
Barnett, Susie D
Barnett, Wilson (1869)
Barrott, Peter
Bartlett, Edward
Bartlett, Elizabeth
Barton, Chesly & Mary (1896)
Barton, Thomas (1875)
Barton, W A (1903)
Baynes, R C, Dr. (1882)
Beaver, Bettie (1895)
Bedford, James
Bevell, Clabourn
Black, John
Black, Robert
Blackwall, Richard (1882)
Blackwell, James H (1900)
Blackwell, Rachel
Blackwell, Reuben (1889)
Blackwell, Susan (1877)
Blackwell, Susannah (1838)
Blalock, Ann
Blalock, Austin
Blalock, Barnett (1872)
Blalock, Green
Blalock, Hastain (1892)
Blalock, Hasten (1859)
Blalock, Joanah
Blalock, Malinda (1872)
Blalock, Mary (1892)
Blalock, Nancy
Blalock, Thomas
Blalock, Thomas R
Blalock, William
Bolton, Charles (1872)
Bolton, E D (1872)
Bolton, E D (1888)
Bolton, Edmund D (1848)
Bolton, James
Bowder, James B
Bowles, Abe (1888)
Bowles, John D (1896)
Bowles, Polly A (1899)
Bowling, Thomas (1902)
Boze, Manerva
Bradshear, Abner (1857)
Bradshear, Hardy (1896)
Bradshear, John (1870)
Bradshear, John (1878)
Bradshear, W T (1912)
Bradsher, Abner & Elizabeth
Bradsher, A L (1894)
Bradsher, C E, Dr. (1889)
Bradsher, C H, Dr. (1889)
Bradsher, George M (1893)
Bradsher, James
Bradsher, James O
Bradsher, Jeremiah
Bradsher, Jesse
Bradsher, John (1853)
Bradsher, John (1869)
Bradsher, Lorinzo
Bradsher, Moses
Bradsher, Richard (1875)
Bradsher, Vincent (1874)
Bradsher, W A (1874)
Branden, Thomas (1877)
Brandon, Thomas (1825)
Brandon, W A
Brann, Elizabeth (1876)
Brann, John (1855)
Brann, John (1876)
Brann, John, Sr. (1883)
Brann, Martha (1860)
Brausher, Richard
Bray, Mollie A (1910)
Bray, Nancy
Bray, W J (1904)
Briggs, Anderson (1876)
Briggs, George & Frances
Briggs, Mary
Briggs, S H (1871)
Briggs, Thomas H (1900)
Broach, Hall
Broach, James G (1887)
Broach, Mary (1903)
Broach, Nathaniel (1898)
Broach, Richard (1870)
Broach, Richard H & John H
Broach, Vincent G
Broach, Zilpha (1891)
Brooks, Andrew
Brooks, Ann (1877)
Brooks, Ann (1885)
Brooks, Ann G (1893)
Brooks, Artha
Brooks, Asa (1876)
Brooks, B B (1885)
Brooks, Charles D
Brooks, David (1842)
Brooks, David (1882)
Brooks, Dempsey (1880)
Brooks, D W (1888)
Brooks, Elijah G
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brooks, Frances
Brooks, Garner
Brooks, Green
Brooks, Henry R (1887)
Brooks, James (1845)
Brooks, James M (1876)
Brooks, Jeremiah (1871)
Brooks, J I (1890)
Brooks, J J (1915)
Brooks, J L (1904)
Brooks, J M (1885)
Brooks, John
Brooks, John (1848)
Brooks, John (1886)
Brooks, John J
Brooks, John L
Brooks, J T (1896)
Brooks, Larkin (1835)
Brooks, Larkin (1882)
Brooks, Mason
Brooks, Mathew (1886)
Brooks, Matthew (1855)
Brooks, Nancy
Brooks, Nancy G
Brooks, Parham
Brooks, Robert (1878)
Brooks, Robert (1898)
Brooks, Robert, Sr. (1846)
Brooks, R W (1882)
Brooks, Sallie (1895)
Brooks, Sarah
Brooks, Stephen G
Brooks, Sydney
Brooks, Thomas H (1880)
Brooks, Timby (1886)
Brooks, W A (1885)
Brooks, William (1906)
Brooks, William M (1880)
Brooks, Yancey
Brown, Abraham
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Ephram (1876)
Brown, George
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John
Brown, John, Sr.
