Thank you Piedmont Candy Company!

We are wrapping up a fantastic week at the FGS Conference in Washington DC. We’ve enjoyed meeting many of you and learning more about society management and how to best serve you, our members.

The Piedmont Candy Company of Lexington, North Carolina kindly donated some of their famous Red Bird Candy. We are grateful for their donation and loved celebrating their North Carolina roots.

Here’s a few tidbits about the Piedmont Candy Company:
“In 1890, we got our start as the NC Candy Company, right in Lexington NC. In the early 1900s, the company was renamed the Piedmont Candy Company. In 1919 Edward Ebelein, the son of German immigrants, moved to Lexington to work at the NC Candy Company. Edward was born in 1873 and became a candy apprentice at 15. He later became the sole owner of the company and ran it as a family business.”

The company continued to grow and “in 2000 expanded again to help meet demand. While  modern production processes were added, the basic process stayed the same. Our candy stripes are still molded and applied by hand, making each finished stick or puff a little unique.”

Photo courtesy of Piedmont Candy

We feel lucky we were able to share such a perfect North Carolina treat!