Member Appreciation Day – Important Notice!

Registration for Member Appreciation Day / Annual Meeting has two parts to it.

  1. You register on our website to get your name on the list of attendees.
  2. You must actually register through GoToWebinar to get your unique link for attending the live event.

We use the initial website registration list to send an email with the link to the GoToWebinar registration page.
This process started on Nov 2nd. Follow up emails have been sent on Nov 3, 4, and 5 to those who registered on our website after Nov 1st.

As of the morning of Nov 5th, 360 emails have been sent, but system reporting shows only 259 of these emails have been opened, and less have been “clicked on” to use the included GoToWebinar registration link.

If you have registered on the website, but have not completed Part 2 of registration, please do so.
Check your email for a message from NCGS regarding the NCGS Annual Meeting, received between Nov 2nd and Nov 5th, and look for the GoToWebinar registration link.
GoToWebinar will then send you an email with a link to use to actually attend the live event.

If you have already done this, you will have received an email from GoToWebinar with the attendance link you will need for Saturday, Nov 7th.
Please make sure you have this email handy for Saturday.

Registration for the Member Appreciation Day closes at noon, Nov 6th.
We will continue to send out registration Part 2 emails to anyone who registers on Nov 5th and 6th, so watch for those to make sure you are able to complete Part 2.

Please direct any questions to webmaster@ncgenealogy.org