Brown, Joseph & John L (1867)
Brown, Lex C
Brown, Parthena
Brown, Parthena F
Brown, Pleasant
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Sarah
Brown, William
Brown, William (1839)
Brown, William (1871)
Brown, W T (1896)
Buchanan, Andrew
Buchanan, James B
Buchanan, J W (1905)
Buchanan, Lucy H
Buchanan, W J (1903)
Bucknall, John
Bugg, Anslem
Bull, Jacob
Bullock, Dudley
Bull, Samuel
Bumpass, Absalom
Bumpass, A H (1905)
Bumpass, Edward
Bumpass, Francis M
Bumpass, Horace L (1880)
Bumpass, Isaiah (1861)
Bumpass, Isaiah (1870)
Bumpass, Jacob (1904)
Bumpass, John
Bumpass, John (1852)
Bumpass, Mary P
Bumpass, M D C (1879)
Bumpass, Nancy (1877)
Bumpass, Nancy A (1892)
Bumpass, Stanford (1879)
Bumpass, William
Bunt, William (1873)
Burch, George W (1911)
Burch, Henry
Burch, Phillip
Burch, Thomas
Burk, James
Burley, Albert
Burress, S D (1895)
Burton, A J (1876)
Burton, Allen
Burton, John H
Burton, Julius A (1878)
Burton, Nancy
Burton, Radford
Burton, Robert
Burton, Robert H
Burton, Thomas
Burton, William (1889)
Butler, Edward
Byasee, John
Byasee, Joshua
Byasee, Nancy
Byasee, Thomas
Byrd, Mary
Cameron, Paul (1890)
Campbell, Thomas
Cannaday, James
Capell, John
Carlton, John
Carnal, Moses
Carnal, Richard
Carnal, Robert V
Carnes, Hiram
Carrington, Adline (1892)
Carrington, D C (1872)
Carter, Jesse
Carter, William
Carver, Daniel
Carver, Draper (1879)
Carver, Elizabeth
Carver, Green (1892)
Carver, Hosea (1856)
Carver, Hosea A (1866)
Carver, Hosia A, Jr. (1873)
Carver, J A
Carver, John D
Carver, Josias (1857)
Carver, Landrum
Carver, Loren
Carver, Mary (1871)
Carver, Mary (1882)
Carver, Nancy
Carver, Reuben (1889)
Carver, Rhody
Carver, Shadrach (1866)
Carver, William (1890)
Carver, Yancy
Carvin, Mary
Cary, Elisha
Cash, Erasmus
Cash, James Y
Cash, John
Cash, Michael
Cash, Monroe (1906)
Cash, Ransom (1885)
Cash, Rebecca (1890)
Cates (1905)
Cates, Elijzabeth
Cates, Isaiah (1879)
Cates, John
Cates, John M (1884)
Cates, Joshua
Cates, J T (1912)
Cates, Lucretia
Cates, M A (1901)
Cates, Matthias
Cates, Richard H (1873)
Cates, Robert
Cates, Sarah P
Cates, Soloman
Cates, Thomas (1879)
Certain, Lewis
Chambers, Benjamin (1858)
Chambers, David S (1878)
Chambers, Fannie (1898)
Chambers, James (1808)
Chambers, Jesse (1888)
Chambers, Jesse (1908)
Chambers, John E (1930)
Chambers, J R (1891)
Chambers, Moses (1858)
Chambers, Moses (1887)
Chambers, William
Chandler, Alfred
Chandler, Benjamin
Chandler, James (1891)
Chandler, J M (1879)
Chandler, Mary (1901)
Chandler, Sarah
Chandler, Stephen
Chavers, William
Chih, George S
Christopher, Lucy (1874)
Clark, James H (1872)
Clay, Edward
Clay, James
Clay, J H (1878)
Clay, John (1877)
Clay, Lucy (1889)
Clayton, A J (1897)
Clayton, Albert (1883)
Clayton, C C (1898)
Clayton, C H (1903)
Clayton, Coleman
Clayton, Daniel (1808)
Clayton, Daniel (1819)
Clayton, Daniel (1879)
Clayton, Elizabeth (1869)
Clayton, Elizabeth (1876)
Clayton, Essie (1898)
Clayton, Frank (1885)
Clayton, Hardy
Clayton, Henderson (1876)
Clayton, Jacob L (1893)
Clayton, James
Clayton, J C (1875)
Clayton, J C (1891)
Clayton, Jesse (1865)
Clayton, Jesse (1891)
Clayton, John (1861)
Clayton, John D (1894)
Clayton, Lucy A (1895)
Clayton, Martin V
Clayton, Nancy
Clayton, Robert V
Clayton, Rowan (1897)
Clayton, Sarah
Clayton, Soloman
Clayton, Thomas
Clayton, William E (1857)
Clegg, C B (1884)
Clements, S H (1898)
Clements, Simon
Clements, William
Cochran, Addison
Cochran, Annes
Cochran, James
Cocke, Rebecah
Cocke, William
Cole, Caroline (1892)
Coleman, Jane (1873)
Coleman, Joseph (1862)
Coleman, Joseph (1878)
Coleman, Malena (1880)
Coleman, Mary Susan
Coleman, Richard (1813)
Coleman, Robert (1862)
Coleman, Sarah
Combs, Hiram
Cooper, Bluford
Cooper, John
Corismis, Fred (1888)
Cothran, Cordelia
Cothran, Elijah
Cothran, James
Cothran, Jesse
Cothran, John (1891)
Cothran, Sarah
Cothran, William
Covington, James T (1856)
Covington, James T (1878)
Covington, Wyatt (1890)
Cozart, Catherine (1880)
Cozart, C C (1906)
Cozart, David
Cozart, Elizabeth
Cozart, Erasmus
Cozart, Hiram
Cozart, Isabella (1905)
Cozart, Jacob (1860)
Cozart, Jacob (1871)
Cozart, James
Cozart, James B
Cozart, Joshua
Cozart, Nancy (1865)
Cozart, Robertson
Cozart, Thomas
Crawley, Elizabeth
Critcher, Hannah H (1903)
Critcher, J T (1888)
Cunningham, Alexander (1850)
Cunningham, Alexander (1868)
Cunningham, John W (1887)
Cunningham, Patsey (1870)
Dameron, Daniel
Dameron, Z E
Daniel, Calvin (1895)
Daniel, Elizabeth (1828)
Daniel, Elizabeth (1892)
Daniel, George (1860)
Daniel, George (1868)
Daniel, Josiah
Daniel, Lewis
Daniel, Lucy (1902)
Daniel, R K (1913)
Daniel, Romulous (1877)
Daniel, S W (1898)
Daniel, Thomas (1892)
Davenport, Thomas T (1875)
Davey, James
Davey, Samuel
Davey, William
Davie, Ashbourn
Davie, Edward B
Davie, Elizabeth
Davie, Gabriel
Davie, Robert S
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Major
Davis, Mrs.
