Pre-1913 Vital Records Preview

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Enjoy this preview to Pre-1913 Vital Records – Challenging & Elusive & Not Necessarily Impossible to Find, with Diane L. Richard, ME, MBA

Though North Carolina didn’t start officially requiring Birth Certificates and Death Certificates until 1913 (and full compliance wasn’t fully achieved until as late as WWII), it doesn’t mean that you cannot determine when and where earlier birth, marriage, and death events occurred. So, what can you do when a certain official vital record cannot be found?
Well, you can search for the next best thing – what we call a substitute record. This means that we have to be more creative in our pursuit of this information.

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(Image source: “Family-bible-births” by David Ball – Original work, licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.5 via Wikipedia)

Pre-1913 Vital Records Preview
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