How to Find a North Carolina Genealogist

Have you exhausted all of your research skills and resources?
Are you stuck and don’t know where to look for new clues?
Does your family brick wall seem to be getting thicker?

It may be time to hire a professional genealogist.

A professional genealogist has experience and education to solve complex genealogical problems. They can help you further uncover your tar heel roots as you work to untangle cases of multiple people with the same name, discover currently unknown parents, confirm Revolutionary War service, and much more.

There are two easy way to locate genealogists who focus on North Carolina research.

Search the APG Directory

The Association of Professional Genealogists is a nonprofit professional organization whose ” principal purpose is to support professional genealogists in all phases of their work: from the amateur genealogist wishing to turn knowledge and skill into a vocation, to the experienced professional seeking to exchange ideas with colleagues and to upgrade the profession as a whole.”

APG provides a directory of their members. All members have agreed to abide by the organizations professional standards and many currently accept client work.

To find an APG affiliated genealogist who does North Carolina research visit https://www.apgen.org/directory/ or from the home page click “Search by Geo Specialty” on the left sidebar.

Next, select “NC” from the US States & Territories dropdown box.

After you click “search”, you will be brought to a list of genealogists who fit your search criteria. It is up to you to click through the various genealogists to learn more about them and their experience. Don’t hesitate to contact multiple individuals regarding your research needs.

Consult the State Archives of North Carolina Researchers List

The State Archives of North Carolina maintains “an alphabetical list of researchers who are willing to undertake research at the archives on a fee basis. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope when contacting a researcher. The State Archives of North Carolina prepared this list in accordance with section TO7:04M.0202 of the North Carolina Administrative Code, Department of Natural & Cultural Resources, Office of Archives and History, Division of Archives and Records.”

These researchers have great experience with working at the North Carolina State Archives and have expertise in working with general North Carolina research and records.

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