Davis, Newton
Davis, Thomas P (1906)
Day, Barbary
Day, Eliza
Day, Elizabeth
Day, Emily (1902)
Day, Fr
Day, Frances
Day, Jacob
Day, Jane
Day, Jesse B
Day, John (1825)
Day, John (1864)
Day, John (1875)
Day, John, Colonel (1842)
Day, Lucy
Day, Nannie (1895)
Day, Sam
Day, Saunders (1899)
Day, S S (1899)
Day, William (1875)
Day, William (1882)
Day, W P (1899)
DeKing, H C (1873)
Denney, S B (1887)
Denny, Benjamin
Denny, Nathl A
Denny, Thomas (1862)
Denny, Thomas (1877)
Denny, Wm
Deshazo, George
Deshazo, Richard
Deshazo, Robert (1846)
Dickens, Campbell (1885)
Dickens, H C (1863)
Dickens, H C (1873)
Dickins, Robert
Dickson, Harriet (1861)
Dickson, John
Dickson, Josias
Dickson, Mary
Dillahay, Leah (1894)
Dillehay, J G (1878)
Dillehay, John (1836)
Dillehay, John G (1868)
Dinwiddie, John
Dishago, Robert (1846)
Dixon, Abner (1893)
Dixon, A M E (1893)
Dixon, David W
Dixon, Edmund
Dixon, Elizabeth (1895)
Dixon, E M A (1893)
Dixon, Georgia, Miss
Dixon, Jacob (1862)
Dixon, John (1849)
Dixon, J W, Sr. (1904)
Dixon, Martha
Dixon, Mary
Dixon, Michael
Dixon, Sally (1877)
Dixon, William
Dixon, W T (1891)
Dobbins, Hugh
Dollahide, Rebecca (1875)
Draper, Presley
Draper, Solomon
Drumright, Elizabeth M (1889)
Drumwright, Betsy (1833)
Drury, John
Dunaway, Abraham
Dunaway, Archer
Duncan, Ezekeil
Duncan, George
Duncan, George W (1810)
Duncan, Haywood (1858)
Duncan, W J (1896)
Duncan, Z H (1895)
Dunlap, Ella M (1882)
Dunlap, T G
Durden, Elizabeth (1888)
Durham, Daniel
Easley, James (1903)
Edwards, Asabella C
Edwards, Isham
Edwards, Margaret
Elixson, Alexander (1872)
Elliott, George
Elliott, John
Ellison, David & Lucretia (1853)
Ellison, J J (1890)
Ellison, Lucretia (1873)
Epperson, John
Epperson, Lucy (1889)
Eubanks, Catharine
Eubanks, Elizabeth
Eubanks, George
Evands, Samuel (1850)
Evans, Almeda (1872)
Evans, David
Evans, Fisher (1880)
Evans, Jesse (1880)
Evans, John (1875)
Evans, L Green
Evans, Samuel (1906)
Farley, Joseph (1891)
Farquhar, James
Farquhar, William
Farrar, Elizabeth
Farrar, John
Farrow, Joseph
Faulkner, Harriet (1886)
Faulkner, Thomas J (1900)
Faulkner, William M (1903)
Featherston, James (1885)
Fitzgerald, T Y (1894)
Ford, Etholin
Ford, Francis
Ford, John H
Foster, Richard M (1883)
Foster, Smith (1905)
Foster, William (1898)
Foushee, A C (1877)
Foushee, H D (1918)
Foushee, Jacobina (1895)
Foushee, James L (1907)
Fowler, Benjamin
Fowler, Ransom (1880)
Fowler, Sarah (1881)
Franklin, James
Franklin, J G (1890)
Frazier, William (1885)
Frederick, John
Fulcher, Anderson (1906)
Fulcher, Eliza
Fulcher, George T (1860)
Fulcher, George Y
Fulcher, Henry
Fulcher, John N
Fulcher, William
Fuller, Abraham
Fuller, Isaiah
Fuller, James R (1905)
Fuller, John (1869)
Fuller, J T (1889)
Fuller, Lucy
Fuller, Thomas
Fuller, William
Garrett, Caroline (1889)
Garrett, Cebras (1891)
Garrett, Ed (1891)
Garrett, H H (1891)
Garrett, Rufus A (1880)
Garrett, S H (1896)
Garrott, Martha B
Gates, Elmore (1890)
Gates, James (1896)
Gentry, Abednego
Gentry, Benjamin (1872)
Gentry, B F (1892)
Gentry, Frances
Gentry, Henry
Gentry, James L (1902)
Gentry, Martha (1872)
Gentry, Martha Jane
Gentry, Shadrack
Gentry, Simon (1856)
Gentry, Simon (1870)
Gentry, Simon (1880)
Gibbons, Charles (1882)
Gillis, W A (1894)
Gill, Peter
Glaze, Samuel
Glenn, Bedford (1905)
Glenn, Eliza (1891)
Glenn, George
Glenn, S W (1889)
Glenn, Thompson
Glenn, T K (1898)
Goin, Thomas J
Gooch, John A
Gooch, John Sr.
Gooch, Joseph
Gooch, Judith
Gooch, Nancy
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Richard E, Henry A & Ida F
Gould, William
Graves, Henry
Graves, Martha
Graves, Thomas
Gravett, Sarah
Gravitt, Martin (1877)
Gravitt, Mitchell (1879)
Gray, (1880)
Gray, Alexander (1875)
Gray, Alexander M (1874)
Gray, Alexander Sr.
Gray, Andrew
Grayham, Alexander
Gray, John G
Gray, Narcissa & Sidney (1875)
Gray, Thomas
Gray, William (1828)
Gray, Winny (1875)
Green, Jefferson (1875)
Green, Lewis (1797)
Green, Lewis (1835)
Green, Paul (1889)
Green, William N
Greenwood, Jane
Gregory, Charles
Grubbs, James (1891)
Gunn, John
Gunn, Mary
Hagie, James
Halliburton, Benjamin
Halliburton, J C (1872)
Halliburton, John
Halliburton, Robert
Halliburton, Thomas (1866)
Halliburton, Thomas (1872)
Hall, Joseph (1804)
Hall, Joseph (1891)
Hamlen, Nathaniel
Hamlett, Ann M
Hamlett, Frances
Hamlett, George M
Hamlett, Harriet A (1924)
Hamlett, James
Hamlett, James Sr.
