Shipping Books Home from the Conference

When you attend a conference, do you ever wonder how you will travel with all of your purchases? We have an answer that will lighten your load when you head home. As with previous NGS conferences, a shipping method is being offered for the attendees and will be conveniently located in the Exhibit Hall.

So buy books – plenty of them – then bring them to the shipping table in the Exhibit Hall on Saturday morning. The shipping area will be run by the United Parcel Service (UPS) and will be set up from 9:00 a.m. until noon on Saturday to accept your items. They will only be there Saturday morning, so don’t miss this chance to ship your purchases home. Because bringing all sizes of boxes isn’t easy, especially not knowing how many books a real genealogist can purchase, UPS will be set up with bags and sales tickets to accept your items for shipment, weigh them, accept your money, and get all of your data for the shipping label, etc. After they leave at noon they will take the bags back to the UPS store and package them safely in boxes to start them on their journey home.

So don’t be afraid to buy more books (or other genealogy related items being sold) than the airline will accept as luggage. Ship your purchases home and they will arrive by a reputable shipper not long after you arrive home. Your purchases can even be shipped overseas. Enjoy your visit to Raleigh, the lectures, and especially the Exhibit Hall knowing you can buy plenty of books.