Genealogy Tip of the Day

Finding ancestors is an exciting adventure. It’s our chance to put on a detective hat, sleuth through old records, and discover more about the people we descend from.

While the journey of discovery is fascinating, it is easy to get lost in the research. You may have found an amazing new source and jumped head first into finding more or you may find yourself searching for the same record you already found. Either way, today’s tip is for all of us: hobbyists and professionals alike.

Always cite your sources.

Taking the time to cite your sources gives you a roadmap back to where you found the information. This means you will be able to locate the source if you need it again or share with a family member or another researcher. Citing your sources helps you stay focused and eliminates the need to duplicate research. In the long run, you will save an immense amount of time by writing down where you found the soure right when you find it, so you’ll enjoy more time researching in new locations and making important discoveries.

Additional Resources on Creating Citations