Hamlett, Jane
Hamlett, John
Hamlett, John W
Hamlett, Lucy M
Hamlett, Rebecca
Hamlett, Sarah
Hamlett, William H (1892)
Hamlin, A N (1897)
Hamlin, C P (1891)
Hamlin, James (1894)
Hamlin, R L (1901)
Hamlin, William (1886)
Hamlin, William P
Hancock, John (1875)
Haralson, Benjamin
Haralson, Elijah
Haralson, Paul
Hardaway, Peter (1858)
Hargis, Abraham
Hargis, Bethsheba (1888)
Hargis, Elizabeth
Hargis, Jesse
Hargis, John
Hargis, Lavira (1893)
Hargis, Lawrence V
Hargis, Martha
Hargis, Milton (1894)
Hargis, Nancy (1881)
Hargis, Richard (1873)
Hargis, Ruffin (1888)
Hargis, Thomas
Hargis, Thomas V
Hargis, William N
Harris, Anderson (1852)
Harris, Anderson (1889)
Harris, Andrew (1890)
Harris, Benjamin
Harris, Benjamin (1852)
Harris, Charles (1898)
Harris, Drury A (1874)
Harris, Elizabeth (1906)
Harris, James (1858)
Harris, James H (1871)
Harris, James H (1896)
Harris, J E (1894)
Harris, John
Harris, John L (1873)
Harris, Joseph (1874)
Harris, Lawson
Harris, L & Susan (1895)
Harris, Nancy (1862)
Harris, Nancy (1870)
Harris, N L (1896)
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, Ellenor
Harrison, M M (1869)
Harris, Overton
Harris, Polly (1893)
Harris, R C
Harris, R C (1879)
Harris, Richard
Harris, Robert (1837)
Harris, Robert (1859)
Harris, Robert C (1870)
Harris, Robert J (1870)
Harris, Robert, Sr. (1847)
Harris, Samuel
Harris, Samuel & Ann (1896)
Harris, Sarah
Harris, Tobe (1899)
Harris, William H
Hatcher, Benjamin
Hawkins, Ephraim
Hawkins, Ephraim (1836)
Hawkins, Nancy
Hawkins, R B (1891)
Hawkins, Thomas (1845)
Hawks, Elizabeth
Hayes, Bartholomew L
Hedrick, John
Hemphill, David (1859)
Hemphill, David, Sr. (1852)
Henley, Edmund
Henley, James D
Henley, Lettitia
Henry, John H (1895)
Henry, Nancy (1876)
Hesse, Archibald U
Hester, Anderson (1883)
Hester, C J (1905)
Hester, Nicholas (1892)
Hester, Robert
Hester, Robert, Jr.
Hicks, D A (1924)
Hicks, D R
Hicks, Henry
Hicks, John (1860)
Hicks, Martha (1892)
Hicks, Moses P (1863)
Hicks, Samuel (1888)
Hill, Delona (1895)
Hill, John
Hobgood, Roland (1889)
Hobson, Elizabeth (1844)
Holeman, Charles (1883)
Holemander, James (1887)
Holeman, Elizabeth (1903)
Holeman, Jane
Holeman, William
Holloway, James (1840)
Holloway, James (1892)
Holloway, John A
Holloway, John & Martha R
Holloway, John, Sr.
Holloway, null (1857)
Holloway, Thomas
Holloway, William
Holly, D A (1869)
Holsomback, John
Holsomback, Richard
Hopkins, Alexander
Horner, Frederick
Horner, John
Horton, Parthena (1892)
Horton, Willis
Houston, Robert
Howard, Francis
Howard, Henry
Howard, Henry W
Howard, Robert
Howard, William H
Hudgins, John
Hudgins, Thomas H
Hughes, Armisted (1881)
Hughs, William
Humphries, Jacob
Humphries, Robert J (1863)
Humphries, W W (1897)
Hunt, John W (1876)
Hunt, J T (1879)
Hunt, J W (1875)
Hurdle, Bedford (1869)
Hussey, William
Hust, Sarah
Irvin, James
Jacobs, Benjamin (1867)
Jacobs, Elijah
Jacobs, Jesse
Jacobs, Lucy (1872)
Jacobs, Mary V (1883)
Jacobs, null (1899)
Jacobs, Thomas (1892)
James, George
James, James W (1898)
James, Robert (1821)
Jay, James
Jeffries, Cornelius (1890)
Jeffries, George W
Jeffries, Paul
Jeffries, Thomas
Jeffries, William
Johnson, Absalom
Johnson, Archibald
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, George
Johnson, Henry (1902)
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joshua
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, W J (1902)
Johnston, Samuel (1874)
Johnston, Sarah W (1844)
Johnston, William
Johnston, William (1833)
Jones, Alexander (1872)
Jones, Ambrose (1809)
Jones, Ambrose (1857)
Jones, Brooks
Jones, Drury
Jones, Elisha D (1892)
Jones, Elizabeth (1890)
Jones, Frances (1890)
Jones, Gabriel
Jones, G C
Jones, George W (1897)
Jones, G H
Jones, Goodrich
Jones, Griffin (1862)
Jones, Griffin (1871)
Jones, Henry A
Jones, H T (1886)
Jones, J C (1896)
Jones, J D (1889)
Jones, Jessee
Jones, J J (1893)
Jones, John (1897)
Jones, John H (1884)
Jones, John R
Jones, John W
Jones, John W (1905)
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Lenora
Jones, Lucy
Jones, M A (1872)
Jones, Mary
Jones, Moses (1869)
Jones, M S (1901)
Jones, Richard
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert (1869)
Jones, Sally
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Stephen
Jones, W B (1901)
Jones, Wilie
Jones, William (1883)
Jones, William (1898)
Jordan, A E (1905)
Jordan, Mollie (1893)
Jordan, William J
Jordan, William M (1882)
Kennedy, Elizabeth (1872)
Kennedy, Robert
Kerr, Jefferson
Kerr, John
Kerr, Thomas J
