Publishing Local Society Contact Information

This is a reminder that the North Carolina Genealogical Society has a page for contact information about local genealogical and historical societies, libraries, and archives. This page is intended as a resource for members and non-members of the Society, and as a way to connect those interested in North Carolina genealogy with relevant groups and institutions.

Currently, 162 groups and institutions are listed in the directory. Updates to the directory are available via RSS (really-simple syndication) at http://bit.ly/ncgs-directory.

From any page on the NCGS website, select Resources > Societies / Libraries / Archives to get to the listing of these groups. You will note that listings are divided into four categories:

  • Genealogical Societies (North Carolina and regional genealogical societies)

  • Heritage & Hereditary Society Chapters (North Carolina and regional chapters of heritage & hereditary societies)

  • Libraries, Archives & Museums (North Carolina and regional libraries, archives & museums of interest to genealogists)

  • Historical Societies (North Carolina and regional historical societies)

Any member can suggest an addition to the database. To do this:

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Select Resources > Societies / Libraries / Archives.
  3. Click Add New Entry.
  4. Enter the information for the group or institution you are suggesting we list. The only mandatory fields areTitle (that is, the name of the group or organization), street, city, state. zip code. There are many optional fields, including fields for membership fees, the start of membership years, the number of volumes or shelves in a genealogical library, and a place to write a description of the institution or group.
  5. Select one or more categories.
  6. Click Send.
A more detailed explanation of all the options available in the input form for the directory is available in my previous article, “How to Add to the Directory.”
Once you submit your listing, the members of the Publication committee will consider it, and will post it. Our criteria is simply that the group or institution must be relevant to genealogical researchers in North Carolina (or researchers who live elsewhere, but conduct North Carolina research). We reserve the right to edit entries for clarity, completeness, and consistency with the rest of the listings.
We hope that members will contribute to this resource, and help us add and maintain our list of relevant resources and groups. To help maintain organizations, please contact me at webmaster@ncgenealogy.org and let me know that you are the public outreach officer for one of the listed groups. On behalf of the NCGS, I can provide you with access to keep your group, library, or archive’s listing up-to-date.