Genealogy Roundup

NCGS Member Appreciation Day is only two weeks away! Participate in 4 classes taught by Judy Russell, JD, CG, CGL, take part in the Annual Meeting, and attend the NCGS Virtual Awards.

Let’s Talk North Carolina Genealogy” is a fantastic series of classes hosted by Renate Yarborough and Taneya Koonce. Seven free classes are available on Youtube to watch at your convenience.

Do you have a personal or family story regarding women’s activism? WomensActivism.NYC is collecting stories in their efforts to create a permanent New York City archive, listing women from around the globe who have made a difference through their activism and, in turn, inspire activism today. The women described in the archive may be famous or unknown. They may have lived in the past or may still be working today. The only requirements are: they must be woman-identified and they must have contributed to making change in some way.

Just over 250 years ago this month, hundreds of disgruntled North Carolina farmers calling themselves Regulators descended on Hillsborough attacking officials of the Superior Court and destroying their homes. Learn more about the Regulators and their cause with Alamance Battleground Site Manager Jeremiah DeGennaro as he tours Hillsborough’s Regulator sites on the anniversary of the Hillsborough Riot.

Are you looking for a new podcast? Check out “Connecting the Docs,” produced by the State Archives of North Carolina. Staff members of the archives examine documents connecting to fascinating, true stories from the past. The first season, “Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem” focuses on uncovering a crime, a misstep, or something mystifying through archival documents.