Kindric, Thomas
King, Martha R
King, Robert (1893)
King, Thomas (1894)
King, William (1880)
Lamberth, J H, Rev. (1899)
Land, John
Land, Lemuel
Latta, Simpson
Laws, Gilford (1877)
Laws, Isaac (1886)
Lawson, David
Lawson, James (1900)
Lawson, John
Lawson, Lucy
Lawson, Mary L
Lawson, Thomas
Lawson, William (1847)
Lawson, William (1882)
Laws, Robert
Lay, G H (1897)
Lay, Jacob (1864)
Lay, Joseph
Lea, Annie M (1869)
Lea, Barnett
Lea, Carter
Lea, George
Lea, Henry
Lea, Ira
Lea, James
Lea, John (1891)
Lea, Mildred (1905)
Lea, Moses S
Lea, Mourning
Lea, Nancy
Lea, null
Lea, Patsey H
Lea, Richard
Lea, Robert
Lea, Sally (1899)
Lea, S B (1894)
Lea, Sidney (1904)
Lea, Simon
Leath, Arthur
Leath, John A
Lea, Vincent
Lea, William (1815)
Lea, William A (1865)
Lea, Willis (1887)
Lea, Zachary
Lee, John B (1890)
Lee, John D (1894)
Lewis, Edmond
Lewis, Fielding
Lewis, R H
Lewis, Robert
Link, Thomas
Lipscomb, Archibald
Lipscomb, Columbus
Lipscomb, John Henry
Lipscomb, Thomas
Long, A M
Long, Andy
Long, Celia
Long, Charles
Long, D W
Long, Eliza
Long, James
Long, James T
Long, Jane (1892)
Long, Jesse (1880)
Long, Jesse (1915)
Long, Jesse B (1888)
Long, R E (1903)
Long, Reubin (1866)
Long, Richard M (1905)
Long, W G
Long, W H (1905)
Long, W H, Sr. (1884)
Long, William H (1859)
Long, Woody
Lord, Lord
Lows, E T (1903)
Loy, Haywood (1893)
Lunsford, Jesse
Lunsford, John
Lunsford, Joseph
Lunsford, J R (1896)
Lunsford, M A, Mrs. (1906)
Lyon, Ed (1921)
Lyon, John
Lyon, Woodson (1891)
Majors, Thomas (1906)
Malone, Elijah (1874)
Malone, E S (1902)
Malone, G W (1884)
Malone, Jesse (1889)
Malone, Nancy (1874)
Malone, Robert (1862)
Malone, Samuel Y
Malone, Staples
Malone, William E (1876)
Malone, William H (1875)
Mangum, John (1883)
Mangum, Person
Mann, Elizabeth (1878)
Mann, James
Mann, Jean
Mann, John
Mann, Thomas
Mann, William
Marshall, Iowa
Marshall, Jency (1888)
Marshall, Lackey
Marshall, Nicey
Marshall, William S (1878)
Martin, Alexander
Martin, James
Martin, Marcus
Mason, Caroline T
Mason, C B (1873)
Mason, Charles (1863)
McCody, N H (1871)
McCuluck, William (1867)
McDaniel, William
McGehee, Joseph
McGehee, Mumford
McGehee, Thomas I (1853)
McGehee, Thomas I (1864)
McIntire, Henry
McKee, George W
McKee, Mary (1887)
McKee, Robert (1851)
McKee, Robert (1888)
McKee, W A (1906)
McKissack, Calvin
McKissack, Jonathan
McKissack, William
McLin, Nancy
McMurry, Henry M
McMurry, James
McMurry, John
McMurry, Pleasant M
McMurry, William
McNeely, Adam
McNeely, Ann
McNeely, Nancy
McNeil, Ann
McNeil, John
McNeil, John H (1822)
McNeil, Thomas
McVey, John
Meadows, Graves (1882)
Meadows, Noah (1871)
Meadows, Noah (1894)
Meadows, Squire (1891)
Mebane, L H
Melton, W T (1899)
Merritt, J S (1904)
Merritt, William (1904)
Milner, Allen
Milner, James
Minchew, Richard
Mitchell, C H (1899)
Mitchell, Charles (1815)
Mitchell, Charles G (1894)
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Edward
Mitchell, Elijah
Mitchell, Ephraim (1907)
Mitchell, Henry J
Mitchell, Lucas (1880)
Mitchell, Lucy (1872)
Mitchell, Mary
Mitchell, Robert (1873)
Mitchell, Robert (1891)
Monday, Nancy
Monday, Samuel
Montague, E J, Reverend (1899)
Mooney, J T (1898)
Moon, Martha
Moore, Aarelius
Moore, Abram
Moore, Alexander
Moore, Ann
Moore, A R (1879)
Moore, Charles
Moore, David (1876)
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, George G & Elizabeth A (1917)
Moore, Gilbert (1883)
Moore, James (1876)
Moore, John
Moore, John (1833)
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Lambert
Moore, L N
Moore, Mary P
Moore, Moses, Sr.
Moore, Nancy (1874)
Moore, P A
Moore, Phillips
Moore, Portius
Moore, Priscilla (1884)
Moore, Richard H
Moore, Richard R
Moore, Robert
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Sidney
Moore, Silas (1878)
Moore, S S
Moore, Stephen
Moore, Stephen, General
Moore, Thomas H (1874)
Moore, Warren (1896)
Moore, William (1848)
Moore, William (1886)
Morgan, Jane
Morgan, John
Morphis, Alexander
Morris, R F (1875)
Morrow, William
Morton, Cary (1882)
Morton, Hezekiah
Morton, John
Morton, John M
Morton, L S (1904)
Morton, Nancy B (1877)
Morton, Nannie (1932)
Morton, null
Morton, R A (1896)
Morton, S E (1903)
Morton, Tarleton (1858)
Morton, Z V (1903)
Moton, Nancy (1881)
Munday, Jesse (1875)
Munday, Jesse (1883)
Munday, Martha A (1885)
Murphy, Jonathan
Nabors, Wm
Nancy, Mary (1883)
Neal, Bettie (1883)
Neal, Elizabeth (1883)
Neal, Gabriel & Romulus
Neal, John
Neal, Lawson (1835)
Neal, Martha
Neal, Thomas
Neighbors, William
