The Goodliest Soyle Preview

horse pulling plow photo

Enjoy this preview to “The Goodliest Soyle” – Finding, Reading, & Interpreting North Carolina Land Records, with Helen F. M. Leary, CG (Emeritus), FASG, FNGS

North Carolina land, its beginnings as property available for settlement, geographic genealogy, laws, records, and record locations. This webinar focuses on the deeds, the land-grant process, reading the land records, and analyzing the land records.

The full webinar, along with handout, is always available in the Member Webinars section of the website. Several times a year, NCGS makes recorded webinars available to the public over a 3 day, free-play weekend. Watch for them on the NCGS home page under “Upcoming Events”. Available in the NCGS online store is North Carolina Research – Genealogy and Local History, the text for the NCGS Webinar Series.

(Image source: “Horse pulling plow…” from NARA via Wikimedia, Public Domain)

“The Goodliest Soyle” Preview
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