Current Transcription Projects

The Editor of the NCGS Journal is seeking volunteers to contribute to the Journal by transcribing various documents. Please contact the Journal editor at journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org to find out more about how you can help. Transcription projects will also be found in posts on our Facebook page. If you need training or more information on transcriptions, please view our free webinar Accurate Transcriptions for Historical Records.

Volunteer to transcribe one of the projects listed below by sending an email to the Journal editor. In the subject line of the email, type in the name of the document you’d like to work on. (For example, Burke County Ledgers mixed.) The Editor will contact you with instructions and the document to be transcribed.

This is a constantly evolving project. We strive to keep this page updated, but be aware the document you request may have already been assigned. If this is the case, other options will be offered when you are contacted by the Editor.

Some of the projects below are still active and some have been completed. For a list of active transcription projects, please contact the Journal editor at journaleditor@ncgenealogy.org and she’ll be happy to match your interest to an available project.

Examples of Recent Projects:

  • T-and-C_examples
  • Edgecombe Coroners Inquest 1750
  • Moore 1815 Tax List
  • Edgecombe Road Records 1820s
  • Edgecombe Stock Marks
  • Halifax 1789 Petition
  • Lenoir County Yadkin Baptist Church
  • Mecklenburg 1760’s lists of JPs
  • Onslow Insolvent Debtors 1850s
  • Orange 1800 & 1801 Tax Lists
  • JournalProject-Tyrrell_Stock_Marks_small
  • Perquimans 1777 & 1778 Tax Lists
  • Person County Election Returns 1840s
  • Randolph County 1826 & 1827 Tax Lists
  • Surry Tax bits 1802-1811
  • Vance (Kittrell) Tax 1885-1889 [newly formed 1881 missing fed census 1890]
  • Bank of Cape Fear (Deposit Book 1849-1856) (Wilmington, New Hanover)
  • John Finley Ledger (1831-1861) (Wilksborough, Wilkes)
  • John W Harris Vol #2 (1810-1820) (Wakefield, Wake)
  • Joseph S Fowler Ledger A (1817-1835) (New Bern, Craven)
  • Perquimans Acct Book (1851-1863) (Reepsville, Lincoln)
  • Robert C Poindexter Ledger (c. 1830s 1840s) (East Bend, Yadkin)
  • Burke County Ledger #2 (c. 1790s)
  • Davie County Ledger (1859-1860)
  • Davie County Ledger (1872-1876)
  • JournalProject-Northampton_Civil_War_small
  • Hertford T & C (1800-1830)
  • Lenoir Apprentice Paperwork (1881-1884)
  • Onslow Tax (1778-1784 select)
  • Sampson Poor (1788-1823)
  • Wilkes School Census Examples (1841, 1853, 1887)
  • Chatham Road & Bridge (1781-1799)
  • Currituck T & C (1739-1799)