Nelson, John
Nelson, Mary M
Nelson, Mathew
Nelson, Nancy
Newman, Joel
Newman, Kinchen (1875)
Newman, Robert
Newman, Washington (1863)
Newton, George S (1878)
Newton, William (1858)
Nicholes, Willies
Norfleet, Albert A
Norfleet, Nathaniel
Norfleet, Thomas M
Normon, William
Norris, Mary
Norris, Sarah
Norris, William
Norwood, G W (1879)
Nuttall, John
Oakley, A D (1904)
Oakley, Anthony (1876)
Oakley, Beacy
Oakley, Edward
Oakley, George (1879)
Oakley, James T (1892)
Oakley, Jesse
Oakley, Manerva (1905)
Oakley, McFarling (1861)
Oakley, Monroe
Oakley, Moses (1907)
Oakley, Nathan
Oakley, Rebecca (1889)
Oakley, Saml W
Oakley, Stephen (1892)
Oakley, T D (1870)
Oakley, Thomas
Oakley, Treny (1890)
Oakley, Walter
Oakley, William (1838)
Oakley, William E (1877)
O’Bradshear, Nancy (1883)
O’Briant, Alexander (1862)
O’Briant, Alexander (1898)
O’Briant, Dennis
O’Briant, Elijah (1878)
O’Briant, Hy
O’Briant, John (1905)
O’Briant, Mamie
O’Briant, Nancy (1907)
O’Briant, W A (1891)
O’Brien, A L
O’Bryant, Rebecca
Oliver, Cornelious L
Oliver, Stephen
Oliver, William
Olviant, L G (1887)
Overby, James L
Owen, Mary
Owins, Edward
Packard, Martha
Paine, John
Paine, Robert
Paine, Susanna
Paine, Thomas
Paine, William
Painter, John A
Painter, Joseph (1893)
Painter, Joseph, Sr. (1875)
Painter, Rebecca
Painter, Solomon
Painter, Wyatt
Palmer, Edmund (1885)
Parker, Abner
Parker, Byrd
Parker, David
Parker, John Y
Parker, Jonathan
Parker, Mary
Parker, Mattie (1906)
Parker, RIchard
Parker, Sarah
Parrott, James B
Parrott, Reuben
Pass, E A (1892)
Pass, Ella (1890)
Pass, John M (1885)
Patterson, Elizabeth
Patterson, James
Patterson, Margaret
Patterson, William (1857)
Patterson, William (1879)
Paul, Amanda (1883)
Paul, James M (1879)
Paylor, Alexander (1890)
Paylor, Amanda (1890)
Paylor, Annie (1890)
Paylor, B D (1884)
Paylor, C M (1901)
Paylor, James M
Paylor, James W (1898)
Paylor, John
Paylor, John (1895)
Paylor, J R (1903)
Paylor, Lilly (1918)
Paylor, Richard
Paylor, W C (1884)
Paylor, W C (1891)
Paylor, William C (1871)
Pearce, Obadiah
Peed, Holly
Peed, Jesse
Peed, Leroy
Peed, S E
Perkins, Dave, Mr. & Mrs.
Person, Thomas
Pettiford, William (1891)
Phane, Elizabeth (1879)
Phelps, John
Phelps, Thomas
Phelps, Thomas H (1880)
Phillips, David
Phillips, John
Phillips, Susan
Phillips, William (1884)
Philpott, Thomas T (1869)
Philpott, William
Pinker, Jno Y
Pleasant, Mary
Pleasants, I B (1904)
Pleasants, Stephen
Pointer, Joseph (1881)
Pointer, Joseph (1882)
Pointer, Mary E (1918)
Pointer, Susan (1883)
Pool, C R (1904)
Pool, E P (1870)
Pool, Franklin
Pool, George T (1896)
Pool, Nathl M
Pool, Sarah
Pool, Seth P (1899)
Pool, William (1889)
Powell, E M (1871)
Pulliam, Byrd
Pulliam, Elizabeth
Pulliam, James
Pulliam, John
Pulliam, Rachel
Pulliam, Sally
Pulliam, Sarah
Quarles, Sally
Ragan, Bennett (1871)
Ragan, George
Ragan, Jesse
Ramsey, Baldy (1893)
Ramsey, Edmund (1875)
Ramsey, E J (1904)
Ramsey, James (1858)
Ramsey, Lewis
Ramsey, Mary
Ramsey, William
Ramsey, W W (1897)
Raven, John
Ray, Ed (1900)
Reade, Susan C (1889)
Reade, Washington F (1905)
Read, Robert
Reagan, William (1892)
Redd, Catharine
Redd, John
Reid, Martha J (1870)
Renfrow, J H (1895)
Renn, Sidney
Richardson, John
Richardson, Martha
Richmond, D W K (1890)
Richmond, H H (1889)
Rimmer, James, Sr.
Rimmer, Sarah J (1893)
Rimmer, Thomas (1893)
Roberson, Gideon S
Roberts, John, Sr. (1816)
Roberts, Mary Ann
Robertson, Darell
Robertson, E J (1885)
Robertson, J D, Mrs. & J S (1892)
Robertson, John S (1892)
Robinson, E J (1887)
Robinson, Fannie (1893)
Rogers, Ben (1893)
Rogers, Bettie F (1907)
Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Frances (1874)
Rogers, G C (1867)
Rogers, George C (1867)
Rogers, Giles
Rogers, G R W (1902)
Rogers, John (1823)
Rogers, John (1863)
Rogers, John (1877)
Rogers, Randolph
Rogers, Richard
Rose, Alexander
Rose, Duncan
Roundtree, Charles
Roundtree, David R (1869)
Royster, Abel
Royster, Alexander (1878)
Royster, Frances
Royster, James
Royster, John
Royster, Joseph
Royster, Mary (1890)
Royster, M W
Royster, S B (1887)
Royster, Solomon
Royster, Thomas (1864)
Royster, William W (1875)
Rudder, William H (1866)
Russell, Alice (1889)
Russell, Burnal (1889)
Russell, James
Russell, John
Russell, Mary
Russell, Richard
Russell, Sherwood
Sallard, Charles
Sallard, Martha
Sallie, Elmira (1875)
Sally, Elizabeth (1873)
Sally, Joseph (1866)
Sanders, Edward
Sanders, Richard
Sanford, J L (1894)
Sanford, Robert (1867)
Sanford, W R (1875)
Sargent, Daniel (1812)
Sartain, null
Satterfield, Bedwell
Satterfield, Dennis (1892)
Satterfield, Frances
Satterfield, G D (1880)
Satterfield, G D (1893)
Satterfield, George (1870)
Satterfield, Henry (1870)
Satterfield, Isaac (1859)
Satterfield, Isaac (1869)
Satterfield, James (1859)
Satterfield, Jeremiah (1883)
Satterfield, John
Satterfield, Padford (1870)
Satterfield, Pattie (1886)
Satterfield, Sarah A
Satterfield, W C (1882)
Satterfield, William (1845)
Satterfield, William (1856)
Satterfield, W P (1890)
Sawyer, John
Scott, Elizabeth (1889)
Scott, William G (1882)
Seat, null (1873)
Seat, Pryor (1873)
Seat, William R (1896)
Sergeant, Daniel
Sergeant, Frances (1883)
Sergent, Daniel
Sergent, John
Sergent, J T (1893)
Sergent, R W (1901)
Seymour, Elizabeth
Seymour, Robert
Shearman, Squire
Sibly, J W (1869)
Simpson, D A
Sims, John R (1903)
Slaughter, Elizabeth P
Slaughter, J G & J M (1897)
Slaughter, Solomon G (1864)
Smith, Isabella
Smith, Maurice, Colonel
Smith, Samuel H
Smith, William
Snead, Americus
Snead, Dudley
Snead, Jane
Snead, John
Snead, Lemuel
Snead, Samuel
Snead, Thomas
Snipes, Dempsey
Snipes, George (1891)
Snipes, Mary
Snipes, Pleasant
Snipes, Rozella (1893)
Snipes, Thomas
Solomon, Thomas
Soot, Samuel (1884)
Speed, E A (1898)
Springfield, Mary (1884)
Stanfield, Elizabeth C (1883)
Stanfield, Frances
Stanfield, Harrison
Stanfield, James
Stanfield, Jane (1876)
Stanfield, J B (1891)
Stanfield, Jeremiah
Stanfield, L G (1880)
Stanfield, Mary
Stanfield, Robert
Stanfield, R Y (1903)
Stanfield, Sarah
Stanfield, William
Stanfield, William A
Stanford, Caroline
Step, Elizabeth
Stephens, Benjamin
Stephens, James
Stewart, Colwel
Stewart, David
Stewart, James
Stewart, Sarah
Stewart, William (1848)
Stewart, William (1872)
Stokes, Jane (1890)
Stokes, John
Stokes, Thomas (1884)
Stokes, William
Stokes, W T (1893)
Stone, Hezekiah
Strayhorn, J T (1895)
Strayhorn, Thomas J (1895)
Street, Hester (1908)
Street, James H (1859)
Street, William
Stuart, William (1862)
Suit, Samuel (1884)
Sumars, Elizabeth
Sweeny, H C (1889)
Sweeny, J C (1878)
Sweeny, John (1816)
Sweeny, John (1874)
Sweeny, Levy
Sweeny, Mariah (1894)
Sweeny, Murel
Tally, John
Tapp, George
Tapp, James E (1869)
Tapp, Lewis
Tapp, William
Tate, Jennie (1896)
Tate, Joseph (1880)
Tatom, Joseph
Tatum, W H (1889)
Tatum, W L
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Charles (1822)
Taylor, Green (1905)
Taylor, Thomas P (1890)
Terrele, William (1824)
Terrell, Emiline (1907)
Terrell, J C (1899)
Terrell, Martha W
Terrell, Mary A
Terrell, Thomas D (1905)
Terrell, Thomas J
Terry, Sally (1886)
Thaxton, Alcey
Thaxton, B A (1893)
Thaxton, T C
Thaxton, William (1876)
Thomas, Jane F (1889)
Thomas, Jeff (1906)
Thomas, Joseph L (1892)
Thomas, Mollie J (1906)
Thomas, R S (1903)
Thompson, Nicholas (1858)
Thorpe, Robert (1895)
Tillman, D T (1906)
Tillman, John T (1897)
Tillman, Roger
Timberlake, A A
Timberlake, Frances (1871)
Timberlake, Francis
Tingen, A H (1903)
Tingen, Jacob S
Tingen, Joanah
Tingen, John R (1912)
Tingen, J P
Tingen, Zachariah H (1892)
Toler, Burl
Toller, William (1885)
Torian, George L
Torian, Margaret (1873)
Torian, Nathaniel (1873)
Towler, Benjamin
Towler, Henry
Townes, William (1880)
Townsend, James W (1869)
Townsend, John
Townsend, John T
Trabue, John James
Trim, Charles
Trim, John (1858)
Trimm, Robert B (1877)
Tripes, Rosilla (1893)
Trotter, Frances J
Trotter, George W
Trotter, Thomas
Trotter, Thomas P
Trotter, W D (1874)
Truesdell, Henry
Tuller, Thomas
Tully, Robert (1836)
Turner, Daniel, Mrs. (1891)
Turner, Mary (1890)
Turner, Nanny
Van Hook, Alfred
Van Hook, Augustine
Van Hook, David (1868)
Van Hook, Jacob (1845)
Van Hook, James
VanHook, John (1850)
Van Hook, Lloyd
Van Hook, Nancy
Van Hook, Pascal
Van Hook, Rachel
Van Hook, Robert
VanHook, S (1873)
Van Hook, Sarah
VanHook, William (1858)
VanHook, William G (1853)
Vaughn, Arris
Vaughn, Dennis
Vaughn, Dicey
Vaughn, james
Vaughn, Jesse (1887)
Vaughn, Milly
Vaughn, Robert
Vernon, E E (1904)
Villines, George T
Villines, Thomas
Wade, Allen
Wade, Ann, Mrs.
Wade, C C (1886)
Wade, Charles
Wade, Ellis
Wade, Josias
Wade, Mary
Wade, Robert
Wade, Tinsley
Wade, W H (1903)
Wagoner, James S (1883)
Wagstaff, B P (1871)
Wagstaff, Britton
Wagstaff, Elizabeth
Wagstaff, James B (1883)
Wagstaff, N L (1901)
Wagstaff, W E
Walker, Absolam (1892)
Walker, Anna
Walker, Ann E (1873)
Walker, Buckley (1816)
Walker, Buckley (1843)
Walker, Buckley (1905)
Walker, Burgess
Walker, Daniel
Walker, David
Walker, F H (1936)
Walker, H, Jr.
Walker, James (1879)
Walker, John A (1891)
Walker, John S (1880)
Walker, Mildred
Walker, Moses
Walker, Nancy
Walker, Solomon (1858)
Walker, T T (1865)
Wallace, Robert (1846)
Waller, Mary
Walters, Charles
Walters, Daniel
Walters, E P (1867)
Walters, E P (1886)
Walters, Hardy
Walters, J A B (1902)
Walters, Mary F (1905)
Walters, Paul
Walters, Reuben (1871)
Walton, Elizabeth
Walton, Hannah J (1892)
Walton, Loftin
Walton, Reuben (1860)
Walton, Susan M (1892)
Ward, Thomas
Warren, Annie
Warren, Augustine
Warren, James A
Warren, Jeremiah
Warren, John
Warren, John (1814)
Warren, Nathaniel
Warren, Powell
Warren, William (1816)
Warren, William (1858)
Warren, Yancy G
Watson, Andrew
Watson, James
Watson, Jesse
Watson, William A
Watt, Absalom
Webb, Ann H
Webb, Henry
Webb, James
Webb, John P
Webb, Mary A
Webb, Thomas
Webb, William
Welch, John
Wells, E L
Westbrook, Elizabeth
Westbrook, Joshua (1860)
Westbrook, Levi
Westbrook, Nancy (1876)
Westbrook, Randolph
Westbrook, William
Wheeley, Alsey
Wheeley, Benjamin
Wheeley, Phillip (1833)
Wheely, Phillip (1883)
Wheely, William (1892)
Whitehead, Samuel
White, Jonas (1880)
White, Turner D (1865)
Whitfield, Alex (1893)
Whitfield, George
Whitfield, James T
Whitfield, Lewis (1884)
Whitfield, R M (1877)
Whitfield, Sally (1891)
Whitfield, Sophia
Whitfield, Thomas
Whitfield, Thomas L
Whitfield, T H P (1896)
Whitfield, William (1858)
Whit, Jones (1869)
Whitt, Robert (1880)
Whitt, William
Wiles, Ransom (1875)
Wilkenson, E, Mrs. (1898)
Wilkerson, Coleman
Wilkerson, David
Wilkerson, E S, Mrs. (1900)
Wilkerson, Henrietta
Wilkerson, John
Wilkerson, John D
Wilkerson, Josiah L (1899)
Wilkerson, J Y (1868)
Wilkerson, Margaret
Wilkerson, Ryal
Wilkerson, Stephen (1880)
Wilkerson, Ulysses
Wilkins, W F
Williams, Abner (1858)
Williams, Alex (1890)
Williams, Alfred (1858)
Williams, Cary (1871)
Williams, Green (1882)
Williams, Haywood (1859)
Williams, Haywood, Jr. (1877)
Williams, H S
Williams, James (1890)
Williams, John
Williams, John W
Williams, J P (1890)
Williams, J T (1898)
Williams, Mary
Williams, Nathaniel
Williamson, James (1835)
Williamson, J E (1874)
Williams, R A (1899)
Williams, Ralph
Williams, Rebecca
Williams, Robert
Williams, W C (1891)
Williams, W H (1893)
Williams, William (1863)
Williams, William (1875)
Willow, R P (1884)
Wilson, James (1872)
Wilson, John (1799)
Wilson, Judy (1879)
Wilson, Martha (1873)
Wilson, Samuel R
Wilson, Thomas (1874)
Wilson, Thomas (1896)
Wilson, William
Winfree, James L
Winningham, Sharp
Winslow, G W (1846)
Winslow, West G
Winstead, B S
Winstead, Charles
Winstead, C S (1909)
Winstead, Daniel D
Winstead, Henry S (1892)
Winstead, James F (1890)
Winstead, J M (1890)
Winstead, J M (1903)
Winstead, John M (1855)
Winstead, Julie A (1890)
Winstead, Laura (1905)
Winstead, Lumkin
Winstead, Manly
Winstead, Mary (1845)
Winstead, Samuel
Winstead, Samuel B
Winstead, Thomas
Winstead, W H (1888)
Winstead, W H & J M (1885)
Winstead, William (1829)
Wisdom, Lewis
Wood, Andrew B
Wood, Ezekiel
Wood, John (1798)
Wood, John A (1883)
Wood, L Samuel (1878)
Wood, M A (1871)
Wood, Richard
Wood, Sally
Woods, Hugh (1863)
Woods, Hugh (1893)
Woods, Joseph (1874)
Woods, Lucy (1887)
Woods, Margaret (1892)
Wood, Susan C (1893)
Wood, Thomas (1880)
Wood, William
Woody, Aaron (1844)
Woody, A C (1882)
Woody, Allen
Woody, Benjamin R
Woody, David (1821)
Woody, David (1877)
Woody, Henderson J
Woody, James (1860)
Woody, James (1875)
Woody, James D (1887)
Woody, John F (1899)
Woody, M A (1885)
Woody, Matilda (1852)
Woody, Matilda (1892)
Woody, Moses
Woody, Moses A (1870)
Woody, M S (1888)
Woody, N N
Woody, Robert L (1881)
Woody, S M (1885)
Woody, T D
Woody, Thomas (1870)
Woody, Thomas (1883)
Woody, William H
Worsham, Henry
Wrenn, Granderson (1879)
Wrenn, G W (1898)
Wrenn, James L (1897)
Wrenn, John (1900)
Wrenn, Mary A (1887)
Wright, Jacob
Wright, James (1879)
Wright, Susan (1878)
Yancey, R A
Yancey, W P (1909)
Yancy, Bartlett
Yancy, Bartlett (1901)
Yancy, G W (1892)
Yancy, Martha
Yancy, T A (1884)
Yarboro, Samuel (1910)
Yarborough, Sallie (1888)
Yarbrough, Ailsey
Yarbrough, Albert (1864)
Yarbrough, Albert (1874)
Yarbrough, David (1903)
Yarbrough, Elizabeth (1854)
Yarbrough, James (1891)
Yarbrough, John (1857)
Yarbrough, John (1887)
Yarbrough, Samuel (1820)
Yarbrough, Samuel (1845)
Yarbrough, Samuel H
Yealock, Franklin
Yealock, Samuel M
Yealock, Thomas W
Younger, Josephus (1902)